Bring order to chaos with puzzle game Sticklings

If you are looking for a unique puzzler for Windows 10, Sticklings is a game worth checking out. You are tasked with leading a group of stickmen who happen to be walking around aimlessly across a series of platforms. Stickmen move along in follow the leader fashion and at your disposal is a series of tools to guide to their goal, a glowing portal.

Sticklings includes clean looking graphics and 37 puzzles to solve. Gameplay requires strategic planning and a bit of speed to get solutions in place before the stickmen walk into dangers.

Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, Sticklings is currently priced at $0.99 and is a challenging game to pass the time with.

Sticklings offers you a clean design with 3D-Like graphics. The main menu offers you the option to jump into gameplay and access the game's settings that cover sound, music and graphics level controls.

The goal of the 37 puzzle levels is to guide as set number of stickmen to a glowing portal or exit. Puzzles include a series of platforms and obstacles to navigate around. A number of stickmen pour out of a box at the top of the puzzle and a number appears above the portal. That number represents how many stickmen need to reach this goal to complete the puzzle.

The stickmen walk blindly in one direction, only changing directions if they hit an immovable object (wall, stationary stickman, etc.). Sticklings includes a series of tools to help guide them in the right direction or get past key obstacles. For example, the halt tool stops a stickman in his tracks allowing the others to change directions as they walk into the halted man. Other tools include bombs, stairs and bridge building.

Just tap on the tool and then the stickman you want to use the tool. This may be the only downside to the game in that at times, there was a slight delay in seeing the tool in action after tapping a stickman. Gameplay not only requires you to be quick on the tap but also learn the timing of the game.


Keep in mind that the number of tools and available uses varies from puzzle to puzzle. Once you place a tool into play, you cannot withdraw it. Gameplay is timed, affording you just under three minutes to complete a puzzle. Should you get a solution in place and need to speed up the stickmen, a fast-forward button rests in the bottom right corner of the game screen. You also have a Nuke Button that can be used should you get stuck with a puzzle. The nuke option initiates a self-destruct feature sending you to the retry button faster.

Sticklings is a fun puzzler that requires on-the-go planning and a quick application of the tools. You do need to get used to the timing and while tools could launch a little quicker, the delays are not a deal breaker. If anything, they add to the challenge of the game.

Priced at $0.99, Sticklings is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile. It is a sharp looking game with plenty of puzzles to help you pass the time.

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