Crush evil robots with Stop The Robots for Windows PC and Phones

Stop The Robots is an entertaining and fast-paced arcade game that has you fending off an invasion of evil robots. Available for both Windows PC and Phones, you build a team of neighborhood kids to defend and save the world from the mechanical invasion.

The game is the product of Ludus Studios who also developed Toon Clash Chess. Stop The Robots shares the same quality graphics and animations as Toon Clash Chess, but stands an action-packed arcade game.

Stop The Robots has plenty of power-ups and in-game achievements to earn, character abilities to level up and you will even find spells available to wreak havoc on the invading robots. All in all, Stop The Robots is a fun game to spend a little time with.

Your main menu for Stop The Robots includes options to jump into gameplay, view more games from Ludus Studios, share the game and watch the game's YouTube trailer. The only settings for Stop The Robots are also on the main menu and include muting the sound and music.

Stop The Robots has three saved game slots and three progressively unlocked difficulty levels. The multiple gaming slots will allow friends or family members to play their own game without jeopardizing your gaming progress.

The difficulty levels include Iron, Steel and Titanium. You begin gameplay controlling Frank, the slingshot king, and three additional characters will become available as you advance through the game: Johnny the Boomerang Master, Paul the Heavy Hitter, and Marie the Enchantress.

Each character will have six upgrades that can be purchased with bottle caps that are earned during gameplay.

Stop The Robots

These upgrades range from increasing a character's shot speed, increasing the damage each shot inflicts and more. You also have the option to strengthen the fence you have to defend.

The gaming screen has your characters defending a fence line that runs up the left side of the screen. Robots will enter the screen from the right and when they reach the fence, they will begin to destroy it. Your damage is illustrated along the top of the gaming screen, as is the strength of the robot invasion wave.

Along the bottom of the screen you will find icons for spell casting (when available), an emergency repair button and your gaming stats (gaming level, stars and bottle cap count). The emergency repair will cost you a few bottle caps but quickly repairs a portion of your fence, which gives you a fighting chance at destroying all the robots. Spells are used for mass damage when you simply become overwhelmed with robots.

Stop The Robots Win PC

To shoot at a robot, just tap the screen where you want your young defender to shoot at. Most robots will require multiple hits before they explode into a pile of nuts and bolts. Robots will also vary in speed and agility, requiring you to manage your shots more cautiously.

The pace of the game is fast, almost brutal at times. I found it best to concentrate on fortifying your fence before piling up on character upgrades. Also, don't get so involved in blasting robots that you lose sight that your fence is about to be breached. Use that quick repair button judiciously to keep your fence intact while you destroy the robots. It'll cost you some bottle caps, but it's worth it to advance to the next gaming level.

Again, stars and bottle caps are earned during gameplay. Stars can be converted into bottle caps as needed and if you need a quick infusion of bottle caps, they are available through in-app purchase.

Skynet — the cartoon version

While Stop The Robots may not rise to the conflict level you'll find in the Terminator movies, it's still an entertaining robot battle. The graphics and animations are well drawn up to give both the heroes and robots a little personality.

The pace of the game is where the challenge rests, along with the strategy of managing your character's abilities and fence fortifications. The only nit I can come up with for Stop The Robots is that I wish there was more damage inflicted with each shot. Grantedm you are battling metal robots with acorns shot from a slingshot, but it can take three, four or more shots to destroy a cyborg. It adds to the game's challenge, but it can also lead to finger cramps from tapping a hole in your screen.

All in all, Stop The Robots is another fun gaming release from Ludus Studios and well worth checking out. It is a free, ad-support game available from both the Windows PC and Phone Stores.

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