Strata, a mind bending puzzle game for Windows Phone 8

Strata is a wonderfully drawn up, challenging Windows Phone 8 puzzle game.  Strata takes a very simplistic approach to puzzles where you have to weave colored ribbons to match a specific color pattern.

The game has hundreds of levels that vary in size and difficulty as you progress through the game.  Strata is an entertaining game that has an addictive quality to it, making it an attractive puzzle game for our Windows Phone 8 devices. 

Strata is divided into six chapters of puzzles, each having four sizes of grids that contain multiple puzzle levels within.  The first collection of puzzles in the first chapter will serve as a tutorial, walking you through game play.

The goal to Strata is to weave colored ribbons into layers so the top most ribbon matches the colored square at the base of the puzzle.  The available ribbon colors line the bottom of the screen and arrows rest outside the puzzle box to mark where the ribbons can be positioned.  Tap on the color of ribbon you want to use, then tap on the position arrow and hope you have thought the moves through correctly.

An undo label will appear on any ribbon placed to let you back out of a move if you goof up a move.  A perfect three star score can be achieved if you solve the puzzle without undoing any moves.

If you find yourself stumped and desperate for help, tap the question mark that sits at the top of the puzzle.  This will pull up your hint choices to either guide you in the right direction with respects to the color choice or ribbon sequence.  The downside to using the hints is that it will prevent you from having a perfect score for that level.

Strata is one of those puzzle games that is easy to play but hard to master.  It is drawn up in very clean, simple fashion with relaxing sounds to accompany your actions.  If you are looking for a Windows Phone puzzle game that will test you powers of observation, planning and strategy you need to try Strata.

Strata is available for Windows Phone 8 and has a trial version.  The full version of Strata is currently running $2.99 and you can pick your copy up here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, Quinn, for the tip!

QR: Strata

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  • $3 is too much for such game... Yeah, the graphics are outstanding but it just does not please my brain. I prefer childish games such as Subway Surfers, Angry Birds over anything.
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  • For as ridiculously simple looking this game is, it's very beautiful. I've been having some fun with it.
  • Just bought it and having fun with it, but the back level button is bugged, it didnt sent us to previous level but stay still with double text. I haven't had GDR3 update, and this app doesnt have any other button to quit the game, so it end up running in my background. And whenever i want to play this game, it stuck at the error section of game. Please update it... Thank you...
    L920, AMBER.
  • This game feels alot like Glow Artisan, but with much more beautiful graphics and presentation.
  • Strata is straight up beautiful and whimsical all at the same time. Yes, I got to go full on this one.  Thanks for the review GP.
  • This is one really good game.