Subway Surfers 512MB RAM support well on the way

Joe Belfiore took to Twitter this morning to reveal some details about upcoming updates to Windows Phone 8.1 and certain high profile apps, including Subway Surfers. The news for this popular title is the highly anticipated 512MB RAM support for more affordable hardware with less memory than premium counterparts.

Improvements are currently in development and we can expect to see an update released soon that will contain changes to enable 512MB support, according to Belfiore's tweet stating that "512MB SS coming". We can't see what else SS could stand for, other than Subway Surfers, and we know just how badly everyone wants it added.

Joe Belfiore Subway Surfers tweet

Subway Surfers was recently refreshed with Tokyo as the latest area to be added in. For the time being, everything in Subway Surfers has to be enjoyed on a Windows Phone with at least 1GB of RAM, but hopefully that'll soon change now that we know support is planned.

Source: Twitter (@JoeBelfiore); thanks, Rushab, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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