Subway Surfers travel to Las Vegas in the game's latest update

The popular endless-running game Subway Surfers received an update today that sees the World Tour heading to the lights and sounds of Las Vegas. That also means some new contests, themes and unlockable content to try out.

Here's the changelog for version 1.33.0:

  • Follow the Subway Surfers World Tour to glamorous Las Vegas
  • Surf beneath the star covered sky and explore the flashy subway
  • Add Rex, the amazing performer, to your character crew
  • Spice up your Board collection with the fancy Roller board
  • Collect shiny Spades in the Weekly Hunts to unlock cool prizes
  • Download Subway Surfers 1.33 for Windows Phone

QR: Subway Surfers

Thanks to Agilesh for the tip

  • What if this game gets xbox support?
  • It's too boring for Xbox support..
  • Free games with Xbox is always awesome!
  • I downloaded this update earlier today. Us Windows users were the first to get this update, as iTunes and Amazon only have the London update! Android users got this update, later than us though :D   I've already unlocked Rex (the new character)!
  • Really?!?! Am so glad :D wp ftw!
  • All those endless-run games are boring me. I played temple run for a few months, despicable me run and and subway surfers. All pretty much the same
  • All of them are crap
  • They are endless so they get new updates from their respective holders
  • Try "Doodle Jump". Best endless runner with many different themes and challenges.
  • This game also needs Xbox Live.
  • We want a real update, not a new world.
    Bug fixes, speed improvements + Xbox support :)
  • Yes it will be coming soon
  • false news.... no update showing in India... here still 1.32 London version available..
    update - now new version is showing.
  • India is false.
  • are you sure....?
  • Lol you do know how the app store actually works right? Just because an app is currently available in one region, doesn't mean it's available everywhere at the same time
  • the same here in us
  • In your wp central slide and select download app
  • Anyone noticed.
    Review page is still flooded with 'make it available for 512MB' comments .
  • That reviews was from before kiloo announced support for 512mb ram.
  • See reviews filtered as Most Recent
  • Yep, most recent gives..... well, the most recent reviews. That's what he should look at.
  • Till lag having 512 Mb ram on my Lumia 720 ufffff
  • You can't expect games to run smoothly on a crappy device such as the 720.
  • 720 is an awesome device. And since the game supports 512mb ram , it shouldn't matter how credit the device is.
    Stop criticizing the older gen phones.
  • Supports and runs smoothly are two different things.
  • I can't recall how many times this game updates. Good thing thou
  • Please remove this game from the app store we beg
  • Are you crazy? The game is super Awesome!
  • Are you still drunk? It's not New Year anymore, stop drinking!
  • Just changes the theme every month
  • And get free ads from websites every month announcing the update, profit.
  • Snakes and ladder is better than this shit
  • Does anyone plays this shit??
  • When will we get plant v zombies 2 ( free)? Too many endless runners in store, android nd ios devices got pvz2 more than a year ago!
  • Vegas doesn't have a subway.
  • Our brains don't have cylinders.
  • How about optimizing it to load faster ??
  • I got another second update just now..
  • At least WP should be thankful they have a popular game as this. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android