Can you 'supercharge' a Nokia Lumia 920 with wireless and wired charging?

As we’re the largest Windows Phone site around, you could imagine we get asked a lot of questions. Some are bizarre, some are just rants asking us to fix the OS (we wish we could!) and some seem silly at first but do make you go “hmmm...”

Such is the case with this scenario: You toss your beautiful Nokia Lumia 920 onto the Fatboy wireless charger to get some juice. But you also have a USB AC adapter standing by...what happens if you plug that in? Will it charge off of both, making it “go faster”? Or does one take priority over the other—and if so, which way?

Like we said at first it seems funny but in all seriousness, there has to be an answer. We reached out to Nokia for a comment on it and they got back to us on the matter…

So, will double charging your Nokia cause the earth to crack, the seas to boil? Or will your phone to get a rapid charge? Even Nokia’s PR via the ever witty Doug Dawson, was unsure of the answer to our request, noting that we have defeated him and he has to “check with some folks in Finland.” Huzzah!

In short, there is no advantage to having both wired and wireless charging at the same. Sorry folks. Here’s the deal:

“I’m afraid there is no ‘super charge’ capability. In the event the wired charger is connected to the device and you place the product on the wireless charging plate, wireless charging takes priority.”

There you go, right from Nokia. It is interesting that wireless charging, which admittedly has less output than wired, takes priority but that’s how it works. In short, if you want the fastest charging then a higher current AC adapter will be your best bet over a wireless charger. But if you want convenience, you should opt for the Fatboy , Plate or Stand.

Daniel Rubino

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