Fresh driver updates are rolling out for the Surface Book (Changelog)

Surface Book
Surface Book (Image credit: Windows Central)

The Nvidia GeForce driver for the Surface Book with d-GPUs has been updated, in addition to Intel's Precise Touch and the Surface UEFI Firmware.

Update: Microsoft has posted the full changelog (opens in new tab), which we are reposting below

Surface Book Nov 17 Changes

  • Intel Corporation driver update for Intel (R) Precise touch devices - Intel (R) Precise touch devices v1.2.0.70 reduce false touch events when the device is closed.
  • NVIDIA driver update for the NVIDIA GeForce GPU - NVIDIA GeForce GPU v21.21.13.6961 improves system stability.
  • Microsoft driver update for Surface UEFI - Surface UEFI v90.1380.768.0 improves system stability.

For those with the new Surface Book with Performance Base there is also a driver update for the GTX 965M as well as the UEFI Firmware.

As always, open the Start Menu, and type "Check for Updates" to instantly access Windows Update to see if these new drivers are available. You will be asked to perform a restart when they have finished installing.

While this is little more than a Seems Faster™ update, it's always encouraging to see driver updates hitting Microsoft's Surface line. If you notice any significant changes as a result of these new drivers, let us know in the comments.

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  • Hoping it improves touch on mine which has been a little iffy in the last couple of builds :)
  • Hoping it improves touch on mine which has been a little iffy in the last couple of builds :)
  • I don't know if it's just me, my SB tends to get super hot on back of the display even when in mild usage.
  • When that happens, check the task manager to see what application is using a lot of CPU. My SB only gets warm when gaming.
  • I don't know if it's just me, my SB tends to get super hot on back of the display even when in mild usage. I'm just waiting for the right update that can fix it.
  • Have you installed this update yet? Are you experiencing any issues after installation?
  • Yes, I've installed and there's no issue except this heat problem that still persists for whatever reason.
  • ty
  • OT: Surface 3 PRO also with fan on a lot.... Maybe some other issue related to drivers....
  • Very Good, I wish I could get mic drivers for my mic. It always stop working until I disenable then and enable them, it wouldn't work and them are up to date. When I turn off and back on, the the problem still come up and until I do the same process again. Pls any help on this?
  • Working in retail, I always find uninstalling respective drivers and restarting helps. Drivers should be reinstalled and fixed after booting, maybe check for updates if needed.
  • But the drive are up to date, I will the and uninstall and reboot like you said
  • I meant to check for updates AFTER rebooting in case the driver is not reinstalled.
  • Could the problem be fixed?
  • No, but wish I could get another drivers for the mic.
  • I just got a new SB and my mic did not work out of the box. It also bluescreened while setting up Windows Hello, so perhaps other things were going on, but I returned it for a different model. I have yet to have issues with my mic since then.
  • These updates bricked my surface book rendered uefi useless. Could not even restore with recovery media. Microsoft is shipping me a new device.
  • All that in a few hours?
  • Yeah very frustrating. The recovery tools could not see the ssd. Lost everything. Two other surface books updated without incident.
  • Lol that my comment was down voted. Just put this here as a PSA. Hopefully it will save someone from the trouble I had.
  • My surface book frezees after update.  
  • Always a welcomed PSA, thanks!
  • What is the version number of the new GPU driver? I got the UEFI and Touch but not the GPU driver. I did update my GPU driver yesterday through GeForce experience before this firmware updates, is that the same driver? My version is 375.86
  • The nvidia driver via Windows Update is almost NEVER as new as the ones from GeForce Experience. You likely have a newer driver than the one being pushed via Windows Update. My i5/256/dGPU Surface Book installed these updates overnight without incident. I did have to use my PIN to login this morning, though, because as happens many times with these firmware updates, Windows Hello just won't work on the first login afterwards. Works fine after that.
  • With the Surface Book with Performance Base (i7/16/512), I had a slew of issues with manually installing Nvidia Drivers.
    A major difference between the Microsoft Update driver and the Nvidia driver is that the Nvidia Control Panel is missing most options. The Nvidia Control Panel installed by Microsoft Update only has "3D Settings/Manage 3D Settings" and you can't even configure individual effects in program settings.
    After manually installing the latest Nvidia driver, Nvidia Control Panel regains most functionality, but the computer just gets plain wacky: sometimes it doesn't detect the GPU, some games perform worse (Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes always remained at 38fps despite what graphics settings used), and general performance was slower.
    I'm not sure if anyone else has the same experience, but I'm playing it safe and sticking with the older Microsoft Update Nvidia driver.
  • I installed these updates at lunchtime and this afternoon the battery consumption was significantly reduced. I hope it's permanent. Windows was saying I had over 16 hours of battery life, and that's with a 2015 surface book!