Surface Book with Performance Base hitting UK shelves on April 20

Xbox One controller PC use
Xbox One controller PC use (Image credit: Windows Central)

Months after becoming available in the U.S., Microsoft is finally bringing the upgraded Surface Book with Performance Base to the UK on April 20.

It's up for pre-order right now at the Microsoft Store with prices starting at £2,249 for the 256GB model. Pricing tops out at £3,149 for the 16GB RAM, 1TB storage option.

The biggest difference is of course the upgraded GPU in the base which gives the Surface Book more video power and even makes it capable of some solid on-the-go gaming. Deliveries will hit doorsteps on April 20, so if you've been waiting (not so) patiently for this, hit the link below and get your order on.

See at Microsoft

Richard Devine
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