Surface Duo 2 still isn't an instant buy at $999, according to Windows Central readers

Surface Duo 2 Vs Surface Duo1 Screens
Surface Duo 2 Vs Surface Duo1 Screens (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Surface Duo 2 recently saw a price drop that shaved off $500 of its cost, bringing the 128GB variant down to $999 and the 256GB model to $1,099.
  • As this is the first time we've seen Duo 2 dip below four digits sans special trade-in offers, we asked readers if $999 was a compelling enough price to get them on board.
  • Over 43% responded that the current price point still isn't enough to get them to consider the device.

What's a Duo 2 to do when a 33%-off sale still isn't enough to lure in a large portion of people? That's Microsoft's question to answer in the coming months and years, since we've now seen that even a sizeable chunk of the tech enthusiasts on WC aren't sold by the idea of a $999 Duo 2.

Because Surface Duo 2 recently saw its price drop by $500 across Amazon, Best Buy, and Microsoft's own storefront, it seemed like a good time to ask readers if this was an enticing enough price point compared to the device's original starting tag of $1,500, which many have cited as prohibitively high. As it turns out, even $500 off isn't enough to sway the majority.

Over 43% of voters still said that a $999 price wouldn't make them consider a Duo 2. Just over 40% of respondents said it would. A little under 11% voted that they'd bought a Duo 2 before the discounted price, and 5.7% voted that they had, in fact, put money behind their words and actually bought the Duo 2 as a direct result of the price drop.

A couple of commenters in the poll post noted common sentiments that have been brought up since the dawn of Duo 2: That they'll save their pennies and wait for a superior Duo 3 to come along, or buy Duo 2 if/when it starts having fire sales much like Duo 1 did back in 2021. After all, why spend $1,500 or even $999 when, with a little patience, you may not have to spend more than $500?

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