Surface Duo gets its first firmware update on launch day. Here is what's new and fixed.

Surface Duo Os Update
Surface Duo Os Update (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The Surface Duo has a launch day firmware update.
  • The update improves device, calling, and camera stability.
  • Software updates roll out in stages for the Surface Duo.

As is often the case with new hardware, the Surface Duo has a launch day update. The update improves device stability, camera stability and performance, and improves calling on the device. It also enhances gestures for moving apps around the device. The firmware update brings the Surface Duo to version 2020.812.86 on unlocked devices and version 2020.812.87 on AT&T locked devices. This firmware update is the same update that reviewers received on September 4.

This update should also bump the Android security patch to September 5th and is the same one Surface Duo reviewers received a few days ago.

Surface Duo checks for OS and system updates during the out-of-box-experience and device setup process for new owners. While you can skip this process (and do it later), this update does bring many improvements that you will want right away.

The full changelog of the update appears on the new Surface Duo update history page (opens in new tab), which might be worth bookmarking. The page points out that updates for the Surface Duo roll out in stages, so you might not see this update right away.

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Firmware versionUpdate info
2020.812.86 (Unlocked Device)
2020.812.87 (AT&T Locked Device)
• Device stability improvements.
• Camera stability, performance, and image quality improvements.
• Improved application gestures for dismissing and moving apps to full screen.
• Improvements in calling features and stability.

Microsoft also outlines (opens in new tab) how to update your Surface Duo.

  1. Connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  2. Select Settings on your Surface Duo's home screen.
  3. Select System.
  4. Select System Update.
  5. Select Check for update.
  6. Select Restart now.

While the firmware update for the Surface Duo will help your device's software run smoothly, you'll also want to make sure to protect its hardware with one of the best Surface Duo cases.

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  • Did the unit that Daniel did his review on (and presumably all the other non-Windows Central reviewers) have this firmware update already applied or were the units that were tested and reviewed not include these improvements?
  • Yes, reviewers for this update before reviews went up.
  • But only for a couple days, so their reviews might not reflect this update.. Daniel's review was written on the 6th and he got the update on the 4th.
  • Curious, are updates straight from Microsoft or are they controlled by the carrier?
  • For sure the Unlocked will be straight from Microsoft. The AT&T version I'm not aure
  • Mine is unlocked and loaded the update as soon as I booted it up. Overall I am pretty happy with the performance. Yeah the camera could be better, but as a day to day shooter it is fine. I have much better cameras that I would use for quality pictures where I worried about such things.
  • @sporosarcina don't suppose you've tried office lens on the duo?
  • I have just taken delivery of the Surface in the UK
    I have a major major concern:-
    I am an older aurally challenged customer who uses hearing aids successfully with my Apple phone which directly streams incoming sound to my hearing aids . I thought it was safe to explore the Duo because Resound my hearing aid supplier has announced that their devices are now fully supported in Android 10 and on the chips used in Duo. My Hearing aid supplier confirms that Direct Streaming is fully functional in the newer Samsung and Pixel phones.
    My hearing aids are recognized by the Duo's Blue Tooth and the Resound Smart D app loads and recognises my hearing aids and reports itself fully functional. However the Duo has not implemented the available direct streaming function. It is of little interest to the hard of hearing in its current state.
    The Apple 12 phone will be my next purchase when it arrives.
    Roger Stenson
  • Further Comment from Roger Stenson
    Another thing. . Excel on the Duol will not open Strict XML spread sheets which you have to use in Windows if you want the software to perform automatic saves.,
    I really expected the Duo would have avoided the limitations of Office apps in Android and IOS. I now fear that that is not so
    Roger Stenson