Surface Duo Slim fan concept shows a different kind of folding phone from Microsoft

Surface Slim Phone Concept
Surface Slim Phone Concept (Image credit: Sapounii via Reddit)

What you need to know

  • A recent piece of fan concept art shows what a Surface Duo Slim could look like.
  • The hypothetical device folds horizontally rather than vertically like the Surface Duo and Duo 2.
  • The Surface Duo Slim concept looks quite a bit like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, though it features two screens rather than a single foldable display.

The Surface Duo 2 improved on the original Duo and has become a more alluring device following a price drop, but its form factor isn't for everyone. If you're interested in a folding phone with two screens that are stacked vertically rather than horizontally, Reddit has a concept image for you. Reddit user Sapounii recently shared a Surface Duo Slim concept.

In contrast with the Surface Duo 2, which folds like a hot dog (the long way), the Surface Duo Slim concept folds like a hamburger. To put it in smartphone terms, the Duo Slim concept looks more like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 than the Surface Duo. The main difference between the hypothetical Microsoft device and Samsung's folding smartphone is that the Duo Slim has two screens rather than one folding one.

Source: Sapounii via Reddit (Image credit: Source: Sapounii via Reddit)

The concept shows a device with the standard Surface design elements, such as a light grey body and the Surface logo. It also has a single camera and a flash that look reminiscent of old Lumia phones.

While the device looks unique, Reddit users questioned its practicality. The line through the center of the device would split apps in half rather than allowing you to run apps side-by-side, that is, unless you want to run tiny 4:3 apps. "There is no way that you don't mind the line in the middle. [It's] like a broken flip from the start," said nolan816.

If you're into wacky and unique foldable phones, make sure to check out the Pokémon Edition of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 that was recently teased. It doesn't have a Microsoft logo or the Surface branding, but its design looks like a Pokédex. It also actually exists and will launch later this week in South Korea.

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  • I'd prefer if it ran whatever I needed to, as in first run install choice, whatever selected would install itself on the device and update ? .
  • Why not make a simple good looking phone based on surface design with maybe a custom chip and decent price?
  • Because what the world really needs in 2022 is another single-screen generic Android phone. Throwing phrases around like "custom chip" doesn't change anything. No one is complaining that a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is slow.
  • It's fugly, but if it ran Windows, I'd buy it in a heartbeat!
  • Why?! You’d have basically no mobile app support. This makes just no damn sense
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  • Ok, I got it. Just didn’t immediately think of a hamburger bun as folding. It makes sense now. I think the Duo should be more skinny and tall like a hotdog bun. There is a reason every other phone has that shape. It is easier to use, easier to carry, and Android apps tend to be designed for tall aspect ratios. The 2016 aspect ratio of the Duo makes it awkward to hold, use, and it makes the device look and feel dated. The aspect ratio is a huge mistake.
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  • This is definitely a form factor which does not benefit from the two screen form factor, except maybe Nintendo DS emulation. I don't like the concept at all and I imagine Microsoft would agree.
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