Surface Go preorders hitting delivery date snags for some

Microsoft Surface Go
Microsoft Surface Go

Surface Go launch day is here in the U.S. and Canada, but it looks like late deliveries may put a damper on the excitement for some. Despite advertising an August 2 launch date for the device, it appears that some who preordered a Surface Go ahead of time won't see the device hit their doorsteps until later this week or next.

While the majority of people chiming in on the Surface Reddit are reporting that their Surface Gos are set to arrive today, some users are reporting later delivery dates from the Microsoft Store and Best Buy.

"I preordered from Best buy Canada and saw the same message stating delivery by the 2nd, however here we are on the release date and it's saying in progress with a delivery day of next Tuesday," says one Reddit user.

Another user stated: "I've also ordered from the Microsoft Store online. I was hoping that they would pre-ship so those that pre-order could have their device on August 2nd on release day or at least August 3rd-4th. Talking to a service agent and it seems like they don't actually ship till the 2nd. I'm thinking about changing my order to see if I can pick it up in stores now."

One user on the Windows Central forums today saw their Microsoft Store shipment status change to "in transit" with an estimated delivery date of August 8. However, FedEx's shipment tracker is showing a separate delivery date of August 8.

For our part, two Windows Central staff members have been charged for their Surface Go orders, but haven't received shipment notifications as of this morning.

While those waiting on home deliveries are hitting some snags, it appears that anyone who preordered for in-store pickup will be able to grab their orders today. In checking with various Microsoft retail stores and Best Buy, the device is showing as in-stock across much of the U.S.

That presents a problem, as it's currently easier to just walk into a store and grab a Surface Go while things are hit or miss for anyone who preordered weeks ago with the expectation of getting their device on launch day. Personally, I experienced a similar delay with my Surface Book 2 preorder last fall, with the delivery arriving a day later than the stated launch date. It's simply a bad customer experience, which mars an otherwise excellent device.

Did you preorder a Surface Go? Let us know the status of your delivery in the comments below and on our forums.

Surface Go is available now starting at $399 at Microsoft and other retail stores.

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