Surface Go Toast wood cover review: A classy way to spruce up your laptop

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The Surface Go is the smallest and most nimble Surface, but that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve some protection. Nor should it be left out from the more select options out there including made in the USA Toast covers, which are made from real wood.

I've reviewed Toast covers for the Surface Pro and Surface Book 2 in the past, but the Surface Go may be my favorite so far (the Toast cover for Surface Laptop is a close second).

Here's why in my quick-n-dirty review.

What you'll like about the Surface Go Toast cover

Laptop users are all too familiar with the typical decals used to decorate and protect their hardware from everyday wear. Toast is a company that has been around for many years, and they use real wood instead of a sticker – it smells great and looks real because it is.

Ordering is simple with plenty of options including four types of wood to choose from like walnut (used for this review), ash, bamboo, and ebony. Just the two back panels for Surface Go runs $49. Tack on an extra $5 if you want the Surface logo etched out to reveal the mirror finish. Another $10 gets you a trackpad surround option, and for $29 you can get Type Cover and Trackpad protection. Finally, for $15 you can get wood protection for the screen bezels too.

From there other options include a custom engraved design in the wood ($30) or custom text ($5). For the engraved design, you upload the image you want to be etched into the wood and Toast will take care of it.

Toast ships the cover in a well-protected envelope with reinforcement and easy to follow directions.

Surface Go Toast wood cover

Total installation is less than 15 minutes once you wipe down the Surface Go with rubbing alcohol. The covers themselves have spotted application of 3M tape to stick to the Surface Go. The reason for that is so that if you choose to remove the Toast cover, it will be easier since you're not peeling a whole layer of 3M tape too.

What you'll dislike about the Surface Go Toast cover

There's not much to dislike about this Toast cover. The hardest part is deciding on which wood option to get to match your Type Cover color, or how the wood looks in everyday life. From my experience, the walnut wood looks the best versus the very light ash, but the choice is yours.

Pricing also can go high ($104 total) if you start adding custom text, images to be engraved, and front panels, but these are all options at your discretion, not a forced choice.

The setup seen here for this review is just the rear panels ($49) plus Surface logo cutout ($5) and trackpad surround ($10) for a total of $59. While that may seem more expensive than custom stickers the quality here is much better, and the aesthetics are significantly improved.

Should you buy the Surface Go Toast cover?

Surface Go Toast wood cover

Assuming you like the look, the Surface Go Toast cover is an excellent purchase. The quality is outstanding, and the feel of the Surface Go now is just classier.

If you want a sophisticated, elegant way to protect your Surface Go then the Toast cover is a must-have.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was the wood trackpad surround cover. For the photos here, I was going to simulate sticking them on since no way would it be any good – I was wrong. I think the option for the trackpad surround not only looks great (especially with burgundy), but it feels great too when typing. It also helps protect the Alcantara cover from getting dirty over the next few years. Plus, if you want to remove it later, it won't damage the Alcantara (it can easily pull off without issue).

The problem I have with some Toast covers in the past is simple: the more significant the laptop, the more wood it takes to cover it. That results in a more massive and bulkier device like the Surface Book 2 15-inch, which looks great but feels much heavier after the Toast treatment. Surface Go though is so small and light adding the Toast cover did not make it feels substantially heavier, nor does it feel any bulkier – that's a win in my book.

Overall, if you are liking your Surface Go and want a sophisticated, elegant way to protect it (while adding an excellent wood smell), then the Toast cover is a must-have.

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