Starting on September 12th, we noticed one of our Surface Laptops (Windows Insider, Fast Ring) picked up no less than seven new firmware updates through a Windows Update check.

Today, we've seen the updates come through on two other Surface Laptops (Windows Insider, Release Preview). However, Microsoft has not announced any changes on its Surface Update History page.

Some of the updates that came through on 'Patch Tuesday'.

Most of the updates appear to change from generic 1.0 drivers to formal ones for the Surface Laptop with actual build numbers. Here is what we could document:

  • UEFI going from 136.1668.769.0 to 136.1736.769.0
  • Keyboard driver updates from generic 1.0.0 to 135.1713.0
  • System Aggregator updates from 1.0.0 to 135.1704.1.0
  • Trackpad driver updates from 1.0.0 to 2.122.2683.0

Also, there are updates for Surface Integration Service Device, Surface Integration, and System.

Microsoft is evidently doing a slow rollout and letting Windows Insiders get the new drivers and UEFI firmware (BIOS) before it hits Windows 10 production for non-Insiders.

Presumably, if there are no major bugs found and the drivers will go out to all Surface Laptop owners in the coming weeks. At that time, Microsoft will likely post the full changelog, which we'll revisit.

Very few sytem bugs have been reported with the Surface Laptop making these new drivers likely more optimization than proper fixes.

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