Surface Pro 5th Gen (2017) and 6 users reporting severe battery degradation issues

Surface Pro 6
Surface Pro 6 (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Some Surface Pro 5th Gen (2017) and Surface Pro 6 users reported battery degradation and issues on a Microsoft forum.
  • One user claims a Surface shows 0 percent while charged.
  • Some Surface Pro 3 devices had battery issues.

Several Surface Pro 5th Gen (2017) and Surface Pro 6 users report battery issues for their devices. A Microsoft Answers forum has multiple comments from users stating their device's battery experienced issues (via Neowin).

One user reports that their device showed 0 percent battery while it was plugged in. The user also reported that their device was sluggish while experiencing the issue. A second user states that their Surface's battery has lost 70 percent of its original battery capacity after 309 charging cycles. One user shared a screenshot of a battery report to show the degradation.

The Surface Pro 5th Gen (2017), also known by some as the Surface Pro 5, was released in May of 2017. The Surface Pro 6 was announced last October. While some battery degradation over time is normal, devices shouldn't lose 70 percent capacity in this short of a time.

The Surface Pro 3 also experienced battery issues in the past, so this isn't the first set of battery issues the Surface Pro line has seen.

Microsoft has not released a statement on the issue or responded to the Microsoft Answer forum.

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