Surface Pro 5th Gen (2017) and 6 users reporting severe battery degradation issues

Surface Pro 6
Surface Pro 6 (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Some Surface Pro 5th Gen (2017) and Surface Pro 6 users reported battery degradation and issues on a Microsoft forum.
  • One user claims a Surface shows 0 percent while charged.
  • Some Surface Pro 3 devices had battery issues.

Several Surface Pro 5th Gen (2017) and Surface Pro 6 users report battery issues for their devices. A Microsoft Answers forum (opens in new tab) has multiple comments from users stating their device's battery experienced issues (via Neowin).

One user reports that their device showed 0 percent battery while it was plugged in. The user also reported that their device was sluggish while experiencing the issue. A second user states that their Surface's battery has lost 70 percent of its original battery capacity after 309 charging cycles. One user shared a screenshot of a battery report to show the degradation.

The Surface Pro 5th Gen (2017), also known by some as the Surface Pro 5, was released in May of 2017. The Surface Pro 6 was announced last October. While some battery degradation over time is normal, devices shouldn't lose 70 percent capacity in this short of a time.

The Surface Pro 3 also experienced battery issues in the past, so this isn't the first set of battery issues the Surface Pro line has seen.

Microsoft has not released a statement on the issue or responded to the Microsoft Answer forum.

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  • I had this issue with my (2017/5) model.
  • My unit's battery has been acting up for some time now. Even after recalibration, degradation is evident.
  • So I had this problem last year (SP5 i5/4GB/128) and Microsoft replaced the unit under my extended warranty. MS said it was abnormal. (God knows how many rounds of troubleshooting I went through with support, much of it redundant.) Looking at the battery report, I can trace the acceleration of battery capacity decline to August 2018, a hot month, which is also when I happened to buy and play Ori and the Blind Forrest, which pushed the device to its limits thermally (remember: the i5 has no fan and a dinky HD 620). So I think it was overheating. (No bulging of the battery or anything like that, though.) My replacement is doing fine. In fact the people at the MS Store were nice enough to upgrade my replacement to the i5/8GB/256. I wouldn't expect an announcement or anything from MS, unless the problem is really widespread. My original SP5, the one with the battery issue, also had a widely reported screen defect that MS (and WC!) refused to acknowledge (a uniform bright band across the bottom of the screen; happily, my replacement unit doesn't have this problem).
  • Battery on my SP5 (2017) i5/8gb/256gb model has been flawless *touch wood*. Easily and consistently getting 6-7 hours on a charge since getting it. Hoping MS fixes this for those affected, chances are if many are affected then mine might end up catch the disease:(