Microsoft announces new Surface Pro 6 with 8th Gen Intel CPU

Microsoft has today announced updates to its Surface Pro line-up, featuring a more powerful 8th generation Intel processor over its predecessor. The new Surface Pro marks the return of numbered releases, with this one being called Surface Pro 6.

In addition, the new Surface Pro 6 also comes in black, a call-back to the original Surface RT and Surface Pro that shipped in 2012 and 2013. Surface Pro 6 will go on sale starting October 16 for $899.

We'll update this post with more details as they become available.

Everything Microsoft announced at its October 2 Surface event

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • No type-C is a serious concern now.
  • How many Type-C devices do you actually have? I have....a phone. And it shipped with a C->A cable. I know there are Type-C docks and such, but the market penetration seems extremely low so far.
  • Considering every other PC manufacturer already includes USB-C in their hardware and this being a "premium" product, this is very disappointing.
  • And they ALL need dongles lol
  • You still have to carry dongles for Mini-DP, because no device coming with mini-DP cable.
    If I want couple more USB ports and external display I need to buy $200 MS Dock (brick), while Type-C adapter (small/lightweight) will be $50. Only drawback of UCB-C absence of easy magnetic connection. As was posted earlier 8th gen supports enough PCIe lanes to have Type-C/TB3, and it is really disappointment for me. With Type-C it was highly likely that I'll upgrade from good old SP3, but purchase of device that should last for 2-3 without Type-C doesn't looks good at this point.
  • dude razers m core works on usb C. If the surface pro could do that, while already having the specs to edit decently on its own, like, cmon Microsoft, do it already
  • My phone, my eGPU, my headphones, my Nintendo Switch, my battery pack, my girlfriend's MacBook Pro... just to name a few... Lack of Thunderbolt 3 on a premium device in 2018 is barely acceptable; a total lack of USB-C is completely unacceptable in 2018.
  • To be fair: most of the time the uses of USB C for now in most parts of the world is for charging. Until everyone makes enough hardware with Type C connectors and enough of the world adopts it. Then Microsoft can switch to type C. Or they can replace that Mini Display port with a type C and retain the Type A port.
  • Its not Type-C, it needs Thunderbolt Type-C!!!!
  • Guess they dropped the m3 model...
  • What about the iris graphics?
  • thank ******* god. sorry.
  • The official video from MS doesn't say there's a new white model, just a new black model. That one on the left is the old color.
  • Lack of type C is a serious and shocking omission. For that reason alone I will not buy the new Surface Pro as I had planned to do. It will be a Lenovo or HP 2-1 instead. I fear they will loose a lot of customers due to this. What were they thinking of? Type C is the future for connections and charging and why should you invest a lot of money in a device that does not offer you a ticket to the future when so many competitors do?
  • No it is not shocking. Buy something else if you crave for type-c the rest of us will be happy with this new Surface iteration. There is no proof whatsoever at this point in time type-c will be the future of connections. You just pick one item to start bashing MS whereas the entire device has a quadcore 8th gen processor, it seems you do not realize the technical achievement here....
  • I have USB-C with my SGO, but all my peripherals are not USB-C, so I need to carry a dongle. Having USB-C is not an advantage. Yet.
  • Decent update. Lack of usb-c is not a deal breaker for most as the standard magnetic charger is alot better imo. Wondering if the i5 is still fan less, I'd be tempted to replace my 2017 for the processor update alone.
  • USB-C does a lot more than just charge. Microsoft's magnetic connector is too big.
  • Perfect for me and have had no issues with it. A life saver when I accidentally pull on the plug.
    As for usb-c, I cant see how it would be a deal breaker for most. Replacing the A-plug is more a nuisance as typical usb flash drives are still A, and most of the peripherals are still usb-A.
  • It works flawless and it is just fine in terms of size.
  • Yeeeee but I am slightly disappointed by the lack of Type-C. Even the Go supports it.
  • Looks good. Hard to justify replacement of my Pro4 but that wasn't their intent.
  • I also have nothing that uses typec except an old phone
  • Is there no iris graphics for this model?
  • I was going to buy a new Surface Pro, but since Microsoft for the third time put no Type C port in the damn thing like the lazy idiots they are, I'm not going to touch it out of principle. Every OEM is using Type-C and Microsoft is using old and antiquated ports. I guarantee you the thing probably doesn't have LTE either unless you buy a specific, more expensive model. Microsoft has gotten lazy and unimaginative.
  • Agree completely so far as Surface Pro is concerned. It would have been so easy for them. They didn't have to ditch neither the USB 3 port or the proprietary magnetic Surface charging port. Just replace the not very useful display port with a type C port, which would give you display connections added to a host of other connection and charging possibilities. Nobody would loose anything, everybody would gain a lot. It's so bloody obvious that I really don't understand their choice. In general, however, I think they are still pretty imaginative: look at the Studio 2 - it's just amazing. Unfortunately out of my league!
  • "look at the Studio 2 - it's just amazing. Unfortunately out of my league!" Normally I would agree with you, but it has the exact same design. They did nothing to enhance the design. They also claim it's for professionals, but I guarantee you the improved performance is still nowhere near what many professionals want and need, especially for the ridiculous price of $3500 to start. The thing got even more expensive. At a starting price of $3500, it should be even more powerful than it is. It too also doesn't have Type-C. It is the most beautiful, innovative all-in-one I've ever seen and they have improved it. It still question if it's good enough at such an insane price.
  • MS is not every OEM, luckily. Typ-c is big fuzz for nothing, no real pro really uses it. go away.
  • It really isn't. USB-C/Thunderbolt is starting to take off and starting to be a bigger benefit than not having it for me. This is a deal breaker for me at least. I won't upgrade until they put USB-C/Thunderbolt (which some of the competition has had since bloody forever).
  • Eh nothing that makes me want to upgrade my Surface Pro 5. Not sure what I was hoping for but nothing special. Can care less about USB-C Thunderbolt because i have absolutely nothing that uses a USB-C cable and can't see anything that I would use besides charging. But I use mine for personal use, never plug more than a Bluray drive into it 2 twice a year and never plug it into a monitor or dock. So best part is I'm not wanting to spend money.
  • fat ugly bezel, surface is doomed
  • Yeah that's why in my company (80 000 installed PC's) they (Surface Pro's) have completely wiped out all management iPads in 3 years time. Only iPhones now and all the other hardware is MS and Dell hardware.
  • Disappointed at lack of USB-C / Thunderbolt. Two generations ago I understood the decision, now I don't. USB-C is backward compatible so even with stupid dongle at least the option is there. Now some choices are just not possible. For me this is a deal breaker. Was also hoping for smaller bezels. I hope there are some bigger changes in the pipe for the Surface Pro at some point. I understand they reached a nice device at generation 3/4 but they haven't done any innovation in years now. And there are improvements that can be done.
  • I thought Always Connected PCs were the future? Another Surface launch and not a single ACPC? Did Microsoft give up on that idea already? Every Surface Pro should have LTE in 2018. It should come standard.