Is Surface Pro Core i5 and i7 battery life all that different?

Surface Pro 5
Surface Pro 5 (Image credit: Windows Central)

That's precisely the discussion that's currently going down in the Windows Central forums, regarding the brand spanking new Microsoft Surface Pro.

I'm looking to purchase the new Surface Pro. I've been debating between the i5 and the i7 models. Assuming a user performs the same tasks on both models, would the battery life be the same or would the i7 drain the battery faster as it is more powerful? Would bigger SSD sizes also drain batter faster? Again, I assume the user is performing the same tasks on both models.


In theory, the differences shouldn't be that big looking at the same tasks on the two different models. The Core i7 version has a little more horsepower so it can take on more intensive workloads, and in turn, will then use more battery.

Both offer good battery life, but as the reviews have only just dropped, there aren't many real-world comparisons to draw on when it comes to the new Surface Pro. If you've got some words of wisdom to offer, hit the link below, jump into the forum thread and join the discussion!

In the forums: New Surface Pro Battery Life: i5 vs i7

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