Surface Pro with LTE will reportedly be available on December 1

When Microsoft initially debuted the new Surface Pro in May, it also announced that an LTE version of the tablet would be available at some point in the future. Now, Neowin reports that Microsoft revealed during an Ignite 2017 session that the LTE Surface Pro will be made available on December 1.

Since the initial Surface Pro reveal, Microsoft has been otherwise mum concerning the LTE model. Earlier in September, the LTE model popped up for preorder on at a UK retailer with a December release date, lining up with Microsoft's reported release date. According to Neowin, LTE will only be available with the two Core i5 variants of the Surface Pro, which also lines up with what we saw from the UK retailer listing.

Speculation has pointed to Microsoft's upcoming Future Decoded event as a possible formal venue for a formal announcement concerning the LTE Surface Pro. Expect to hear more when that event takes place at the end of October.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • Great, release more products with last generation CPU and proprietary charging. Not good.
  • I love the connect port. If they change that to some non magnetic dongle like type c charging then That would suck.
  • Hope they have more than that to show. Good news though.
  • I'm more hyped about Windows 10 ARM devices for 2017 (+a potential Surface Book 2), than a Surface Pro LTE (which they seem to charge $100-150 more; no thanks, I'll have a modem for that, which saves battery.)
  • Why two core i5 variants?
  • Because that's what there already are. I5/4gb/128gb and I5/8gb/256gb
  • These are so underpowered.   should at least include 16 GB/512 GB SSD as option.   Extremely disappointing.
  • can't come soon enough
  • Well there goes my hope for a Costco Black Friday deal lol. With all the "leaks," makes you wonder what's really on tap for the event next month.
  • Welcome to Microsoft's "Mobile Vision".
  • Kinda Stupid to only offer 2 varents. And this should of been available when the SP4 was released. Microsoft have no ideal portable device unless you use mobile hotspot.
  • It took them some time, a lot if you ask me, to produce this thing. And we aren't even sure this will happen in December. An official announcement hasn't been made yet.
  • This is confirmed. I've been placing pre-orders with my business rep at our local MS Store.
  • Seems pretty official "Microsoft revealed during an Ignite 2017 session..."
  • Why not just do that in the first place?
  • You people whine incessantly.  Get a life.
  • About time. Cellular connectivity should have been available right from gen1 or SP2 at the latest but at least it's coming which is a step in the right direction
  • I personally never seen the point of having LTE right in the tablet or laptop.  Just turn on the Wifi Hotspot on your phone and it's done... Only one data/cell subscription.
  • I have a dual SIM on the same subscription so both can be online at the same time.
  • Curious. Doesn't each SIM require it's own phone number, therefore subscription? I also have a dual SIM but one remains empty. Just wondering what I can get away with. I have the T-Mobile Geezer Plan (over 55) with unlimited everything.
  • I felt the same way about power windows in my car. Just crank the handle 20 times. But power windows are more convenient....
  • There are lots of business applications where a SIM in a tablet or notebook is necessary.  Think transport & logisitcis, service agents, sales reps, etc. The better question to ask is will it be physical SIMs or electronic SIMs?
  • You need to talk to the guy Mister Wolf above. He thinks that LTE enabled Surface Pro should be introduced first.
  • Well I always have my phone on my person. It comes with 14gb wifi tethering a month with T-Mobile, and it already included in the plan. But, of course this is here in the US.
  • maybe a 5,5" version!?!
  • Will they release the 4.5", pocket sized model at the same time?
  • I'm glad they announced this now. Cause now my hopes are big for an SB2 announcement end of October. No way Panos is going to be on stage and ONLY announce this already announced SP LTE. No way. Panos will show us more (than LTE and Win on ARM). I can feel it.
  • Hopefully, the dream comes true. Most of the times Microsoft is late to the game or waiting for a fix in hardware (like 8th gen intel, if its on Spring 2018). I think a SP LTE, Windows 10 ARM, and SB2 simultaneous event is likely. Since the latter is 2017 promised and I guess if they're into either 7th gen/8th gen since it is available and the 4,096 digitizer--the ingredients for SB2 are ready if they don't change much of form factor.