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What you need to know

  • Dbrand's Surface Pro X skins are now available and shipping.
  • There's a wide variety of colors and patterns to pick from.
  • Skins are available at dbrand now, with prices at $9.95 for the upper and lower back pieces.

If you want to add a little bit of flavor to your new Surface Pro X, dbrand's skins for the tablet hybrid are now available and shipping. Up for grabs in a variety of colors and patterns, the skins let you add some customization to the back of the Surface Pro X, including the Microsoft logo on the kickstand. Perhaps more importantly, they'll help you keep the fingerprint magnet that is that matte black finish from looking grubby.

The skins are available in a few different pieces. You can get a skin for the upper back of the Pro X, one for hte lower back, and one for the Microsoft logo. The price for the back pieces comes in at $9.95, while the logo pieces cost 95 cents or $1.95, depending on what you want.

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No matter which pieces you choose, you'll be able to select from several patterns and colors to switch things up. For patterns, dbrand has everything from matrix and camo patterns to carbon fiber, metal, matte, leather, and stone. Colors depend on which pattern you choose, but there's everything from bright and poppy colors like orange, red, and green, to more muted metallic and wood tones.

If you're curious, or just want to banish fingerprints forever, you can hit up dbrand's online store to play around with the skins and order some.

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Cover up

Surface Pro X dbrand skins

Bye bye fingerprints

Dbrand's Surface Pro X skins let you add some personality to your PC with different colors and patterns.

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Microsoft Surface Pro X

Thin and light

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