Survival shooter 'Vigor' launches in Xbox Game Preview next week [updated]

At E3 2018, Bohemia Interactive announced a supposed Xbox One exclusive called Vigor. A nuclear bomb has devastated central Europe, causing survivors to look towards Norway for salvation. Players have their own shelter, which operates as the main progression system, allowing you to upgrade it along the way. Just like Bohemia Interactive's DayZ, there's a focus on gathering resources and materials to keep yourself afloat. Lastly, crafting also plays a crucial role, and acts as one of the main gameplay hooks.

Updated July 30, 2018: Vigor is available a day early on Xbox Game Preview.

Vigor has been available to Xbox Insiders for a few days, and it looks like it's coming to Xbox Game Preview next week. According to a post by ID@Xbox, the game should launch on July 31, 2018 for $19.99 in a number of countries. This is great news for those who wanted to play it but didn't want to join the Xbox Insider Program.

This morning, Bohemia Interactive's Petr Kolar also confirmed that the title would eventually be enhanced for Xbox One X with 4K resolution. Unfortunately, since the base console couldn't achieve 60 FPS, the frame rate would most likely be locked to 30 FPS on both systems to maintain multiplayer parity.

Hopefully further optimization will allow the developer to introduce a 60 FPS mode on both machines. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more about the game since it's early in development.

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