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What you need to know

  • Microsoft SwiftKey now supports swiping from the delete key to select and remove text.
  • The same update also adds the option to disable automatic spaces after punctuation.
  • The new features arrive with version of Microsoft SwiftKey.

Microsoft SwiftKey recently received an update that makes it easier to delete text. The last version of the app includes an option to swipe left from the delete key to select text. You can scrub left or right while holding your finger down to select specific words and then remove your finger to delete the selected content. The same update also adds the option to disable automatic spaces following punctuation.

The update brings the app to version Oddly, navigating to the SwiftKey page on the Google Play Store does not list the changes for the update, though we were able to install it on a device. We can confirm that the option to select and delete text with a gesture as well as the ability to disable automatic spaces both work in the latest version of the app.

Neowin spotted the changes and shared the following changelog (which does not appear for us when navigating to the SwiftKey Google Play listing:

  • We've added a typing setting to disable auto spaces with punctuation.
  • You can now swipe on the delete key to select and delete text.

Holding down the delete key removes words quickly. The new option within the keyboard app provides more granular controls over which words you'd like to delete.

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SwiftKey provides a variety of input methods for your Android device's keyboard. You can swipe to type, dictate text, and share emojis and GIFs through SwiftKey. Following a recent update, the app gained the option to select and remove text by swiping left from the delete key.

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