Sygic GPS and Navigation for Windows 10 offering up cheap lifetime licenses right now

Popular mapping and navigation app, Sygic, is currently offering lifetime licenses to its service for a serious discount. The prices are valid on all its packs covering all regions and is available through all its apps, including Windows 10.

Prices have been cut by up to 75% on lifetime licenses, and prices naturally vary depending on where you're buying and which region you're buying for. The screenshots below show a quick break down of prices in USD and GBP.

You also seem to be able to bundle traffic for a little more, with an email Sygic is sending out to current customers showing a $24.99 subscription for North America with traffic. The prices above presumably only include access to maps and navigation.

This probably isn't for everyone, indeed many are probably fine with the free maps on their phone already. But for anyone looking for something a little more serious, Sygic has been a solid choice up to this point. The paid for access gives you 3D maps and voice navigation, and it runs on TomTom maps and points of interest, which in itself is enough for some to drop their money.

Maps are stored on the device, so don't require a data connection, and there are a number of other things you can plug in like traffic and live parking information. I used Sygic exclusively on a road trip across Northern Europe last year and found it to be an excellent, and most of all, reliable product.

If you're interested, hit the link below to download the base app for free.

Download Sygic from the Windows Store

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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