Synology DS918+


Synology DS916+

The new DS918+ is an excellent successor to the older DS916+ with better internals and a new chassis design. It's better in almost every way, is the go-to NAS for creating a new hub for all your multimedia, and is vastly easier to purchase than the outgoing model.

$539 at Amazon


  • Latest hardware.
  • Future-proofed.
  • More efficient RAM.
  • Better design.


  • Pricey.

The DS916+ is an excellent NAS, there's no denying that fact. It has everything you need to create a truly great home multimedia server. There are drawbacks, however, which include an annoying front plate design, as well as less efficient RAM and slower internals, compared to the DS918+.

$460 at eBay


  • Can be found cheaper.
  • Still has capable hardware.
  • Runs DiskStation Manager OS.


  • Slower processor.
  • Less efficient RAM.
  • Annoying chassis design.
  • Difficult to locate.

We recommend the purchase of the DS918+, simply because it's the newer model that replaces the aging DS916+. Should you already own the Ds916+ and are perfectly happy with the performance, there's no reason to upgrade.

Battle of the specs

Since the DS918+ is essentially the successor to the DS916+, there aren't massive changes between the two models. What is clear to see is the newer processor, more efficient RAM and a few minor alterations.

DS918+ DS916+
CPU Intel Celeron J3455
1.5GHz (2.3GHz burst)
Intel Pentium N3710
1.6GHz (2.56GHz burst)
RAM Up to 8GB DDR3L Up to 8GB DDR3
Bays 4 4
Capacity 40TB 40TB
Ports 2x GbE
2x USB 3.0
1x eSATA
2x GbE
3x USB 3.0
1x eSATA
Dimensions 166 x 199 x 223 mm 165 x 203 x 233.2 mm
Weight 2.28kg 2.04kg
PSU 100W 100W
Consumption 28.8W 30W

DS918+ brings numerous improvements

Synology didn't mess around with the new DS918+, changing up the chassis to omit the removable front panel, opting for an easier hot-swap system with a lock and key. There's also enhanced ventilation throughout the device, aiding to reduce overall thermals in operation.

Speaking of heat, the DDR3L RAM replaces DDR3 modules previously installed, which match speed with less power required and heat produced. Simply put; the DS918+ should be a more efficient NAS, which is never a bad thing with a product that is expected to run 24/7.

Other than these improvements, not a whole lot has changed from the DS916+ to the DS918+, which is why we struggle to recommend forking out for the upgrade if you already own the older model, unless you have the available funds, frequently swap out drives, and desire a more efficient NAS.

However, if you're in the market for a new one and have to choose between the two, you should absolutely get the DS918+. It's not only improved in a lot of different areas, but it's also much easier to find. You can probably find a DS916+ on eBay, but that means possibly getting a used model, which means not taking advantage of a new version's power and longevity. If you want your NAS to last as long as possible, eBay isn't your best bet.

Synology DS918+ is the NAS for you

There's very little to deter you from purchasing the DS918+ in favor of the DS916+, aside from snatching a good deal. This newer model for 2018 has better internals, more efficient components, and a better overall design. It's future-proof and does everything you need a NAS to do.

Great NAS

Synology DS918+

Synology's latest DS918+ NAS is a stunning piece of kit.

Synology listened to some of the feedback provided by the community and have altered the chassis design to make it much easier to hot-swap drives. Because this NAS is the latest model, it's also rocking a newer Intel processor and more efficient RAM to lower heat and power consumption.

It's okay to stick with the DS916+

Should you already own the DS916+, there's no reason to upgrade to the DS918+ unless you care about the small improvements made in the successor NAS.

Vintage performer

Synology DS916+

The DS916+ is great if you already own one.

We wouldn't recommend choosing the DS916+ over the newer replacement model unless you aren't too fond of the new design changes and can bag a great deal on the NAS. Should you already own the DS916+, it doesn't make much sense to spend the money on upgrading, unless you really need to.

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