System Shock 3 announced, interest in console versions gauged

Classic FPS/RPG hybrid System Shock is finally picking up a sequel, courtesy of OtherSide Entertainment.

System Shock received critical praise for its atmosphere, blend of role playing, puzzle solving and shooting. System Shock is also credited with inspiring both Bioshock and Deus Ex. While the first game didn't achieve full-blown mainstream success, many of the features pioneered by System Shock are practically standard in modern shooters.

Revealed via a teaser website, System Shock 3 will arrive courtesy of developer OtherSide Entertainment and rights-holder Night Dive Studios.

On the site, you can sign up for a newsletter via SurveyMonkey, which asks for your preferred gaming platform (Xbox One included), in addition to rating your interest in virtual reality on a scale of 1 to 10. Joining the newsletter also grants a chance to win a SHODAN art print courtesy of original artist Robb Waters.

Having already released an enhanced version of System Shock's 1994 original (trailer below), Night Dive Studios are also working on a remake for the original System Shock for PC, PS4 and Xbox One - raising the likelihood that System Shock 3 will also hit consoles.

The evil A.I. - SHODAN - that serves as the franchise's central antagonist can be heard on the updated teaser site for System Shock 3, complete with the character's original voice actress Terri Brosius (Dishonored, Thief). SHODAN's look has also been updated by the original's character artist, Robb Waters.

While Night Dive Studios owns the System Shock trademark, Boston-based OtherSide Entertainment has exclusive rights to develop future installments of the game. OtherSide is made up of industry veterans, including Paul Neurath, who oversaw the previous game's development, with the aforementioned Robb Waters and System Shock veteran Nate Wells joining the art team.

It could be a while before System Shock 3 sees the light of day, given that the game is still in the "early stages" of development. Stay tuned for updates.

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Jez Corden
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  • I need these on Xbox...I'm considering the PC, just to get eyes on it =]
  • Lots of awesome games coming. :3
  • Does anyone know how much time a disc game on Xbox one takes to get installed?
  • Depends on the size of the game, but I'd say around 30-45mins
  • Thanks.
  • Definitely interested in playing a remake of the first game. Haven't had a chance to play these before.
  • Bioshock has 3 games, System Shock got the 3 one. omg that means
    Half-life 3 confirmed.
  • -_-" XD
  • System Shock 3 and HL3 both in 2016? Joy! Only Dead Space 4 left to confirm.
  • I have a feeling HL3 may come before SS3 seeing how it was put up on the Steam database the other day
  • Wow, System Shock and System Shock 2 were 2 of the best RPGs I ever played. Groundbreaking (at least the first one) and an excellent, deep sci-fi horror story. I think in many ways the forerunner of so many modern games that blend RPG and FPS elements. Plus, they used the same exotic FPS elements of the more straight RPG game Ultima Underworld with things like leaning and crawling, all in first person. You can see the System Shock roots in its direct descendent: Bioshock (not to be confused with the game that came from the same company (Origin) as the original System Shock and Ultima Underworld, also called Bioshock -- I don't think those two Bioshock games have anything to do with each other). To summarize: I am hugely excited for a new and modern System Shock game.
  • There with ye buddy!
  • THIS IS THE GREATEST NEWS I'VE HEARD ALL YEAR. But now I have to wait an eternity for it to come out, gah!
  • I hope they don't dumb-down SS3 for consoles. The UI for SS2 was perfect, but I don't see how it could easily work on consoles as it did with keyboard and mouse. I hope the devs don't forget the birthplace of SS and Shodan.