The Nokia Lumia 1520 is easily one of my favorite Windows Phones to date. In fact, I’ve been using it non-stop since its release late last year (and no, it’s not too big). Unfortunately, if you’re on the budget-friendly and hip T-Mobile here in the US, there’s no joy for you when it comes to the phablet-sized device. That changed though with the release of the unlocked Lumia 1520.3, which has LTE bands that will run on T-Mobile’s decent 4G network. The phone is unlocked and full priced ($625), but it has Qi wireless charging and 32 GB of internal storage.

I reported on the availability of the Lumia 1520.3 a few weeks ago, but Newegg ran out of stock. The phone is now available again, coming in White, Black and Yellow. While the phone is hardly affordable, with its Quad-core processor, 20 MP camera and outstanding design, you may want to consider this route if you’re T-Mobile.

Head here to Newegg to get your order in!

Thanks, Vito D. and Jodie P., for the tips!

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