T-Mobile launches new plan to help families save some pennies

T-Mobile is launching a new plan aimed at families of four. Beginning this Wednesday, July 30, customers will be able to set up a four-line Simple Choice plan with 10GB of data for $100 per month. Unlike plans on other carriers where that data would be shared, on T-Mobile each line will get 2.5GB of high-speed data. The offer will be available until 2016.

Generally, a $100 four-line Simple Choice plan from the carrier comes with 1GB of data per user. Like simple choice plans, this one comes with unlimited talk and text, along with free music streaming over cellular from selected music services.

What do you think of T-Mobile's new Simple Choice option? Let us know below in the comments.

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Joseph Keller
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  • Yes, apparently it was. Kinda sad, IMO.
  • Anyways, T-Mobile is really pushing it.
  • Yay! More data for me.... And for the same price, can't beat that.
  • already have 4 pple on our account so we'll be switching over to this plan.
  • When it says offered untill 2016, does that mean they can change the plan after that, even if I'm already on it, or would I be able to keep it?
  • T-Mobile is a no contract company. Technically they can change their mind every month if they wanted.
  • As long as you don't make any changes to the core plan, T-Mobile has always let you keep the plan you're on, even when the contract expires and you go month-to-month. (T-Mobile offers contract and no-contract plans.)
  • It means that plan is being offered untill 2016. So you have this year and next your to get this plan then after its no longer available to get. People who bought it will still have it but you can't get it anymore.
  • A bit of clarity in the article and the original blog post would be nice, because I'm a bit confused, too. I think the 2.5 GB of LTE data per line (after which you'd get throttled down) will be available so long as you're subscribed to the plan through 2016. However, T-Mobile only appears to be offering this until the end of September - something that the article doesn't mention. Did anybody else read it this way?
  • The fine print at the bottom of the blog post says that after 1/2/16 your high speed data cap will drop to 1 GB of data per line.
  • Man we need lower 3g rates here in India.....companies companies take notes!!
  • I think that I wish I didn't live in rural Maine where the only options are AT&T and US Cellular...
  • Surprised you say ATT. I live in rural Maine and Verizon seems to be the only decent carrier other than US Cellular. We get no reception at our house with ATT.
  • AT&T's Mobile Share Value plans are a bit more expensive, but offer more value because the data is shared.
  • Wouldn't that be bad though if one person was a data hog? Idk though I've never had shared data, I might even like it better, who knows....
  • If one person is a data hog and they aren't paying the bill, thier data can always be cut off by the account holder.
  • It'd be perfect for me as I happen to be the data hog. I have data turned off my two kids lines and my wife is at home on the Wi-Fi all the time. I'm the only of the four of us who uses the data.
  • Shared plans are bad for extended families. While it might be nice for me and my wife, I would hate to have to fight with my wife's sister and father over their data usage.
  • There is no value in shared/sharing data to me. I hated when they started mixing everyones Lines to one pool.
  • If you use music on your phones T-mobile is the way to go. $60 less and unlimited music. 
  • Holy crap! I will be looking to see if I can get T-mobile in my are and and IF I can use my 928 on it!
  • It's nice if they can have that kind of contract here in the Philippines. It would be very competitive, and we'll get that type of contract.
  • Love!!!
  • Wow. Fantastic plan.
  • Man I want t-mobile to be in Canada so bad U_U
  • So, why can't I get a single plan for $25.00 / month that includes 2.5GB of data then? :(
  • Because that eliminates the incentive to drag people over with you. When I switched to T-Mobile, I converted my wife's entire family so we could share the $110 for 5 lines. No way would I bother with the headache of dealing with those people if I could have just done one line for $22.
  • Can't you just feel the love for those people?
  • 2.5 GB of top speed data. And say 5$ per 1gb you go over would be nice
  • So glad that I'm not int the US.. giffgaff UK offers 250min, unlimited text, unlimited data for £12 a month on pay as you go..
  • Well some of us use those 250 mins in a day so glad we're not with giffgaff
  • Will have to look into this, nothing wrong with saving some pennies.
  • If only they had coverage at my daughters school.
    Hopefully this prompts a carrier that has good coverage to respond with a similar offering.
  • You're ridiculous. Considering all the work they continously do, by next year, T-Mobile's network will be at least twice as good as your ridiculous AT&T's. They've already got faster LTE than Verizon in many places. Please pull your head out of wherever you keep it and stop being so delusional. This isn't 2008 and T-Mobile no longer sucks, no matter what you think. Far from it, in fact.
  • :) the network in Salt Lake City still switches from 4G to 2G in many areas. And that's downtown SLC. ;)
  • You act like I don't continue to have exposure to T-Mobile. I do. They still suck.
  • I heard that the unlimited music streaming thing costs $10 a month. Which is like moving to a higher data package anyway.
  • That's not true. I stream data on Pandora and I still pay $60/month.
  • If it was shared data would be better for me. Usually on WiFi but when traveling I might need to setup my phone as a hotspot and use lots of data for the month
  • You should be able to add extra data to an individual account à la carte. I think an extra 2 GB is $10. If this new plan is like the cheap-one I'm on now, you'll have to add that anyway to enable Internet Sharing. As long as you don't do a lot of audio streaming, and save most of your video viewing for non-mobile Wi-Fi, 4.5 GB should be well more than enough. Edit: If you head to the T-Mo link mentioned at the end of the story, T-Mo has changed the policy on tethering for this plan and includes it as part of the plan. Sweet! I can save another $10/mo, because I don't use more than 2.5 GB/mo even with a lot of tethered web browsing. Tip: Make sure you mark your mobile Wi-Fi connection as metered in Windows 8.x, so that it doesn't try to download system updates over your phone. Right-click/touch-hold on the connection to access the option. (Must be logged in as an admin-level user to access the option.)
  • Seriously, carriers totally rip people off in America. Four people for $100 a month is not a good deal, especially when this is being considered "cheap".
  • Reason why is because we don't pay full retail for our phones. We are given either subsidies or "leases" on phones, like what T-Mobile does. If full-retail pricing was an option for us (and carriers offered an option for a cheaper rate), I'd do it. :)
  • What carrier offers 2.5 GB data, unlimited phone, unlimited text to four people for less than $100/month?
  • Hear the catch, pennies, not dollars.
  • Sounds good,look good,
    I currently have and pay
    $225 for 6 lines and have 10 GB of shared data...unlimited text and data... Beat that TMO...and plus tmo don't have the best Lumia so would I even think about, but one thing I use TMO IS I always compare TMO everytime I call att lol att always scared about the possibility of me moving all my lines to TMO
  • You could have that on T-Mobile for $120 plus the cost of any phones...so you're paying AT&T a ~$100 premium which may be worth it if T-Mobile's coverage in your area is poor (which it is outside of the most major cities).
  • This is crazy great. Four lines with 10GB of data for $100. Look at how much you save compared to ripoff AT&T and Verizon with their $160 "deals."
  • Same deal...$100 plus the cost of phones on top of it unless you bring your own phone.
  • Yeah, add that eip to T-Mobile's price for the phones you want and see where it comes out then.
  • Yea but I personally can't do without 5gb and hotspot. So this still does no good for me.
  • Just like AT&T and Verizon. $100 plus the cost of phones on top of the $100. Except theirs are $160 a month and the data is shared. Splitting data isn't a good idea because what if one line uses less than a GB but you have kids who use 3? You can't share it, so they go over and you can't give them your allowance. Mobile Share plans and MORE Everything were made for that exact reason. Congrats T-Mobile CS: You get to now explain why that $100 isn't really just $100 anymore ;).
  • Yes but if you go over on T-Mobile they throttle your data connection whereas Verizon and AT&T throttle your wallet by charging you overages.
  • I hate sharing. Other lines need to stay out of mine. Also 5gb min for me.
  • Yeah but you still have unlimited data so....
  • I think after seeing how carriers now do pricing, I should just do bring-your-own-device from now on. My Icon works on GSM and CDMA, and I'm sure it'll be that way for awhile. ;) So I'm taking care of this baby.
  • I'll stick with my unlimited data plan. I'm more of a 15-20 gb a month kinda guy lol
  • Lol this thang is awesome
  • Great for those who have robust T-Mobile coverage.
  • Hmmm. I'll stick with the unlimited plan. If you paid off your phones we only talking $50 in savings. $50 is alot but for me I can manage it.
  • My kids would be happy with the news, lol
  • Pretty ironic considering it was T-Mobile who was busted for illegally charging customers hundres of millions of dollars in bogus fees.
  • Its so expensive..
  • For me unlimited data costs 9$ and every cellular 1 GB costs 1$