Unreleased T-Mobile Lumia 640 spotted at Walmart with $99 price tag

The Microsoft Lumia 640 is getting a very slow rollout in the United States. So far, only Cricket has the device available despite AT&T and T-Mobile on the roster for eventually carrying the device.

Now, a report reveals that Walmart stores are beginning to gear up for its sale on T-Mobile. Even better, the well spec'd (and reviewed) phone looks to be grabbing a favorable $99 price point.

Reader of the site Mark Dunn sent in the above photo showing the SKU label and pricing for the Lumia 640. He notes "2 came in, and they sold fast" although it is not 100 percent certain the phones have yet been stocked. The phone and SKU were spotted at a Walmart in Rochester, New York.

Regardless, we expect T-Mobile to begin selling the device in the coming weeks. It is unclear if the T-Mobile variant will support Wi-Fi calling, a coveted feature that often holds up device approval before sales begin.

Anyone else see a T-Mobile Lumia 640 at their local Walmart? Let us know in comments or jump into our Lumia 640 forums for more discussion.

Thanks, Mark, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Nice price point, now if ATT gets it too...
  • Right?! The eff are we getting this so late for?
  • $99/per year (2yr contract(EMI)), or just at $99/-.
  • lol
  • No contract. 99 bucks and its yours forever.
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  • But remember, it will be locked, so it can only be used with T-Mobile, to all the Indians dismay.
  • Unlock the Cricket version and you have a att LTE working version. Cricket runs on att. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Didn't TMo say awhile back that all phones they sell going forward (from that point on) will have WiFi calling? Pretty sure I saw that on this site.
  • Yeah they're way of getting around not deploying volte
  • They did so far only the HTC One M9 with Windows and the Nexus 6 (update is pushing out OTA this weekend) did not support wifi calling at launch after that announcement. 
  • There is no one m9 for windows, however there is an m8 for windows
  • They said all phones CAPABLE of WiFi calling would be enabled by TM
  • No they said all phone sold in a retail T-Mobile store.
    So some are online only like the m8 windows
  • but still no 640XL
  • I want this phone as a mini backup :P
  • I wish there was a Verizon CDMA variant of this phone. I'd get it if there was.
  • Patiently (not very patiently) waiting for 640XL... Are any carriers even considering it, will they ever sell an unlocked in the US if not? Hurry up already...its been like, weeks! My ADHD is killing me here.
  • Right now ATT Is the only one that announced It
  • AT&T is going to be carrying the 640XL but T-Mobile has passed on it and will only be carrying the 640.
  • Thank you both for the info
  • I actually saw this here in Chicago the empty rack with the 640 tag I thought it was a error
  • yeah, 'cause someone made this just for fun :P
  • As someone who use to work at walmart, I can confirm that the phones have already been sold. 99% of the time a the label and price are out up, its while the employee is stocking them. At least in my store they did.
  • Typically mods are to be set and confirmed Wednesday, and drop Saturday or Sunday so they can be printed and set ahead on time. That being said, if it was set, it is possible to scan and stock the new mod merchandise.... Depends if they have received it or not is all. Also, that mod was printed may 14th... Entirely possible in 9 days, they have received and sold 2....
  • 99$ means 5400 indian rupees..... Man this is priced too aggressively
  • "99$ means 5400 indian rupees..... Man this is priced too aggressively" If you refuse to pay that little, you can probably force them to take more from you.
  • It costs 10000 indian rupees unlocked in India 150$
  • That's about the same for the unlocked model here in the States. It's cheaper obviously because it'll be locked to T-Mobile in a certainty. Posted via the Windows Central App for iOS on my Lumia 940
  • BTW, $99 is about 6400 rupees on 6/9/15
  • Yes. In Houston, but they don't hace any on stock
  • Prefer the 735 design wise but with prices like $99 or currently £90 in the UK this is a great phone for the price. Just convinced my brother to get one, (got my mum a 735 when it was cheaper a few months ago). Both make my 1020 feel a little old in some ways.
  • Wonder if that'll bring down the Cricket/AT&T variety to match the price. T-Mobile isn't for me. While their speeds are excellent, their coverage is spotty, and I get a more balanced plan for $35 with Cricket - unlimited talk/text and 2.5GB LTE. The $30 T-Mobile 5GB data plan doesn't work for me - I actually use a fair bit of minutes still. 
  • How come my friend has ATT and has good coverage but his wife is on Cricket and it sucks? They even switched phones cause she has an unlocked Lumia 810 and she then had good coverage? Apparently Cricket and ATT don't gave equal coverage ;P
  • Cricket and ATT are the same network. Maybe her experience was with the old cricket CDMA network from before att's purchase.
  • As in last week ? Unless an
    810 SIM works on CDMA ....lol
  • The coverage sucks on Cricket. Where I live.
  • It has to do with the phones. A phone sold by AT&T will get much better signal than one purchased unlocked from 3rd party. At least that's my experience with my brother and his Note 3 and my Lumia 1520.3
  • Interesting. I work at Wal-Mart and we don't even stock t-mo phones here anymore, at least until we move. Good news though
  • Headed the the Supercenter now to check. :-)
  • Went to Walmart and saw the tag. I asked the guy to scan the tag to see if other stores had stock. He said the other stores were out. I'll keep checking back. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Photoshop is love, Photoshop is life...
  • Southwest Florida Walmarts also have the empty hangers. One local Walmart wireless department manager told me they were on order and she expected them any day.
  • I'm tempted to go and check!
  • My friend on MetroPCS wants this phone. Hopefully it'll be released soon on more US carriers.
  • Tmobile phones work on metro
  • And still no word on the 640XL over at AT&T...
  • Same tag has been in southern Colorado Wally world for a well now. On Friday they added the stock cards for customers to pull and take to the register.... Still was not in stick yet, all they could say was, they are on order maybe next week.
  • I called my local Walmart to check and the first person to pick up responded like this when I asked him about the 640 - "640? A Lumia 640? Is that electronic or something?"   facepalm*
  • They are the operator.  They dont know antthing.  u have to ask to be transfered to electronics department.
  • "Lunia what now?"
  • Lol
  • "A six pack of 40s?"
  • Damn bought this at cricket
  • In the past, HSN sold new T-Mobile Lumias for less than T-Mobile and Wal-Mart with a few extras thrown in and no interest automatic CC payments (25% each month). They only did that for a few days/weeks but I will be watching for that since I plan to give a few of these as gifts.
  • Thanks for reminding me about HSN.
  • Went to my local Wal-Mart and I seen the sign there as well. I got excited because our WalMart never has anything! I was happy I seen the tag but of course none in stock. I took a pic too because I couldn't believe it
  • I called two local Walmart stores The first didn't have any indication of it. The second, a super center, was out of stock but said four more (only four?!?!) were on order.
  • Mine said four, also. Mine said none ever came in, so I wonder if one of the earlier posters was correct.
  • Four sounds about right for a niche device with an unproven market demand. If they sell out, they'll get more in right away, no big deal.
  • Yay just like my WalMart
  • Saw the same barcode here in Phoenix, AZ:  https://twitter.com/JuanCabrera/status/601978973275312129
  • Which Walmart in Phoenix?! I can't wait to get my hands on this!
  • OMG omg OMG hurry!!!!!
  • Has to bee a next week release ! Hope AT&T releases around the same time.
  • Anybody actually get one from Cricket yet? I can't find any in Colorado. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'll snap one up as soon as is available.
  • Tmobile tester here that tested the 640 for a week.  It did have wifi calling.  http://www.t-mobile.com/cell-phones/microsoft-lumia-640.html says right there in the connectivity section.
  • My Walmart has the same sign and it is empty as well
  • I am at WalMart and we didn't see any yet but we don't carry cricket just tmobile so that's what we would get. Honestly after a few months this thing would be $49.99
  • I'd like to get this for my daughter in the next few weeks. Will this work on ATT?
  • If unlocked, if not the att version that is out will work
  • Honestly tho could have been sold unlocked like all low end windows phones from Microsoft and the windows store. Blu does it and they have sold millions of phones
  • Unlocked is nice and I like my L735 on TMO.  But for some reason they don't unlock all bands and still sell by region.  So for the average consumer getting it to work with their carrier is a crapshoot.  Most of the time the sellers don't disclose actual phone variant or supported band details.  Having a carrier brand guarantees the phone will work and it's much easier for the buyer and in turn the carrier's customer service reps.
  • Not a bad price point. May get one once its out.