T-Mobile Lumia 710 for a penny at Costco

A penny for your thoughts? How about for a T-Mobile Lumia 710? We've seen some nice deals on the latest Windows Phone to hit T-Mobile's shelves. Wal-Mart is offering the Lumia 710 for free on-line, T-Mobile is selling the 710 for $49.99 and now Costco is offering (opens in new tab) the 4G Windows Phone for a penny.  They are only listing the black model with no indication if the white model will become available at a later date.

Pricing is after the customary two year contractual discounts and a qualifying data plan.   Not too shabby of a price for a very nice, entry level Windows Phone.

Thanks, Anthony, for the tip!

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  • The RSPs at my local Costo said that they don't sell Windows Phones: iPhone and Android only :-(
  • Costco lists availability as online and in warehouse.
    I have seen teh Focus Flash at my local Costco.  I will have to visit and check for this phone.
  • Anyone know where I can pick this thing up for less than 350$ off contract?
  • Looks like Costco is selling it for $270.
    and Amazon is selling it for $330.
  • thank you for the reply
    i will check it out
  • In costco its free... At least on Puerto Rico...
  • Does anyone know why the T-Mobile Windows Phones are priced so incompetitive on AmazonWireless?  It's happening to both Radar and Lumia 710.
  • I think what's more surprising is that it's off-contract at $269 when it's normally at $350. Sweet!