T-Mobile Lumia 925 will have Wi-Fi calling, 16GB of storage and more

Everyone is waiting with bated breath for the Nokia Lumia 1020, but let us not forget that T-Mobile is poised to launch the fantastic Lumia 925 within the coming days (or weeks). In fact, that press event is tomorrow and we’ll of course be there to cover it.

Now, the support page for the T-Mobile branded Lumia 925 has gone up and we can finally confirm once and for all its final specs.

T-Mobile Lumia 925

  • Battery - Talk time: 9 hours; Standby time: 400 hours
  • Display - 4.5" 1280 x 768 screen, Nokia ClearBlack ™ technology
  • Memory - 1GB RAM, 16GB ROM; No memory card support
  • Network - 2G/3G/4G/LTE Capable
  • Wi-Fi Calling with included Micro GBA SIM card
  • Smartphone Mobile HotSpot - up to 8 connections
  • HD Voice [12/28]

We’re not going to lie here: we’re darn excited that we have a T-Mobile account and happen to have their 4G LTE coverage (we’re rocking it on a not-so-amazing BlackBerry Q10). When combined with their Wi-Fi calling feature, which we demoed here on the T-Mobile Lumia 521, we left very impressed. Indeed, if you’re around Wi-Fi all day like we are, we’re putting that feature out there as a major selling point for you to consider. The HD Voice feature (opens in new tab) should also go a long way for clearer calls.

While we can now confirm that this won’t have 32GB of storage like a few carrier variants do of the 925, it looks like users will have to get by with 16GB. We’re okay with that as 16GB is the sweet spot for most users, though admittedly a microSD expansion would have been preferred.

The Nokia Lumia 925 builds off of the polycarbonate Lumia 920 by forgoing built-in Wireless Qi charging to make it thinner. Combined with its AMOLED display and aluminum chassis, the phone is in our opinion, substantially lighter and more nimble. Users who still want Wireless Qi charging can opt for a backplate to enable the feature.

You can read our full review of the Nokia Lumia 925 right here for more information (www.wpcentral.com/nokia-lumia-925-review), though we’re certain to get out hands on the T-Mobile version sooner than later too.

Source: T-Mobile (opens in new tab); Thanks, Praveen, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • I've been holding on to my 710 waiting for a high-end Lumia, can't wait to get my hands on this phone:)
  • This!
  • Your a faithful man because I hated that phone so much when I had it. I know the 925 will make you much happier 
  • Man you are smart ;) I was not so patient and jumped onto NL 810 in Dec - wanted WP8 then!. 7 months into my contract and I am already in regret mode. Nokia and Tmobile not supporting 810 did not help.
  • Same here. Damn NL810.
  • i have the 810.. and as much as i wanna toss it out, im keeping it, use it as a backup and getting me an unlocked 920.. 
  • Only 16 Gb?! Even 32 is not enough for me :|
  • I've gotten used to my 7GB 710, I have to stream all my music but other than that I'm good. When I had my playlist on my phone it was tough. If your a heavy app user or gamer I can see this being a big problem. Most of my storage is holding a few games for my son. With only about 6 games I only have a little over a gig free.
  • This phone is not for you then. Wait for something with more storage, perharps 64GB?
  • I love to store many photos, videos, apps... So, 256 on phone I think will be enough for me.
  • 256GB???
  • Oh wow, you're going to be waiting a long time for that amount of storage on a phone!
  • if you have unlimited data plan, it doesn't really care.
  • With the 1020 around the corner, my excitement for the 925 diminished. I will still consider it though based on how it looks and feels in person
  • Not myself...I'm planning on sporting both the 925 and 1020 ;) 
  • Serious question. How does it work having 2 devices? Do you move the SIM from one to the other? Do you carry both? That sounds like a big inconvenience. I am currently using an unlocked AT&T 920 on T-Mobile's refarmed network, but coverage has been spotty so I was considering a 521 along with the 920. And despite how ridiculous it sounds: I don't want to give up the design of my Cyan 920, for the 925.
  • I use Google Voice (MetroTalk) to have one, single number for calls and SMS. I often switch between devices, depending on how I feel that day but often I do carry two, because, well, it's hard to decide and it's fun.  On "dressy" days though I can see myself grabbing the 925; for events I can see using the 1020. Also, since I have both a T-Mobile and AT&T accounts (and Verizon), some networks perform better than others. (Frankly, I'm not impressed with Verizon).
  • Ha! MetroTalk developer here btw :P Sorry for the lack of updates! They are coming.. promise! :)))
  • If I had the money I would be in your boat. I like to switch things up. I'm constantly changing the layout and color profiles and wallpaper image. However, this 16GB limit is a real hinderance!!! Nokia's space monitoring app can delete the other file storages right!? Cuz if it can't I def am gonna have to switch to iPhone, but ill still keep my eyes on windows phone cuz thats were my heart is. Sucks I'm on a family plan and T-Mobile is the cheapest (by 90 dollars) for the exact same features than the other plans!!! Otherwise I would have had the 920 from day one
  • I'm sporting two devices now using my T-Mobile $30 prepaid. Both from last year. One's Android and the other's Windows Phone. I got a white HTC One X unlocked from at&t and my second device is a red Lumia 920 unlocked from at&t. Both devices I bought used, mint condition for about $200 when I purchased them. I use them both by swapping out sim cards every now and then. Sometimes I carry them both with a little hotspot assistance ( shh. don't tell T-mobile :p )
    One X I got this January and had it unlocked, and loaded CM10 ( I like the stock looking Android ); works well but camera suffers a little without Sense ROM. It's my daily driver right now.
    The 920, I bought it off a reviewer who didn't need it anymore, like new condition. Bought it the day after at&t ended exclusivity. This thing is the best WP8 device I've used yet. 920 takes amazing photos and videos. and with the app situation getting better, I'll be seeing myself using Windows Phone exclusively.
  • Daniel Rubino Says:
    "(Frankly, I'm not impressed with Verizon)"
  • I'm not sure if anyone ever posted exactly how to do it, but there were reports of being able to enable AWS 3G on the AT&T 920 by flashing a ROM from a different country. You should check out XDA-Developers to see if that was ever solidified. 
  • I believe that thread was a total of 3 people reporting success. It seems more likely that they got confused about whether they lived in a refarmed area or not. I will probably try it this weekend though. If it is a success, you'll hear from me in the forums :)
  • Would this work as well with the 1020 as it also has AWS bands?
  • a question for you apoelin --  can you please offer some more thoughts on your use of an unlocked AT&T phone on the refarmed T-mobile network?  Are you getting LTE connection speeds in areas where there is coverage?  I am STRONGLY considering that option with the 1020. Thanks!!
  • Daniel, you said, in the article, that the press event is tomorrow.. Isn't it the day after tomorrow❔
  • Nope. T-Mobile Wed, Nokia/AT&T Thursday.
  • Ohhhh.. Sorry.
  • I would rock both if there was a BOGO deal... Black 925 and yellow 1020 based on the pictures here.
  • Two words: Carrier Exclusivity.
  • This exclusivity BS will die soon. Buy retail for BYOD with Tmo or other prepaid carriers in US or get international unlocked. Tmo has refarmed in a lot of major cities for supporting att bands.
  • O thought the 1020 was going to be an at&t exclusive.
  • This is two articles now referring to the storage as ROM.  It is not ROM.
  • Look: those are from Sprint and T-Mobile directly, so take it up with them. Also, who really cares?
  • Sure enough.  That's how T-Mobile refers to it.  My apologies.
    As to who really cares?  People that think words have meaning but given how we are redefining everything else these days  I guess I shouldn't expect much.
    To get in the spirit of things: I'm looking forward to getting the HTC 925!!!
  • So because they are obviously just plain stupid an using an abbreviation they don't know you think reusing it is the right way for this site? Since this is a tech-focused site and not The Sun or some other mainstream boulevard trash I'd assume there are more than just 2-3 guys who know the actual meaning of ROM. It's like saying "% or ‰... nobody cares, im not a mathematican".
    It would just raise the niveau and quality of this site a bit more above the others if you'd actually correct the obvious mistakes (especially when not marking the part of the text as a direct quote).
    Just my 2 cents
    EDIT: To make it clear, I don't think it's your fault. But I think you could do even better ;)
  • *boop* life gets better
  • "Also, who really cares?"
    People who know the difference?
  • No seriously... Who cares. We all know the difference. But most importantly, we all got the message. The phone provides 16 GB of Memory... Flash, ROM, SSD... who cares? Its memory on our mobile device
  • Quick question:  What does ROM stand for?  
    I'm guessing you can't answer it without googling it because if you could, you wouldn't be making that statement.  Either that or you just like having phones that you can't load any data to.
  • We should just call the phone the iPhone 925.  We all know it's not. But most importantly, we all got the message.  The phone provides the Nokia logo on the phone, so who cares? It's just a name in the article....
  • Who really cares? Probably everyone who will be confused by the wrong terminology. Sure, Sprint and TMo used the wrong term, but nothing wrong with slapping a "[sic]" in there and clarifying things. Heck, I did a double-take on TMo's pages to figure out what they really tried to say, and I've been around since cassette tape was a storage medium for home computers.
  • Slightly off topic, why isn't the 8x getting updated with WiFi calling?
  • Will there be a color choice? Probably not since its T-Mobile.
  • White is confirmed, at least.
  • White is the best looking out of the 3 IMO,,,just looks classy.
  • I think this is the best looking color anyways, so sweet
  • I was reading online and apparently it's HTC's fault and not T-mobile. I've been harassing t-mobile for the last three months until I read online that HTC actually creates the update and then sends them out through T-mobile's towers for us 8x users. HTC just probably gave up however after they saw T-mobile EOL their device around the same time they initally launched the firmware update for WiFi calling (mid march; firmware update 1532.20.20010.531). So we just have to wait for HTC to release it, if they ever will. Until then I am stuck at work where I have no service and can't place calls or texts unless I go outside. Too bad I'm going to have to break the bank for the 925 if I want it...  
  • Odd - I had to do a hard reset of my 8x a few weeks ago thanks to 10GB of Other storage, and afterward WiFi calling just showed up.  I thought nothing of it until now.  I took a look on the interwebs and it appears other people reported the same phenomenon. 
  • truer words were never spoken lol
  • OK, so what's the exclusivity period on the 1020? 
    Also, I don't know if anybody can answer this, but if you buy an ATT phone to use on T-mobile, will you get the updates at the same time as other ATT users or are you stuck with T-mobile's piss poor support?
  • I believe you will get updates from AT&T. But I don't think you want to get into the mess of using an AT&T phone on T-Mobile's network. There is the issue of 3G/4G frequencies that are incompatible between the two, and there are issues like the mobile hotspot not working, despite the fact that your T-Mobile plan includes that feature.
  • Confusing because comments on the last 1020 article indicated that frequency compatibility isn't an issue.  I live in a refarmed and LTE area, so how would that work out for me?  I'm on unlimited data and mobile hotspot did not work on my 810, so I guess that doesn't matter. 
    Cellular networks in the US make my head hurt.
  • Nobody will really know about freq compatibility, unti the device is actually out. There are many different variants of the same device, that make this even more confusing. Assuming that you can get the device unlocked, and live in a refarmed LTE area, then all this is irrelevant to you though; it will work. The problem is that I also live in a refarmed area, and unfortunately, it is not refarmed everywhere. So I end up moving between 2G (Edge) and LTE connections all the time.
  • So it sounds like 1700 MHz 3G support is missing.  Thanks for the info.  I'll wait and see how this develops. 
  • One device that went through the FCC was pentaband, meaning it would work on AT&T and T-Mobile.
  • Please let this be true! If it is, im buying a 1020. Otherwise Im probably dropping Tmo and heading over to ATT.
  • Man this week has been great news all around for WP as whole. Thanks Daniel for the consistent updates. +1
    Edit Daniel and the Team
  • 16GB would be fine on my 8x if not for the Other Storage issue, but that's less of a problem with Nokia. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these!
  • What exactly is Wifi calling? Is that just the ability to use Wifi while in a phone call? Using this to surf the web while talking, etc?
  • Simply put, making calls over the WiFi network instead of the Cellular network.
  • I would guess it means I can make and receive calls over my WiFi connection versus the 3G/4G network ... meaning people like me with crappy TMO coverage would benefit greatly when people call my actual TMO # and can't hear me well.
  • Being able to make and receive phone calls over WiFi using your regular phone number. Oh, and texts. Good in low or no reception areas, and also good if in an international WiFi hotspot and want to make/receive calls to and from the US for free :)
  • It's the ability to make phone calls through WiFi, instead of through your cellular connection. This is useful for cases like at work for example, where you may have strong WiFi signal at all times, but not-so-good cellular connection. It still uses your T-Mobile account's minutes (although these days, most accounts have unlimited minutes anyway).
  • Watch the embedded video.
  • Oggl app still not yet released... Why does it take years to get an app.....
  • Any idea how much with 2yr
  • Probably 100 since the 920 and 925 are almost twins.
  • Cool thanks
  • I'm 99% sure it will be $99 with 2 year. That was Nokia's goal.
  • Yooo to much phones are anounced
  • Never enough phones you mean❔... I wish Samsung and HTC were doing this.. They suck right now... They are sucking really bad.
  • Is the HD Voice possible for NL920 in a future update?
  • Hope so, cant see why it wouldn't be possible. Reception at my house is 1 bar with lots of dropped calls so I would love the feature.
  • HD voice does not increase your signal, this increases clarity of your call this could be on your lumia 920. Wifi calling is what increases your signal and will not come to your lumia 920 since t-mobile makes sure their phones work with it.  
  • I am constantly deleting games, pics, movies & apps to fit new ones on my 920 with 32gb even after clearing other storage. Really need SD card storage on these phones. 1020 without SD card support would be an absolute deal breaker with the size of images it takes. 16gb on the 925 is too bad on an otherwise great phone.
  • +32
  • Weeeeee!!! 16 GB of storage!!! I can store all 7 of my songs and choose between two of my movies and then crowbar 1 or 2 apps in there. Last week in complaining about all these 32 GB phones and no 64. So what do we get this week? This 1992 crap.
  • In 1992 the biggest hard drive (for a PC) you could get was a few hundred MB. Stop exaggerating with examples you know nothing about.
  • Schooled. I hate when people exaggerate (even when I agree with their obscured point).
  • "stop exaggerating".... Yes, ma'am....my I please have another. Don't agree with my opinion or presentation? Then keep walking, Alice. Unfortunately for you, you have zero jurisdiction over me.
  • hahaha lol its sarcasm lol. ^^^^ this guys over here getting hurt over nothing lolzzzz
  • My Dell Venue Pro only had 16GB and I had a ton of games and apps AND music on there. NEver put any movies on there as A.) I'd rather watch them on a bigger screen and B.) I don't tend to watch the same movie over and over. Either way, I still had plenty of space left. What the heck are you people storing on your phones?
    *Note - I realize some people store large amounts of data on their phones and it's a personal preference.
  • Well, one of the big selling points is off-line maps, presumably along with the ability to play music, shoot and review ever-larger photos and video, use apps and play games. How does anyone propose to do all of that when the storage size has been arbitrarily limited compared to the same phone available on other carriers?
  • that's what ive been saying. oh hey we r gonna give you guys an exclusive but still shaft you in the process.
  • Well, looks good. I just wondering should I just wait to August and buy it in US?or just take it in Hong Kong
  • This should be available next week in the US. July 17th is the purported date of launch.
  • Only 16 GB? I don't care. With that beautiful design and Nokia's support I'll take it! Its probably a miracle that T-mobile got a high end Lumia. I still don't believe it myself.
  • +810
  • silly guy the 920 series is by no means on the same level as the 810. that like jumping across the grand canyon. and thats just the tech side, if you are talking phone design try jumping to the moon. the 810 was one of the fugliest phones i ever did lay my eyes upon. silly goose
  • I'm not talking about the 920 if you read the comment about that I agreed upon. It has nothing to do with 920 and if you think 810 is ugly that's your opionion.
  • he said t-mobile finally got a high end lumia and you said the 810 as if it was a high end i was pointing out that the 810 was such a weak phone that you shouldn't even mention it when someone is talking about a high end phone
  • You're funny you got things wrong, the +810 is like saying +1 meaning I agreed with him. I am not saying 810 is a high end phone. I hope this clears thing up. :-)
  • and it does lolz
  • Is the 925 going to come with the other-storage cleanup app/firmware? cuz I have a 810 right now and i would really like that firmware update so that it works on my phone. (looking at you, t-mobile...no support whatsoever. making me consider AT&T)
  • I should come with the storage clean app with it latest firmware GDR2. Not like the 810 no firmware update that's why we can't use the apps on ours.
  • dude ur silly nokias check storage app gives you the option to clear the that data what century are you living in wpcentral posted several articles about it sever months ago
  • that app doesnt work on the 810 cuz it never received the firmware update it needs for the app to work,
    which is why I wanted to make sure the 925 isnt going to have other storage issues as well.
  • I kind'a have no choice. The "other storage" on my 810 is really F'n me up.
    The 1020 would be ideal, but I doubt I can wait that long. And I have a feeling there will be no update for the 810 to fix it.
  • So the T-mobile Specs page lists the device as 129mm x 64mm x 8.4mm and 132g while the Nokia page lists the specs as 129mm x 70.6mm x 8.5mm and 139g. Is this just T-mobile being lazy with their fact checking, or could they be getting a slightly different variant?
  • Wouldn't that be wonderful. Just like the 521, you'd then be able to find fewer accessories.
  • I have every Nokia Lumia device and the 925 is by far my favorite. It is my daily driver and I am enamored atthe quality of the photos/video and the nimbleness of the phone in general. I am using a TMobile SIM card in a UK device, it works great on the refarmed network (about 15mbs down/10mbs up on average,but I will be buying the Tmobile variant for the real speed.
    Also note: I am a heavy game player and have several 1 GB games installed. NOVA3 Battlefield, Mass Effect, etc  The 925 comes with Amber preinstalled, so the "other storage" issue is no longer there. I havent had to clear "other storage" at all. Also I dont know how the hump looked like it did in those early picture of the phone, it is barely noticible in real life.
  • Did your UK device show get LTE connectivity? I just realized that US/EU LTE bands are incompatible (although on the bright side, AT&T's and T-Mobile's LTE bands are compatible).
  • I get H+ here in the US on the 925, on my 920 it shows as LTE (with TMobile SIM card)
  • I hate that kind of crap. (I'm trying to censor myself). It's like working on something hard COMPLETELY by yourself and succeeding and when you get money and success bow suddenly people come from out of no where and try to take credit like they were by your side the whole time. I can see many OEM's jumping to windows phone as soon as Nokia gets back on top. That kind of stuff really pisses me off. But by then like now Nokia will be the Samsung of windows phone. Competition is good but don't try to jump in when you haven't committed to the base at all. That just shows you'd sooner abandon it when it becomes shaky. And that's not great for serving consumers. EDIT: I was replying to a comment but for some reason it got posted somewhere else. Sorry.
  • *bereaved sigh* I'm really gonna have to think about this cuz that 16GB is really limiting!!! I'm really gonna have to consider an iPhone now because I don't know if I can handle that size limitation. I'll research if Nokia figured out how to delete that other storage data. That a real disappointment!!!!!!
  • Oh please go get ur iphone
  • oh don't worry buddy I shall
  • Has Microsoft fixed the "Other" Storage issue? NOOOOO! UNTILL THIS SHIT IS FIXED 16!^GB IS NOT ENOUGH!!! My wife's 8X is almost completely unusable as "Other" Storage now consumes 10.1 GB. Mind you this already with a previous hard reset and setting Skydrive not to auto upload. You guys (WPCentral) should really light a fire under Microsoft's ass about this bug. IT is absolutely ridicules that they have not issued a fix or even have communicated abut an upcoming fix recently.  
  • The problem is "fixed" on Nokia device's through a Nokia app. You can delete temporary files using that.
  • Nokia fixed it for their own phones. Microsoft should fix it on their platform. This should not be manufacturer fix. It should be fixed Microsoft across ALL devices. I am just sooo frustrated by this issue. It makes the phone nearly unusable. No songs, pictures, videos or many apps on the phone. Performing a hard reset is not even decent workaround. Daniel has there been any news that you have heard or know about the fix. Throw me a bone to so I can least know something is coming soon (next month or so).
  • I have a 920, but have to agree this is on MS's plate. Shame is even when they fix it will the 8x phones get the update?
  • Fixed with Amber. Stop bitching already.
  • Great... So the HTC 8X is getting a Nokia exclusive Amber update? No! Please shut the hell up.
  • So, let me get this straight...
    You're bitching about your wifes 8x in a Lumia 925 release info article?
    Hmmm. Stop bitching already or do it somewhere else.
  • I am complaining about 16GB with no SD card support.
    The "Other" Storage bug intensifies that problem.
    Until at least a few weeks has passed with the 925 out in consumers hands, there is no definitive proof that it has been fixed.
    This is the type of bug that keeps people away from the platform regardless of phone manufacturer. Why is this so hard for you to understand?
  • thank you nightryder21, as an ex 810 owner I am very aware of this issue and have simliar feelings as you do.
  • Your argument was that 16GB was not enough because of the "Other Storage" problem. He said it was resolved with Amber (which the Lumia 925 comes with). Does that answer your original complaint? Yes! You shut the hell up.
  • No u shutup nok hater
  • http://youtu.be/vLumK87nGxE
  • LOL!
  • "you shut the hell up"
    another charmer.....
  • Lol
  • Your a charmer
  • "You're" but thanks!
  • Did you guys even read the comments before posting? I clearly state that the "other" storage problem is not present in my Lumia 925.
    I check immediately after installing large games and there is still only 36MB in my Temporary files. Thats what I have out of the box, so not a single MB was left after installation :D
  • Interesting... I wonder if GDR2 really is addressing this? Nobody seems to know...
  • The problem rears it's ugly head after about a month or two of use. Two months after I performed a hard reset on my wife's 8x the "Other" Storgae is up to 10.1 GB. Just because it is fixed on one phone does not mean it is ok. This issue is so frustrating as it seems to be such a simple fix.
  • I'm just stating that for the device this article is about, the problem is gone. I can't speculate on when other other devices will get the update, but from where I stand the problem is fixed. I didn't do anything special (i.ei. use Nokia's Storage checker app), this was handled on the OS level.
    Good news for all. No need to go out and get an iCrap device because they're worried about the "other" storage issue :)
  • I can't wait to give my HTC 8X up for this. I'm tired of not being able to experience the full potential of WP8 and all its goodness Nokia brings.
  • Nokia 1020 will impact all L9xx model sales in US.  T-Mobile L925 will be afftected the most.  L925 probably won't do much anyway with its 16gb storage even without 1020.  Nokia 1020 will turn out to be the hottest high end phones that could make dent to IOS and Android market shares.  Its camera capability made such a quantum leap over the competitors that they just don't have an answer for a long while.  The differentiator is very substantial.  The next version of EOS could be even more devastating with 1080p, qua-core processor and probably with a Graphene lens layer.  That could also impact the digital camera market, especially the point'n shoot.
    Nokia just received the patent for its Graphene Layer for photo sensing on 6/11.
  • As long as the 1020 is an AT&T exclusive, it's not going to put a dent in anyone else's market share.
  • Yea all this but when sometime next year? Come On I have been waiting a while already for this my contract is over. I wanna upgrade already from my HTC HD7 wp7.5 to wp8 already.
  • Neat feature.  Wish AT&T would offer something similar, although suspect they prefer to keep customers on cellular network.  T-Mobile needs this to extend their network into areas where they don't provide acceptable cellular coverage.
    I'm in one of those areas.  T-Mobile is zero bars, no signal, at my home, and since I work from home, they've always been a non starter.  Even with the wi-fi calling, I'd have no cell phone coverage once I left home until I get to closest major city - about 20 miles away.  Just sort of defeats the purpose of having a cell phone if you can't use it.  So guess I'll stick with AT&T or an MVNO running on their network.
  • Needs 32Gb or SD card, as it is I am seriously considering getting a plan from aio wireless (pricing is similar to T-Mobile, uses AT&T network so better coverage) and buying a 1020 outright to use with it.
    I have been a T-Mobile customer for nearly a decade but they just keep skimping on the phones I would want.
  • T Mobile (US) see not that hard really... If you want an international audience at least pretend.
  • 16 gigs? Thank God my 928 has 32...
  • Gee...16GB of storage, no built-in wireless charging and no SD expansion...what could possibly be wrong with the 925...
  • Extension wireless charging and there is a 32gb and also you forgot design unlike samsung noob and sd card is only pics and videos which means its a waste
  • You need to rewrite your comment in proper English first so that I can make any sense of what you're trying to say.
  • Oh! i so need that (Wifi-calling)  where i live (UK) i have trouble getting signal at my house that would be perfect!
  • Well this turned out to be a disappointment. If you're not going to give me MicroSD support the least you could have offered was a 32gb option. Still a pretty nice phone. Maybe my girlfriend will pick this over the 8x. I'm gonna have to snag an 810 off eBay though. 16gigs with no expansion isn't cutting my needs.
  • 16gb....meh
  • Can I dial using wificalling in another country without get charged as International call?
  • Yes, WiFi calling works like you are in your local calling area, and applies to both calls and text messaging. (This was my experience when I had the functionality on my tmo BlackBerry.)
  • 16 gb, aaaaaaaa! I can't belive. I'll go for L920.
  • Only one more week to wait for the 925!   I just checked that ProClip doesn't have a holder yet for their car mounting systems.  I am sure once this phone is released in a couple of months they will have one.  It won't keep me from getting this new phone.
  • Looks tempting
    But I think I'll wait for something that has more storage