Nokia Lumia 925

Everyone is waiting with bated breath for the Nokia Lumia 1020, but let us not forget that T-Mobile is poised to launch the fantastic Lumia 925 within the coming days (or weeks). In fact, that press event is tomorrow and we’ll of course be there to cover it.

Now, the support page for the T-Mobile branded Lumia 925 has gone up and we can finally confirm once and for all its final specs.

T-Mobile Lumia 925

  • Battery - Talk time: 9 hours; Standby time: 400 hours
  • Display - 4.5" 1280 x 768 screen, Nokia ClearBlack ™ technology
  • Memory - 1GB RAM, 16GB ROM; No memory card support
  • Network - 2G/3G/4G/LTE Capable
  • Wi-Fi Calling with included Micro GBA SIM card
  • Smartphone Mobile HotSpot - up to 8 connections
  • HD Voice [12/28]

We’re not going to lie here: we’re darn excited that we have a T-Mobile account and happen to have their 4G LTE coverage (we’re rocking it on a not-so-amazing BlackBerry Q10). When combined with their Wi-Fi calling feature, which we demoed here on the T-Mobile Lumia 521, we left very impressed. Indeed, if you’re around Wi-Fi all day like we are, we’re putting that feature out there as a major selling point for you to consider. The HD Voice feature should also go a long way for clearer calls.

While we can now confirm that this won’t have 32GB of storage like a few carrier variants do of the 925, it looks like users will have to get by with 16GB. We’re okay with that as 16GB is the sweet spot for most users, though admittedly a microSD expansion would have been preferred.

The Nokia Lumia 925 builds off of the polycarbonate Lumia 920 by forgoing built-in Wireless Qi charging to make it thinner. Combined with its AMOLED display and aluminum chassis, the phone is in our opinion, substantially lighter and more nimble. Users who still want Wireless Qi charging can opt for a backplate to enable the feature.

You can read our full review of the Nokia Lumia 925 right here for more information (, though we’re certain to get out hands on the T-Mobile version sooner than later too.

Source: T-Mobile; Thanks, Praveen, for the tip!

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