T-Mobile UK gets HD2 on Nov. 9, hopefully will get picture of it soon

So, T-Mobile UK definitely is (opens in new tab) getting the HTC HD2 this month, even if they currently have a have a picture of the original Touch HD on the site, along with the wrong specs and the line that it's running Android ('cause we know that's not gonna happen). Plus, they're calling it the Touch HD2. Confused? Well, somebody is. Anyhoo, elsewhere on the T-Mo site (opens in new tab) they're calling it just the HTC HD2, along with a proper picture and specs. So rest easy. So now we know T-Mo UK's getting it. But what about us here in the states? [via wmpoweruser]

Phil Nickinson

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  • According to GSMArena, the HD2 has a 4.3" screen, but it says 3.8 on this ad, what's up with that?
  • On that picture why does it say Android Marketplace :S doesnt it mean Windows Marketplace?
  • oh man, when there are that many screw ups at one time, the people who made this should take this ball and run with it by making up even more confusing crap. missing bulletpoint:
    >> Protect your device with an Apple Care subscription.