T-Mobile is giving a free month of Xbox Game Pass to customers

Xbox Game Pass
Xbox Game Pass

T-Mobile customers can look forward to getting a chance to try out a month of Xbox Game Pass soon for free. Though Microsoft's subscription game service still hasn't launched to the public, T-Mobile is letting customers know they'll get a free month's subscription one it is available, reports Gamespot.

T-Mobile Game Pass

From T-Mobile:

This June, Xbox is comin' back and we're giving on-month of Xbox Game Pass to T-Mobile customers. Discover and download titles you've always wanted or revisit an old favorite — there's always something new to play.

The message goes on to encourage subscribers to tune in to Xbox's June 11 E3 briefing, so it's entirely possible we could see something Game Pass related during the showcase.

Xbox Game Pass was originally announced in February before going into testing with Xbox Insiders. A Netflix-esque portal for games, the service launched with access to titles like Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, Sunset Overdrive, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. When the service does launch, Microsoft has said Xbox Live Gold subscribers will get the first crack at it — though it is a separate subscription.

Everything you need to know about Xbox Game Pass

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  • I so do not regret switching to T-mob from AT&T. Better benefits for customers and I only pay $100 for 4 lines.
  • I love my phone plan as well. Even though I don't use most of the stuff on Tuesdays and usually forget (like last Tuesday), I love the program.
  • Wow, that's generous.
  • I like the T-Mobile tie in - maybe this will turn in to other things in the future!
  • Have heard from several retailers as part of my job that have particpated in T-Mobile Tuesdays and they've gotten massive response.  Not sure how many T-Mobile customers have the app, but they have around 75 million subscribers, so even half of them is a huge way of pushing Xbox or anything.  I know my local Shell station gets a massive influx of people every time they do the Fuel Rewards perk - and people come inside of buy a lot more than gas.  Wendy's used to get a ton of people in the door for the free Frosty.  It's really a brilliant way to reward customers while also using your reach to promote other brands and create partnerships.  Would be brilliant to give away a free month of Groove at some point too or even go bigger and give away 2-3 months to promote that service, especially since most T-Mobile users don't worry about data usage while streaming.  I know I don't.
  • Yup. My favorite is free rental movie from fandango. I'd rent the latest movie and bam!
  • If only they would give us WP users an app so we could download half the items given away. Oh well.