T-Mobile's HD7 to have 16GB of storage?

While we only have a few hours left till the big Windows Phone 7 launch in NYC (Phil is in the air as we speak...I'm getting ready to, well, take the LIRR), some good news has come regarding the HD7.

Though we expect to see this bad boy tomorrow at around noon for ourselves, TMoNews is reporting that the U.S. T-Mobile branded version of the HD7 will indeed have 16GB of storage, up from the European 8GB.

For many, that small bit of storage was a deal killer but 16GB is certainly a lot better. Other than that though, the specs are the same and as you can see, that's a new pic of it with the branding. Full specs after the break. Oh and expect this sucka for $199 after contract.

Tune back in tomorrow for our live, all day coverage in New York City. Remember, here is the schedule, Eastern time.

[via TMoNews; Thanks to all who sent this in]

Dieter Bohn