T-Mobile's new data plans, part two

Earlier this morning we reported on T-Mobile's changes to their broadband data plans. Now we are seeing that T-Mobile is also has plans in store for their phone data plans.

According to TMoNews, effective October 20, 2010 T-Mobile will introduce these new pre-paid plans:

  • $70 Unlimited Text and Talk with 2GB of Data.
  • $50 Unlimited Text and Talk with 100mb of Data.
  • $30 1500 Talk and Text with 30mb of Data.

All of which basically eliminates the current unlimited data plans while lowering the cost just a smidgen. No words as of yet what going over the data limits will cost you.  Charges could be levied by the byte or similar to AT&T's new plans that charge you a flat rate to extend your data allotment for that billing period (e.g. $10 for an extra 100mb).

Curious, are these data limits a good thing or bad?  Will you miss the unlimited data or is 2GB's more than enough?

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  • I think that 2GB can be enough depending on how easily and quickly your phone can switch to wifi for data. I have a WinMo phone and an iTouch. I use most of the data when I am in a wifi area and I can use my touch since I am sitting still. While moving around and using data its mostly for light web stuff like google maps, twitter, email, etc. I think as long as phones can hop on wifi networks easily like the iphone can, there will be no problem with the 2gb cap.
  • I hate the new data caps... i use about 5 to 6 gb on my iphone per month. im a big data user because thats all i do on my phone, i Watch netflix, im on facebook, and download new app everyday. Ok they say all about just use wifi but really with are u really by a unblocked wifi hotspot. only time i can use wifi is when im at my house. Why not just keep unlimited as a option AND have the capped data plans.
  • I've been a T-mobile subscriber for years now. I'm not very happy with this restructuring. I use my WM phone as a hotspot for my laptop when I need data usage. T-Mobile is, so far, the only one of the larger carriers which do not charge for tethering. I certainly use far more than 2GB a month for my normal use. I travel quite a bit for work, and meeting with clients and showcasing new ideas requires me to stay well connected. Hopefully I will simply be grandfathered in with my existing contract. It's either that or I'll have to spring for the mobile broadband option.
  • Am I misunderstanding something? This is only for prepaid plans right? Thats what the article says. Im assuming subscription plans will remain unlimited
  • I know, what have all these guys been smoking?
    Prepaid plans? no?
  • I wonder if this will extend to post paid plans? It's very bad for me because I'm currently on a $25 unlimited plan with no text and that's what I want, I have texting blocked on my phone and on the T-Mo website. I'd rather not pay for a feature I don't use.
  • Not a good thing and I'll walk if I'm forced into a 2gb capped plan. My uni doesn't have wifi on campus and I hate being stuck in my dorm room!
  • everyone needs to hold on, this is just for prepaid, that DID NOT HAVE DATA other than the crap .99 per hour, this is just for an option for pay as you go users.. postpaid and flexpay accounts will still be unlimited.