Earlier this morning we reported on T-Mobile's changes to their broadband data plans. Now we are seeing that T-Mobile is also has plans in store for their phone data plans.

According to TMoNews, effective October 20, 2010 T-Mobile will introduce these new pre-paid plans:

  • $70 Unlimited Text and Talk with 2GB of Data.
  • $50 Unlimited Text and Talk with 100mb of Data.
  • $30 1500 Talk and Text with 30mb of Data.

All of which basically eliminates the current unlimited data plans while lowering the cost just a smidgen. No words as of yet what going over the data limits will cost you.  Charges could be levied by the byte or similar to AT&T's new plans that charge you a flat rate to extend your data allotment for that billing period (e.g. $10 for an extra 100mb).

Curious, are these data limits a good thing or bad?  Will you miss the unlimited data or is 2GB's more than enough?