Tacoma comes to Windows 10 with Xbox Play Anywhere support

Tacoma, the latest narrative game from the team behind the critically acclaimed Gone Home, is now available in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10. What's more, the game is also an Xbox Play Anywhere title, meaning you can buy it once and play on both your PC and Xbox One.

Tacoma originally hit Xbox One in August as a console exclusive, with the promise of Xbox Play Anywhere support to come. The game takes players to a high-tech space station as the Venturis Corporation attempts to get its AI back. As the game unwinds, you'll come to see how the crew of the station lived, through 3D recordings captured by the surveillance system, ultimately unraveling and intriguing story. From the description:

At the heart of Tacoma is the facility's digital surveillance system, which has captured 3D recordings of pivotal moments in the crew's life on the station. As you explore, echoes of these captured moments surround you. You'll use your ability to rewind, fast-forward, and move through the physical space of these complex, interwoven scenes to examine events from every angle, reconstructing the multi-layered narrative as you explore.

Gone Home was an indie title well regarded for its narrative exposition, and Tacoma looks to build on that success.

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If you already picked the game up when it launched on Xbox, you should be ready to go with the Windows 10 version. If not, you can pick Tacoma up now for $19.99 on the Microsoft Store for both platforms. And if you own an Xbox One X, you're in for a treat, as Tacoma is on the roster of 4K enhanced games.

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