Windows Phone 8 OS gets extracted, hacker analysis begins

If there is one thing we can say about Windows Phone 8 is that it is reportedly very secure, specifically  during the boot process. But that doesn't mean that the OS cannot be "dumped" and looked at for exploits or--the holy grail--to be back ported to older Windows Phone 7.x handsets.

That process has now officially begun over at XDA Forums where a user named 'neilgoco' has managed to get his hands on an HTC 8X engineering device. That means it is more 'open" and has access to developer tools not found on the commercial release.

Microsoft boasts big developer adoption numbers after BUILD

There have been an average of 1,500 new developer registrations every day since the BUILD conference, and more than double the Windows Phone 8 SDK downloads in the first 8 days compared to the 7.1 SDK.

Developer edition of the Nokia Lumia 920 is a one of a kind pentaband

With BUILD 2012 now behind us, we can talk a little about those Lumia 920’s that were handed out en masse to all the developers in attendance (media did not get them nor the Surface).

Seeing as BUILD attracts developers from all over the world, it would be a bit inconsiderate to give out a phone with limited 3G/4G capabilities as some would get the full package, while others would be restricted to their network. The problem is multi-dimensional as 3G GSM and 4G LTE networks vary quite widely, not to mention the combination of the two often required for great performance.

Microsoft refreshes Dev Center for Windows Phone 8

Amidst all the announcement and unveilings, Microsoft has also taken the time to refresh the Windows Phone Developer Center with the release of Windows Phone 8. The Dev Center is the developer's HQ when it comes to Windows Phone development, deployment and support.

Nokia opens up two developer programs

Nokia has unveiled two new developer programs at this year's BUILD event. Microsoft's developer focused event saw the Finnish manufacturer give away a Lumia 920 Windows Phone to each attending developer to match Microsoft's free 100GB SkyDrive upgrade. So what are these two developer programs all about?

Windows Phone Geek releases developer magazine

Windows Phone Geek, the developer focused community website, has released a Windows Phone developer magazine. Issue #1 has been made available on its website, which covers a number of topics including the Windows Phone 8 SDK. The website has previously launched a developer marketplace that enables folk to purchase as well as sell components and the like for other developers to make use of.

Microsoft slashes Windows Phone developer registration fee to just $8 for 8 days [Update]

Microsoft has announced today plans to slash its Windows Phone developer registration fee to just $8 for 8 days in an effort to get more developers on-board with the company's mobile platform.

BUILD 2012 attendees also receive free Lumia 920 from Nokia

Nokia popped its head on stage with Richard Kerris from the manufacturer who announced that each and every developer who attends today's BUILD event will walk away with a free Lumia 920 to incentivise further development on Windows Phone. 

Stay tuned for more news, or just plain giveaways.

Windows Phone 8 SDK now available

Microsoft has made the Windows Phone 8 SDK available for download, which can be obtained from its website. The SDK provides developers withe the tools to develop apps for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8. The company unveiled the next version of its mobile platform yesterday in San Francisco.

Windows Phone 8 SDK to be made available tomorrow at BUILD

Microsoft today announced availability of the Windows Phone 8 SDK. BUILD 2012 will be held tomorrow, and according to Joe Belfiore the event will mark the launch of the kit developers can use to build new apps for the next version of Windows Phone.

Windows Phone developer registration opens up in 13 new markets

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer eyes up a developer in the audience

Windows Phone developer registration has opened up in 13 new markets, according to a blog post published on the Windows Phone Developer Blog. Small improvements and enhancements are being periodically applied to the Dev Center, which today includes further market adoption bundled with over 100 fixes and changes. 

Windows Phone User Group returns with the possibility of Apollo hardware

The Windows Phone User Group is back, and in full force it seems. To be held on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 from 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM, WPUG will once again be catering for developers to network, show off Windows Phone projects and to discuss aspects of the platform. 

The WPGeek Developer Marketplace will be covered next Wednesday, as well as the possibility of some Windows Phone 8 hardware being present. We've previously been to WPUG meet-ups where Nokia has not only shown a friendly face, but has also sponsored the event itself, so there's certainly a chance of a device or two being present.

Our Rob Brand, Jay Bennett and myself will be heading along, so be sure to sign up for next week's event if you believe you'll be able to attend and we'll see you there.

Survey of Windows Phone developers shows high interest in cross-platform development


Cross-platform development is considered a safe guard when building and launching mobile apps and games. The ability to pump out content for more than one platform provides enough ground to fall back on should one eco-system not accumulate enough sales for a good ROI (Return On Investment).

Last week we covered the results from a survey held over at Windows Phone Geek, a popular destination for Windows Phone developers. Part one of the survey, which saw a total of 1853 developers take part, revealed a high interest in developing apps for Windows 8. The website has now published the remainder of the results.

How should developers price apps in the Windows Phone Store?

As Bruce Forsyth would say - higher or lower?

Bernardo Zamora has published an insightful blog post on the Windows Phone Developer Blog, which goes into detail on how developers should configure individual market pricing - if at all. It's an interesting part of marketing one's work. Building and submitting the app is one thing. Effectively pricing your app(s) is another.

Microsoft shooting itself in the foot by withholding the Windows Phone SDK?

We're only a month away from Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 being released, but is Microsoft shooting itself in the foot? Windows Phone Central has had access to the Windows Phone SDK for a few days now, but what about every established developer on the platform? Unfortunately this doesn't appear to be the case - as our Jay Bennet knows too well.

Survey of Windows Phone devs shows high interest in Windows 8 opportunity

The big news for developers with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 is of course the coming together of the two platforms under the same core. While it is far from being a 1:1 overlap in terms of coding, it is clear that developing on one platform will naturally lend itself to developing on the other, often with devs being able to recycle much of their code and design.

Windows Phone Store getting advanced search criterion allowing dev lookups

Left: the old Store search; Right, new Store search with developer lookup

Microsoft has been hard at work “doing things” to the Windows Phone store, which in theory will improve things (so far, all we’ve heard are developer complaints about delayed app publishing).

One of those areas is now coming forward although we have yet been able to verify in the US. has noticed that you can now search by the developer’s name in addition to their app. In a side by side with an HTC Mozart and a Lumia 800, they found the Mozart was able to get different search results when “Kik” was entered.

On the Mozart, Kik returned the developer house first, followed by the app whereas the Lumia 800 showed the more traditional KiK Messenger as the first.

YoYo announces upcoming Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 support in GameMaker

YoYo Games ( announced yesterday that GameMaker: Studio, the cross-platform games development environment, will support upcoming Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. The studio enables developers to create games in a single code base and subsequently export with ease to multiple platforms and formats.

Current level of support includes HTML5, Facebook, Android, iOS, Windows and OS X. GameMaker: Studio for Windows 8 is stated to be available for developers prior to the OS launch, while support for Windows Phone 8 will reportedly arrive following device availability.

Developers experiencing issues with submitting apps and updates to the Store

It's another cryptic Microsoft error code...

Developers have been experiencing issues when submitting .XAP files to the Marketplace for approval. Whether it be new apps or updates for already-submitted content, developers are getting hit with an error code. Glenn Edwards, the brains and soul behind recently released MetroSpec, has also been having trouble getting his work published.

We last covered MetroSpec when it went live on the Marketplace a couple of days ago. The paid version got through, but the free, ad-supported baby brother is still being held back. It's an annoyance more than anything as the Windows Phone community love their trials and free versions of apps that seek their hard-earned cash - and rightly so. If developers can't publish all their work, then this could cost them valuable custom.

Microsoft accepting developer requests for the Windows Phone 8 SDK


The Windows Phone 8 SDK came a little closer to being released today with Microsoft announcing they accepting requests for access from developers. This will allow qualified developers to begin optimizing existing apps for Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft explains that the SDK for Windows Phone 8 isn't being publicly released due to the presence of features that haven't been announced.