With those new dev tools coming in May, one of the features they have access to is the ability to create custom camera applications. A demo of such an app can be seen above, where an overlay (MIX logo) is put on the screen so when a photo is taken, it is automatically "stamped" on the pic. There's also the ability to create a "steady cam" type effect, which is good for the folks with the shakes.

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Some other things we learned:

  • Custom camera apps can't take over the camera button--so you need to launch it like a program each time
  • Custom cameras don't have access to the OEM camera settings
  • Devs can create an on-screen shutter button and/or use the hardware button for focusing (half press) or snapping the pic (full press)

While we would love to replace the default camera app with a custom one, we'll take what we can at this point. We're really looking forward to seeing what devs create using these new tools though, shouldn't be too much longer.