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Elecont Weather


Elecont Weather gets updated

Elecont Weather has been updated, increasing the worldwide weather coverage from 41,000 to 67,000 cities. Version 1.3.5 also includes a 10-day weather graph for day and night temperatures, an independent scheduler for weather updates, and added information on moon phases and moonrise/moonsets over a ten day period.

The graphical weather app still retains features such as UV alerts, hourly UV forecasts, severe weather alerts, barometric readings, and "feels like" temperature conversions (factoring in heat index or wind chill).

You can pick up your copy of Elecont Weather over at the WMExperts.com Software Store for $14.95. If you're not sure, there is a trial version available so you can give it a try before you buy.

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Elecont Weather updated, adds Weather Clock

Elecont has updated its Windows Mobile weather application, Elecont Weather to version 1.0.1056 which adds a clock face to highlight the hourly forecasts.  The clock is designed to give you a more visual reference on what to expect weather-wise as you plan your day.  Elecont Weather continues to offer a 10-day forecast, weather alerts for UV, ice and severe weather, barometric and temperature trends, "feels like" temperature and sunrise/sunset times.

Since our initial review of Elecont Weather, the application has been updated to include richer graphics and Ice Alerts. Each update improves upon the original.

Elecont Weather is compatible with Windows Phones running either Windows Mobile Professional or Standard (touch and non-touch screens). Elecont Weather is available at the WMExperts.com Software Store for $14.95.

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Elecont Weather adds Ice Alerts

Elecont Weather has updated its weather application to include alerts for winter icing. Elecont Weather already alerts you of severe weather events (thunderstorms, tornadoes, blizzards, hurricanes, etc.) and with ice alerts, it helps you plan your travels during the winter months a little more safer.

Elecont Weather can be purchased in the WMExperts Software Store. If you already are using Elecont Weather, the upgrade is free and you can find that over at Elecont's Web site.

Press Release

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Elecont Weather with WM 6.5 Plug-In

Elecont Weather is one of the more popular weather apps available for your Windows phone and is keeping pace with the new Windows Mobile 6.5 (Professional) Today Screen. The Elecont Weather Today Screen plug-in is now compatible with your Windows phone Titanium Today Screen.

The plug-in will display current weather conditions and a 10-day forecast. From the Today Screen you can enter the full application to access all the features of Elecont Weather from hourly forecasts for the next 48 hours, UV alerts, severe weather alerts, and air pressure graphs.

The latest version of Elecont Weather with the Windows Mobile 6.5 plug-in can be found over at the WMExperts.com Software Store.

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Elecont Weather Updated

Elecont Software has just released an updated version (v1.0.954) of their popular weather application, Elecont Weather. The features of the new version include richer graphics, animation, multiple color themes, Vibro-effects, and gesture orientation. Additional locations have been added for Canada, France, India, and other areas.

It hasn't been long since Elecont gave their weather application a makeover and we were impressed with the results. If you're already an Elecont Weather user, no need to worry. Upgrading to the latest version is free. If you're on the fence, not knowing if Elecont Weather is for you, head on over to the WMExperts Software store and download a trial version.

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Elecont Weather adds Solar Alerts

Elecont Software has added solar alerts to it's Elecont Weather application. The new alerts report current outdoor solar activity and predicts the UV index for the next 48 hours. Elecont Weather will display an alert in case the solar activity and UV gets too high.

UV index and alerts are available for more than 51,000 locations worldwide. The addition of solar alerts to Elecont weather will be a welcome addition for those with sensitive skin or other issues that require avoiding overexposure to the sun. Elecont Weather with Barometer and Solar Alerts can be found over at the WMExperts Software Store.

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Elecont Weather gets a makeover

Some time ago we took a look at Elecont Weather and found it to be a very good weather application for your Windows phone. Since our first look at Elecont Weather, the software company has run the application through a makeover of sorts.

Version 1.0.904 has an increased extended forecast, hourly forecasts, barometric readings and a few other changes intended to improve the weather application. Follow the break to see if the latest version of Elecont Weather has a sunny forecast or if overcast skies are in order.

Read on for more.

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