Not content with ads in the Start menu, File Explorer, and Settings app, Microsoft is working on (even more) ads in Windows 11's Weather app

MSN Weather app in Microsoft Store
The Weather app on Windows 11 will soon feature more ads and a few new features. (Image credit: Future)

What you need to know

  • The Weather app on Windows 11 has received a significant update.
  • The latest version of the app has new features, a new look for several components, and more advertising than earlier editions of the Weather app.
  • Microsoft has added several advertisements to Windows 11 and appears to be on a path toward better monetizing its PC operating system and apps that ship with Windows.

Microsoft just rolled out an update for the Weather app on Windows 11, though not all will view the changes in the app as a ray of sunshine. Many have complained about Microsoft's Weather app having ads at all. Those complaints appear to have gone unheard, as Microsoft has instead added advertisements to its Weather app.

Windows 11 has several ads that have proven controversial and Microsoft plans to increase the number of ads PC users will see. The tech giant is finalizing plans for a Game Pass ad within the Settings app and place additional ads in the Start menu. Now, the Weather app is set to receive more ads as well. Of course, the Weather app already had advertisements within it, so this is not entirely new.

ChangeWindows has an entire thread on X (formerly Twitter) breaking down all of the changes. Here's a quick summary of everything the account highlights:

  • The app now includes more ads
  • The top bar of the app now fits in better with Fluent Design language
  • The app's temperature selector now includes the theme setting section for the app
  • There are now navigation controls on the right side of the app
  • The app deemphasizes the weather background when compared to previous versions
  • Weather detail cards have replaced weather insights
  • The moon cycle has been removed but the sun cycle remains
  • The map within the app has new controls
  • The monthly view of the app now shows two ads
  • A weather trends feature shows an overview of weather in your area

Many of the posts by ChangeWindows are made sarcastically, such as acting like people are happy about ads. There are, however, some useful changes in the latest update to the Weather app, which are also noted.

The update for the Weather app appears to be live for general users, meaning you can grab it through the Microsoft Store.

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    I remember the days when people cracked Halo 2 to run on XP because they refused to upgrade to Vista. We need more people like that. I've been using linux for years, and I can't see any good reason to go back to Windows with MS doing ridiculous things like this.