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EA's new 'SEED' research unit goes hand in hand with the power of Xbox Project Scorpio

Electronic Arts' recently unveiled research division is a promising concept, and it means a great deal to Project Scorpio. Here's why.

EA merges some of its game studios, and BioWare gets a new leader

Electronic Arts has announced it is merging some of its game development studios and putting them under one banner, EA Worldwide Studios. As part of this change, the BioWare studios will get a new leader.

Criterion's upcoming over-the-top extreme sports game gets canceled

Electronic Arts has officially confirmed that the upcoming, and unnamed, extreme sports game from its Criterion team has been canceled. The game was first revealed at E3 in June 2014.

Electronic Arts announces new IP for 2017

Electronic Arts’ Chief Financial Officer, Blake Jorgensen, has announced the company is working on a new IP set for release next year.

Shocker: EA confirms new FIFA, NHL, Madden and NBA titles

In an announcement that files under "no-surprise," EA has confirmed new FIFA, NHL, Madden and NBA Live titles for the forthcoming fiscal year.

Titanfall 2 drops onto store shelves this fall

Electronic Arts has confirmed that Titanfall 2 will be releasing this fall, between the months of October and December 2016.

Preview: Running across rooftops in the Mirror's Edge Catalyst beta

Yesterday we gained access to Mirror's Edge Catalyst's closed beta, ahead of the game's public launch in June. Here are our impressions after a few hours of playtime.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst social features shown in new trailer

A newly released Mirror's Edge Catalyst development diary has given us a preview of the game's new online social features.

World War I themed Battlefield game reportedly releasing later this year

A Swiss online retailer's product listing claims the next game in the Battlefield franchise will be set during the First World War.

Xbox Reminder – Save more than 50% on Star Wars Battlefront, FIFA 16, and Madden NFL 16

Just a quick reminder — EA's publisher sale is coming to an end soon, and includes steep discounts across Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. Here's the full run down of discounted prices, which includes the Xbox backwards compatible Mirror's Edge for today only, 50% off Star Wars Battlefront and much more.

EA won't be at E3 2016, holding public events in LA and London instead

Electronic Arts will not have a booth on the Los Angeles Convention Center exhibit floor during E3 2016 in June. Instead, EA will still hold a pre-E3 press conference and will set up public game demo events in LA and London.

EA is livestreaming its Gamescom 2015 press conference right now

Looking for all things related to EA? Tune in to watch the livestream right here.

Electronic Arts brings a stellar lineup of games to E3 2015

EA came to E3 2015 prepared with several compelling playable games, including: Need for Speed, a Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion, Unravel, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2, and the heavy hitter Star Wars Battlefront. Read on for our breakdown of EA's E3 2015 software lineup!

Peggle 2 for Xbox One gets new downloadable characters and levels

The Xbox One is overflowing with downloadable games lately thanks to the ID@Xbox program. Last week we got Outlast and Sixty Second Shooter Prime, and today Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition had a surprise launch. But when the new console launched last year, players only had a few downloadable games to choose from. The first such title to qualify as a hit was undoubtedly Peggle 2 from Electronic Arts and PopCap. The game later arrived on Xbox 360 as well.

Electronic Arts touts EA Sports UFC and FIFA 15 in its E3 sports games lineup

Electronic Arts announced a bevy of core games during its E3 press conference earlier today – check out our full write-up. But EA's sports franchises are just as popular as their core franchises. And EA Sports UFC will have a great deal of crossover appeal thanks to its impressive one-on-one fighting gameplay and amazingly lifelike graphics.

Although EA publishes games based on a variety of sports, the driving theme among all of their sports titles (especially the yearly entries to the core series) was emotion. New-gen consoles like the Xbox One will allow each game's characters to express greater emotion than ever before. These extra-emotive characters will populate FIFA 15, Madden NFL 15, NHL 15, and EA Sports PGA Tour. Full impressions after the break!

Check out the games of the Electronic Arts E3 2014 press conference

Following Microsoft's great Media Briefing this morning, Electronic Arts put on a press conference of its own. EA did a fine job with their conference last year, the highlight of which for me was the announcement of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare for Xbox consoles. Could this year's announcements hope to compete with that?

The 2014 presentation was handled by Andrew Wilson, Electronic Arts CEO. Disappointingly we didn't get to hear from fan-favorite Peter Moore this year. But we did learn about a ton of incredible games, including Star Wars Battlefront, Dragon Age Inquisition, a new Mass Effect, The Sims 4, Mirror's Edge 2, Battlefield Hardline, and more. Full Impressions after the break!

Electronic Arts cancels Titanfall launch in South Africa

This March 11, PC and Xbox One gamers around the globe will be suiting up for Titanfall; the game that will mark the largest launch thus far for Microsoft’s Xbox One console library. Unfortunately, if you live in South Africa and have preordered Titanfall, you will not actually get to play it, as Electronic Arts has canceled the game’s launch there.

Peggle 2 – Hands on with the new 'Duels mode' on the Xbox One

Peggle 2, PopCap’s long-anticipated follow-up to their casual hit Peggle, launched as a timed Xbox One exclusive back in December. As I mentioned in our review, the multiplayer features weren’t quite ready at that time. The online Peg Party mode simply didn’t work for me and many other players, nor was the promised local multiplayer mode available. Still a great game, but players definitely missed the multiplayer.

FIFA 14 heads out the tunnel on Windows Phone

Time was we posted an article about a new Xbox Windows Phone game (or games!) every week like clockwork. Those days are long behind us, never to return again. But I do get to write about the weekly Xbox console releases, which is almost as fun. And this week we actually do have a new Xbox Windows Phone game, on the unusual day of Friday: FIFA 14 from Electronic Arts! We hear a last-minute bug kept it from releasing on Wednesday.

FIFA 14 is the latest in EA’s extremely popular football/soccer sports series. Last year’s FIFA 13 was originally a Nokia exclusive, and only just became available to all Windows Phone users a month ago. Now all of us (with phones that have 1 GB or more RAM) can enjoy this year’s rosters and new features. And unlike FIFA 13 – which sells for $4.99, this year’s game is free to play. More details and Store link after the break!

10 Xbox Windows Phone games from Electronic Arts on sale

On top of a stellar Red Stripe Deal this week (Chaos Rings), Windows Phone gamers have another Xbox game sale to tempt their wallets. 10 Electronic Arts games are on sale for 30-40 percent off.

The most exciting discount comes in Plants vs. Zombies, a terrific game that hardly ever goes on sale. Both it and Bejeweled Live are three bucks. A slew of games that regularly sell for $2.99 will ring up for $1.99 instead this week, including: Battleship, Blobster, The Game of LIFE, iBomber Defense (ugh), Jet Set Go, Spy Mouse, Tetris, and Yahtzee.

Descriptions and Store Links after the break!