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Fitness Month

If you are struggling to get things rolling during Mobile Nations Fitness Month (or any other time of the year) and need a push in the right exercise routine direction, check out the Windows Phone app Gym Master.

Gym Master is a collection of gym exercises that are designed to help you lose weight, increase metabolism and strengthen your body. The app includes step-by-step directions, do's and don'ts and a little background information on the exercise's history.

While it lacks video demos on the exercise, it makes up for things by providing a ton of information on the exercise. Gym Master has an exercise database well suited for all levels of fitness buffs and is an appealing addition to the Windows Phone fitness library.

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If you are struggling with a good weight loss diet there's a Windows Phone app out there that could be of help. Fat to Fit Diet Plan Pro is a twelve week diet plan designed to help you lose weight. Coupled with an exercise routine, the app claims to be able to shed up to sixty pounds.

Fat to Fit Diet Plan Pro has a simple interface, weight tracking, a BMI calculator and a wide range of recipes to get you through twelve weeks of dieting. You can even create a shopping list to stock your kitchen pantry will everything you need for the week.

The app comes across as a well rounded Windows Phone fitness app that could help you reach your Fitness Month goals.

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Fitness Log, a simple gym log for your Windows Phone

One of the many tools to staying fit is keeping track of your exercise sessions and there are plenty of Windows Phone apps available to help you log all your trips to the gym, running track or other workout venues. Whether you are taking advantage of the Mobile Nations Fitness Month as motivation to get you up off the couch or just looking for a way to log your workouts, Fitness Log may be one of the simpler options to consider.

The app offers a calendar and analysis page to get a better overview of your workout history, categorizes your workouts by muscle group and offers OneDrive backup support. What Fitness Log will not do is provide the exercises you will be tackling. You'll need to enter the exercise manually which may not be too appealing to someone just starting out but does help the app fit your individual needs a little better.

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As Fitness Month continues here at Windows Phone Central and all of the Mobile Nations sites, we turn our sites on apps to help with our diet. While exercise is a key element of staying fit, so is what we consume during the day. You defeat the purpose of exercise with poor eating habits.

This week's Fitness App Roundup will concentrate on a collection of top rated Windows Phone apps designed to help you count your calories and monitor what foods you take in during the week. There's also an app that will find you recipes based on the ingredients you prefer while avoiding those you are allergic to.

We'll close things out with a Reader's Poll to let you decide which of these diet apps are tops. If we've missed your favorite app, feel free to sound off below in the comments.

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As you may have noticed, June is Fitness Month

With June being Fitness Month around these parts, we are tapping into's forums to chat things up. One discussion is from our own Managing Editor Sam Sabri where he is discussing how he plans on spending the month getting back on the fitness bandwagon.

From charging up his Fitbit Force to dusting off his running shoes, Sam hopes to get on the road to fitness recovery and plans on sharing all his highlights in the forum discussion.

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First, WPCentral and Mobile Nations would like to thank everyone who participated in the February Fitness Month event. We set out to show how your Windows Phone could help with your fitness goals and discovered some nice apps along the way. The WPCentral Forums discussion was full of comments on everyone's efforts to get and stay fit.

While fitness was the focus, there were a few incentives along the way. Three winners won gift certificates to the WPCentral Store as the month of February rolled along. Late last night, we randomly drew for our Grand Prize winner and two runner-up prize winners from all the comments posted in the Fitness Month discussions.

Our Grand Prize winner, who walks away with an Xbox 360 and Kinect, is onix7cv!

Our Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset runner-up winner is willied and vincentw56 is the other runner-up winner who will receive a gift certificate to the WPCentral Store!

While February Fitness Month has drawn to a close, the challenge now becomes to keep up the fitness efforts. Good luck with it and again, thanks for participating in the Mobile Nations Fitness Month!

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Windows Phone App Review: MyWalk

MyWalk is a simple app for your Windows Phone that tracks your exercise walks. But the app goes a little further than simply tracking your walks.  Your walking efforts are presented accumulatively daily and as you walk about,  you can monitor calories burned.   MyWalk tracks your walking exercises by location services and by your Windows Phone motion sensors.

You'll need to choose if you're walking indoors or out and from there, all you need to do is walk.

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Windows Phone App Review: Health&

If you need a simple Windows Phone app to track your weight, blood pressure, glucose levels, and medications take a look at Health&.  I liked the Health & app but it may not appeal to everyone.  The layout is simple, straight forward but I couldn't help but feel something was missing.

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Windows Phone App Review: Sleep

Sleep is one of the many sound generators available over at the Windows Phone Marketplace designed to help you relax and fall asleep easier.  And we all know that a good night's sleep is essential for good health and fitness.

We've covered several and Sleep holds its own amongst the sleep/sound/relaxation apps we've tried. There's still some room for improvement but overall, Sleep ain't too shabby.

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It's Fitness Month here at WPCentral and Mobile Nations, as you all already know, so we thought we'd take a look at some health-related apps for your Windows Phone that can be used to keep on top of those pesky New Year resolutions you may have made for 2012. I've personally been using runtastic for Windows Phone, a fitness tracking app / service that's also available for Blackberry, iOS and Android. So, just how can this app help keep owners fit?

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March is just a few days away and that will signal the close of Mobile Nations' Fitness Month. Over the past few weeks all the Mobile Nations sites have focused on the fitness and health uses for your smartphones.  

We've seen inspirational videos from Crackberry Kevin and the iMore staff.  We couldn't let the month pass by without offering our own video on the subject.  Oh and shooting a video from a treadmill is tougher than it looks.  It doesn't take many takes before you get short of breath.

We've covered a wide variety of fitness and health apps for your Windows Phone as well as sharing our fitness experiences over in the WPCentral forums. Three readers have already walked away with gift certificates to the WPCentral Store and in a few days we'll select our grand prize winner and two runners up.

Just remember for your chance to win the grand prize (Xbox 360 and Kinect) or one of the runner up prizes (Nokia Luna BT headset or $50 gift card to the WPCentral Store) all you need to do is comment on one of the two Fitness Month discussions (Week 1 &2 and Week 3&4).

We will announce the winners sometime on Friday, March 2, 2012. 

While time is winding down on Fitness Month, by no means should you slack up on things. Push yourself to carry February's fitness goals into March, then April, then May and so on.  Good luck to everyone and keep up the good work.

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Windows Phone App Review: MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a neat app for your Windows Phone to helps you track your workouts and diet as you work towards an established weight goal. It's a rather simple tracking app that taps into a healthy amount of resources. MyFitnessPal boasts the largest food database with over 1.2 million items and based on using the app over the past few days, I believe it.

The interface is easy to pick up on and a bar code scanner just in case your meal isn't listed in the database, MyFitnessPal is an impressive fitness and health app for your Windows Phone.

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The Mobile Nations Fitness month is entering the home stretch with Week Four!

If you're joining us while we're already in progress, it's never too late and you can go read all about Mobile Nations Fitness Month in our first WPCentral Forums installment for weeks one and two.  You can pick up on the week three and four discussions here in the WPCentral Forums as well as who is our latest weekly prize winner!

We will keep week three's goals in play for the home stretch.  Feel free to chime in about your progress and any tips you might have to offer for getting fit.  We've covered a decent selection of Windows Phone apps to help you achieve your fitness and health goals.  You can find all our Fitness Month coverage here.  We've got a few more apps to share and if you have a favorite Windows Phone fitness/health app, feel free to suggest it for review through our tip line.

Remember we have one more weekly prize drawing to give out and when all is said and done, we will randomly select one reader to take home a Xbox 360 and Kinect!  Oh... and just in.... we're adding a runner up prize.  The Nokia Luna BT Headset!

Good luck with it and let us know in the forums how it's going.

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Over the past few years, as consumers have become more concerned with how and what they eat, the number of people choosing to lead a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle has increased dramatically.  And while being vegetarian has become much easier since I first started over 13 years ago, it can still be a challenging road to navigate, be it grocery shopping, traveling, or just trying to keep things new and different when cooking at home.  Thankfully, with Windows Phone it's that much easier, whether you are a seasoned veggie veteran or just starting out.  With February being Fitness Month here at WPCentral and Mobile Nations, we thought we take a look at several vegetarian apps.

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Windows Phone App Review: Weight Tracker

Looking to track your weight loss? Want a simple solution to use on your Windows Phone? Take a look at the Windows Phone app Weight Tracker.

Weight Tracker is a simple, straight forward app to track your weight loss and chart your progress towards your targeted weight.  It's a handy way to track your progress as the Mobile Nations Fitness Month winds down.

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