The SKLZ Self-Guided Exercise Fitness Kit is on sale for only $15.99 at Walmart today. This is an extremely low price for this kit which has sold for up to $90 at Amazon just a few months ago. Walmart offers free shipping on orders totaling $35 or more, or you can select free in-store pickup where available.


SKLZ Self-Guided Exercise Fitness Kit

This discounted fitness kit comes with a stability ball, fitness mat, resistance bands, and an air pump to help you workout no matter where you are.

$15.99 $67.99 $52 off

This kit comes with SKLZ's stability ball, fitness mat, two resistance bands, and air pump. Both the stability ball and the fitness mat sell for around $30 on Amazon separately, which helps give some perspective to today's deal on the set. You're getting both of them for less than either one regularly costs. That's before you even take the price of the air pump and resistance bands into account.

The fitness mat features exercises printed directly on it so you can get into position with a quick reminder. Meanwhile, the resistance bands include one 3.5-foot light fitness cable and one 4-foot medium fitness cable for varying levels of skill and exercises.

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