German police testing Windows Phones and Surface tablets to document traffic accidents

We’ve already seen the New York Police Department deploy Windows Phones to officers here in the U.S., and now it looks like a German police department is ready to give them a shot as well.

Microsoft to open cloud servers in Germany that will be controlled by a 'data trustee'

Microsoft has announced it will open two cloud service centers in Germany that will be controlled by a third-party "data trustee", which means no one, not even Microsoft, will be able to access the data in those servers without the permission of that trustee or the customer.

Lumia 930 shipment news from Poland, Germany and Switzerland

As expected, the release of the Lumia 930 smartphone in Europe this month is quickly moving forward. Today we have a round-up of shipment and pre-order news for the Windows Phone 8.1 device from three countries in that part of the world: Poland, Germany and Switzerland.

Lumia 930 available for pre-order from Amazon France and Amazon Germany

Living in France or Germany? Then you’re going to be pretty excited to get the latest and greatest Windows Phone – the Lumia 930. The device is now available for pre-order on Amazon for customers in France and Germany. The Lumia 930 is notable for being the first high-end device to ship with Windows Phone 8.1.

WhatsApp pairs with German carrier e-Plus to launch new SIM deal

The now Facebook-owned messaging service, WhatsApp has unveiled a new SIM deal in Germany. This prepaid SIM provides consumers with unlimited access to WhatsApp on top of agreed data limits. It's a milestone since this is the first time the popular service has partnered with carriers to sell a SIM package. If you're a massive fan of WhatsApp and use it on a daily basis, you may wish to read on and keep your eyes open for a similar deal in your region, should one be made available.

Germany’s brings sport radio to Windows Phone and Windows 8

Hallo Deutschland! Here’s an app you’re probably going to love if you’re a sports fan. is now officially in the Windows Phone Store and in the Windows Store. That’s right, you can now officially listen to sports radio from on your Windows-based smartphone, tablet, and PC. The app is a perfect way to stay up current with Premier League, DKB Handball Bundesliga, Beko Basketball Bundeslia and other sports.

Nokia teams up with Wortmann AG in Germany to boost its share of the B2B market

Nokia and Wortmann AG today announced a new partnership for Nokia smartphones in the B2B market. Wortmann AG is a Microsoft distributor in Germany and is expected to utilise its previous experience to work wonders with Nokia hardware for businesses. The Nokia Lumia 1520 will join the Lumia 1020 and other Windows Phones to expand on Wortmann's IT solutions. 

O2 Germany working on Windows Phone app; looking at November release

O2 Germany is working on an app for Windows Phone to match the offerings on both iOS and Android, according to a leaked email. The My O2 app exists as a beta and is currently being tested by members of the team. As well as being able to relay news of the app being in development, we've also got a release window, which is expected to be November. 

Germany: Get your hands on the Lumia 1020 with 64GB today

The land of Oktoberfest, autobahns and Schwarzwälder kirschtorte is getting a phone with 41 million pixels. That’s right, starting today you’ll be able to pick up the 64GB variant of the Nokia Lumia 1020 in Germany. Details after the break.

[UPDATE] German government calls security within Windows 8 "unacceptable" – continues switching their machines over to Linux

Do you trust Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 8? If you are the Federal Republic of Germany, the answer to that question is "no". Last week internal documents from IT professionals within the government showed a strong rejection of the new operating system calling it "unacceptable for the federal administration and the operators of critical infrastructure".

Nokia celebrates Lumia 925 release in Germany with other markets to follow

Nokia has celebrated the release of the Lumia 925 Windows Phone in Germany, while other markets will follow suit in the coming weeks and beyond. If you're interested in picking one up, be sure to follow our feeds where we highlight the latest deals and offers from retailers and mobile operators. If you've been hiding in a cave, what's the Lumia 925 all about?

Lumia 920 available for pre-order at Noovi store in Germany, grey variant rears its head

The Lumia 920 is listed for pre-order on the Noovi Store website in Germany. What's more is that the rare grey version is listed alongside cyan, providing superb choice for German consumers who would rather head down the unique route with these uncommon colours.

Nokia Lumia 620 coming officially to Germany on February 11th

Good news for those in Germany yearning for a Lumia 620 with Windows Phone 8. The low-cost Nokia Lumia will be headed there in just five short days with a non-contract price point of € 269. On contract via Vodafone the phone will fetch for a modest € 9.90. And at least according to the press release, mobilcom debitel will also be fielding the spritely Windows Phone, to give users options.

Samsung ATIV S now available in Germany, starting from €470

The Samsung flagship Windows Phone is now available in Germany. The ATIV S is a high-end solution for those who wish to be slightly unique and choose a smartphone that sports a number of features, as well as a huge 4.8" display. Such features include the SD support, that and the device also makes use of Samsung's SAMOLED screen technology.

Huawei Ascend W1 to be released in Germany this month?

Huawei's Ascend W1 is believed to be heading to Germany this month, with reports over on WPArea suggesting the Windows Phone could be released as soon as next week (with retailer Conrad stating such a date). As a Windows Phone 8 solution, the W1 would offer German consumers a new option, one which would be aggressively priced against competition.

Lumia 620 available at Media Markt for €269

The Lumia 620 is now available at German retailer Media Markt. The Windows Phone is listed in a variety of colours, each selling for €269 when pre-ordered. The Lumia 620 was unveiled late last year to be running Windows Phone 8 and would be aggressively priced to compete with similar hardware on other platforms.

Windows Phone present at Christmas markets in Germany

Microsoft has been busy celebrating Windows Phone 8 alongside the Christmas period, with stalls set up in several markets in Germany. The country is well known for its Christmas markets (we even have them here in the UK) and WParea managed to trek down to one in Hamburg Ottensen where a Windows Phone hut was discovered.

Surface street art hits Germany

Looks like the first confirmed sighting of the Graffiti art Surface ads have been spotted, this time in Munich.

While we have seen them in the US and France this remains one of the first to be spotted in another country. With Windows 8 and Surface about to be unleashed could we be about to see them go out to all countries where Surface has been made available for pre-order?

Even though some variants of Surface have already sold out in the UK, we haven’t seen any ads at all. If you have seen ads in your country (apart from the US and France) please tell us!

Source: @phitsch via @MS_SurfaceEvang

Lumia 820, 920 available in Germany at Media Markt by November 1st [updated]

German retailer Media Markt has listed both the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 on its website with release dates of November 1st. Both Windows Phones are expected to be made available on that day, should the reported date hold true, and will be priced at €449 (approx. £360) and €649 (approx. £520) respectively.

Update: It seems Media Markt has bumped the date from November 1st to November 15th. This change has occured the same day a German Vodafone store stated on its Facebook page that they will be stocking the Lumia Windows Phone 8 handsets at the start of November. We'll have to see if the date sticks. Thanks, Schneppe, for spotting the alteration!

HTC 8X Windows Phone heading to O2 Germany later this month

HTC 8X on its way to O2 DE

O2 Germany will be stocking the HTC 8X, according to a tweet published by the carrier. The Windows Phone is also heading to O2 in the UK, so it makes sense that Telefonica would also add the smartphone to listings in other markets.

If the time frame supplied in the tweet is indeed accurate, we'll be looking at a late October launch on the German carrier.