Lumia 930 shipment news from Poland, Germany and Switzerland

As expected, the release of the Lumia 930 smartphone in Europe this month is quickly moving forward. Today we have a round-up of shipment and pre-order news for the Windows Phone 8.1 device from three countries in that part of the world: Poland, Germany and Switzerland.

In Poland, the official Nokia online story now shows the black version of the Lumia 930 available for pre-order for the price of 2399.00 zł (about $789). The expected shipment date for the phone is July 11, or a week from Friday.

Over in Germany, Deutsche Telekom has posted word that they will sell the Lumia 930, and that it will start shipping sometime at the end of July. There is no price listed yet for the phone.

Finally, a tipster from Switzerland sent over word that he received a text from his wireless carrier, Swisscom, indicating his pre-ordered Lumia 930 will be shipped sometime this week. Again, stay tuned as the Lumia 930 is expected to be available for sale across much of Europe by the end of July.

Update: We have now received word that O2 in Germany now has the Lumia 930 in stock with shipments to be made from one to three days.

Thanks to Grzegorz, Simon, ThePrayer and Shuyin for these tips!

Source: Nokia Poland; Deutsche Telekom; Swisscom; O2 Germany

John Callaham