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I'll always have a special place in my heart for the Palm Treo 750 — my first smartphone. Felt great in the hand. Tremendous keyboard. Great on calls (at least for me). And so I get a warm feeling in my tummy seeing a video like this.

The 750 was passed over for an update to Windows Mobile 6.1, but of course the chefs at XDA Developers took care of that. And now we see a 6.5 build on the venerable ol' phone.

Of course, hacking your phone is bad, unofficial, not necessarily legal, may cause joint pain and loosen teeth, is not safe for small children and some animals, and almost assuredly won't help you with the opposite sex.

But it's nice seeing some new life breathed into an old phone.

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Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably aware of the excitement surrounding the Palm Pre. And that that quickly turned the long-awaited carrier-supported versions of the Treo Pro into a red-headed stepchild. (The same sort of thing happened when the Treo Pro was announced not long after the Treo 800w first became available, much to the chagrin of a number of 800w owners.)

Of course, all that affects the bottom line.

Last week, Palm announced that its revenue for the third quarter would be $85 million to $90 million. Wall Street had been expecting $150 million for the quarter.

Today, Palm has put 18.5 million shares of its stock back on the market, giving it at least $49 million more in cash and increasing its stock price a bit. Palm's main investor, Elevation Partners, likely will use a chunk of that money to buy back that stock at the higher price, thus making all the investors a little happier and keeping the company afloat (or as Dieter notes over at, on the metaphorical ropes), at least for now.

So what's it all mean? Basically, the future of Palm (at least for now) appears to be solidly resting on the Palm Pre. And that directly affects Windows Mobile, which we're still expecting to be supported on the Treo line. So let's keep our fingers crossed for our WebOS cousins, shall we?

Electronista and Information Week

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Malatesta brought you the world's only hands-on, and we've already told you what's now confirmed: The long-awaited (though not quite as awaited anymore) Sprint Treo Pro finally will launch on March 15.

It'll go for $199.99 with a two-year contract, $100 instant rebate and $100 mail-in rebate. You'll also have to have an Everything plan with at least $30 of data a month.

So there you have it, folks. The Sprint Treo Pro. More on Palm's site here, and full presser after the break.

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As we continue to await (and await, and await) the Sprint Treo Pro, the Boy Genius Report, er, reports that Alltel's set to launch its own Treo Pro (full review) on Thursday for $199 after contract and rebate, though BGR opines that "this might just be for divested customers only."

That said, it's cool to see Alltel continue to release Windows Mobile phones (it's got the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro) while its new parent company Verizon keeps playing catch-up, though we hope to see the Diamond any day now. But despite VZW's sluggishness, six of the seven smartphones listed on its Web site are (aging) Windows Mobile phones, so we shouldn't be too harsh.

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The Boy Genius has scored a Sprint deathlist, with a couple of Windows Mobile phones slated to be EOL'd – that's end of life – in the coming months.

The Motorola Q9c is on the chopping block, with its execution date set for mid-June. No replacement is noted.

Also on the list is the HTC Touch Diamond, which would go the way of the dinosaurs in July. There's no replacement noted for it, either, though we'd be willing to bet we'll eventually see something off that leaked HTC lineup.

And finally there's the Palm Treo 800w, which will bite the big one in April and be replaced by the Treo Pro. The question remains exactly when.

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Aye Carumba! Remember how Palm (and Sprint) hate committing to release dates, yet we pester them anyways? Well here’s why.

We’re hearing from Sprint themselves that the Treo Pro, originally slated for early December (see FCC docs), then January 25th, then February 15th is being pushed back further till the vague “end of February”. All outstanding orders are now canceled, with Sprint’s apologies and a $25 credit is being applied to our accounts.

We actually haven’t heard of any cataclysmic problems with the phone, in fact some early hands on have been quite positive, so this may be just some minor radio tweaking.

Speaking of, there is some potential huge news here from reader Joe G:

"This will be the 1st Sprint Palm device to support simultaneous voice and data usage. Taking full advantage of Sprints Rev A EVDO Network.”

Whoa, who saw that one coming? Could it be true that after years of GSM having this amazing ability, CDMA users are finally getting it? We do know it is technically within the specs of Rev A, so it sounds real to us. Hopefully that’ll keep your mouths watering till late next month.

Thanks Joe G

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Update: MobilityToday got their hands on the above sheet to confirm our earlier post.

So after Sprint's trigger-happy posting of the Treo Pro, we received word from Sprint on the snafu:

"Sprint inadvertently posted information on regarding an upcoming product, Palm Treo Pro, this morning. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Sprint looks forward to welcoming this exciting, new device into our portfolio as soon as it has been approved through our customary testing process. We will share details on the correct availability date as soon as the standard testing of both the device and its interaction with our network has concluded. Thank you for your interest in Sprint products."

And now we're hearing that the release date has been pushed back to Feburary 15th.  This makes sense if they still need to finish testing and make possible changes to the radio/ROM.  It also coincides with the rumored Palm Pre release date, which we now think may be a confusion with the Pro ;-)

We suppose your orders will continue to be on "backorder" till this is resolved.  We'll keep you posted if we hear anything different.

We can also now confirm memory: 128mb RAM/512mb ROM; but out of that only 42mb RAM and 360mb ROM is available for use.  This puts the Treo Pro's RAM pretty low in comparison to other WM devices, including the Pro's GSM cousin who has 70mb RAM available.

Thanks dannzeman, entropism & Codyppc!

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Update: It appears Sprint has now pulled the Treo Pro from their website completely, so our "jump the gun" remark was pretty accurate.  Who wants to bet your orders don't ship until at least Monday? Oh, Sprint.

Even though we are expecting some stores to have the Sprint Treo Pro for sales this Sunday (25th), it looks like has jumped the gun and begun advertising Palm's latest WM Treo this morning.  So you can hop over there now and order up.

No real suprises: $549 for the phone, -$200 for a contract and minus another $100 for a MIR, which brings it down to $249.  One caveat on that MIR: read the fine print to make sure your current plan qualifies.

We are still awaiting more confirmation on this, but it appears the Treo Pro has 96mb RAM and 512mb ROM, meaning Palm has doubled the available storage memory for programs, bringing it to about 336mb. More than enough for photos, data and program storage.  On the other hand, RAM may have taken a hit, meaning you may only have ~42mb of RAM after a soft reset. (See page 363 of the user manual --> .pdf).  We're working to confirm this last part, so take with a small grain of salt.  And yes, it's okay to pray that it's not true.

Other than that, it's running the same old Qualcomm MSM-7501a processor at 528mhz, which IS a nice bump from the 400mhz GSM version, plus a 1500mah battery for a nice 5hrs talk-time.

Thanks GrayKode!

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Sprint Treo Pro Specs (Finally!)

Whew! We were getting a little worried here that the Sprint Treo Pro, that sleek n' shiny update to the Treo 800w, was getting lost in all the Palm Pre hubbub.

Luckily TreoCentral forum member elistone was kind enough to finally post some of those luscious details on this beaut. What is curious is that evidently it only has aGPS and not standalone-GPS (a contentious issue with 800w owners).  Of course WMExperts will do a comparions of both devices as soon as we get out mitts on one to verify. 

So without further ado...Sprint Treo Pro:

  • Robust battery life with an 1500 mAh li-lon battery and 5 hours of continuous talk time.
  • Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional Edition (OS) providing a feature rich experience (with Enterprise SCMDM options)
  • 128MB program memory (DDR) and 256 non-volatile memory (175MB of user store)
  • A-GPS – for navigation and turn-by-turn directions - Autonomous & Simultaneous GPS allows points of interests searching and mapping from contacts.
  • Instant-on WiFi short-cut key - WPA/WPA2 certified
  • 2.0 Megapixel resolution Camera for still and video shots with BPP Basic Printing Profile
  • Price: $549 retail; $249 2-year contract

The Treo™ Pro by Palm® is a feature rich Windows Mobile 6.1 OS PDA which is a perfect balance of robust productivity and simplicity. Features include embedded WiFi with a dedicated short-cut key, A-GPS, EV-DO REV.A and a 2.0 mega pixel camera. This device has an updated stylish and slim form factor design. Data services run on Sprint’s Nationwide Mobile Broadband Network.

While nothing earth shattering, it should be a strong business messenger device for Sprint.  Look for it on Sunday, the 25th this month.


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  Just a few days after the unannounced CES sighting and a single, unexciting “spy shot” the Palm Treo Pro gets its FCC approval for CDMA. Of course we have a good idea that this is supposed to be hitting Sprint within the next 2 weeks, but with little fanfare as it lies within the wake of the Palm Pre.  The only thing we now know is this: it does have a 1500mah battery, which will be a welcomed improvment over the 1130mah of the Treo 800w.

  What else is interesting about these FCC docs is the date:  Sept 12th. This is revealing for two reasons:
  1. Just weeks after the Treo 800w was released, the CDMA Treo Pro was finished and headed for the FCC
  2. Our earlier report (Sept 18th) where Palm said they had secured a deal with a carrier for the Pro
Putting on our "speculation hat", we’d say that the Treo Pro for Sprint was always in the works, whether or not the 800w was a success or not—that is this was a long term plan of Palm and Sprint. Of course had the 800w not been delayed from late 2007, this hardware-refresh would not look so premature.  The other interesting bit is that perhaps this was never planned for AT&T, who since has gone with the Samsung Epix, but rather it was Sprint all along. So anyone actually excited about this? [via EngadgetMobile; link to FCC files]


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Looks like Palm has re-vamped their website recently and left a little bit of info confirming that upcoming Sprint Treo Pro.

Specifically, when you go to their site and hit "Shop" and then "Compare Details" you may notice how under the Treo Pro they have it listed as "3g" and "CDMA + EvDO".

Evidence? Or graphic error?  You be the judge.

Sure, outside of this, the January 25th launch date and the $549 price tag we know nothing of this latest Palm offering.  Certainly very odd less than 20 days to release and we don't even have a blurry cam shot yet. 

Here's hoping to this Thursday for more info?

thanks ivhs72

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As reported at TreoCentral, Palm launched an official app store for their PalmOS and Windows Mobile Treos last night. Where by “App Store” we mean “icon in your program listing that launches a browser the takes you to an online store.” Which is only marginally easier than just going to on Pocket IE, but we digress.

Anyhow, it's another option for purchasing applications for Windows Mobile. Note that last, the App store seems to work just fine on Windows Mobile devices not called “Treo,” as you can see from the image of it running on a Sprint Touch Diamond at right.

Heck, if you don't want to even head to Palm's page to install the 'app,' you can just point Pocket IE to and get pretty much the same effect.

Make no mistake, though,the onus is on Microsoft here to get an on-device, native app store up and running on as many Windows Mobile devices as soon as possible. It's pretty clear that the killer app store for developers must an app, not a web store. Hurry up, Microsoft!

Oh, and Palm / Pocketgear: a 50% cut for developers seems a might bit thin, don't it?

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We've been telling you about that Sprint Treo Pro (PRT850HK) for sometime now (DSL Reports) and even showed some exclusive screenshots of it running Mobile IE 6.

BGR later confirmed that it has a slated release date for January 11th (right on time for CES).

Now EngadgetMobile gets an internal sheet showing all of this again. What is interesting though is that this is indeed replacing the 800w. This is sort of expected, but not confirmed until now.

Oh 800w, we hardly knew ya!

Specs are still mostly unknown at this point, though we're not expecting too much of a deviation from its GSM cousin. Camera is still a ho-hum 2.0mp, so no bump there.

Full retail is an average $549 (slightly cheaper than the 800w at $599, attributable probably to HTCs lower-cost production system)

Also, the date is pushed back till January 25th from Sprint and January 21st from Brightpoint (resellers, perhaps telesales for business). But don't be surprised to see Palm show this off during CES a week earlier.

Now if we can only get some actual pics of the device...

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Engdaget posts up this mysterious device that seems customs designed to mock yours-truly. Why's that, in this week's WMExperts Podcast (coming soon), Mal and I describe what our ideal Windows Mobile form factors might be and I described the above device exactly. It matches it so exactly that I'm feeling a little creeped out right about now.

It's not outside the realm of possibility that the above could end up as a Windows Mobile device -- we see tell-tale soft-buttons on the bottom. More tellingly - a close look at the keyboard reveals it to have not only the same layout but the same button placement as Palm's recent smartphones -- the Treo Pro and the Centro. Seriously, click the image at right to see a full-sized comparison. This could be a prototype for Palm's upcoming Linux-based system, but I'm getting a Windows Mobile vibe off of this, and it's a vibe I'm starting to dig.

Update: At TreoCentral we hear rumblings of codename 'Roteo'

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Palm Treo Pro Gets BT Bug Fix

If you have a Treo Pro you may be interested in this quicky patch from Palm:

If you are in an active call using bluetooth car kit or bluetooth headset and you receive a second incoming call and you let it ring or you ignore the incoming call, the call will be diverted to Voicemail. The first call remains active but you can no longer hear the caller (the caller can still hear you). The audio has been lost. If you answer the call and swap between calls or reject the call, the issue is not seen.

We have seen this bug reported in our forums for awhile and it's nice to see quick fix out there.

One word of caution: technically this is for the Vodafone/Euro version only, though we suppose it may work on the unlocked variety if you really, really need it. If not, we bet that'll be out lickity split.

More info here and a direct .cab download can be found here

Thanks marianne/roydok

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