WMExperts Podcast 27 - Treo Pro

Treo Pro, Treo Pro, and a few other bits. Plus - your emails and voicemail!


Tips and/or Software

  • Fix up WMP
  • Sneaky SkyFire Reg
  • 1 Click to email
  • Redfly Forums and contest

Thanks to Mel, Chris, Kevin, and Eric for writing in!


Thanks to the WMExperts Store for sponsoring the podcast. Thanks also to these great artists for the music and to for offering a great database of Creative Commons music!

Dieter Bohn
  • You use your iPhone to check if you have 3G? Trator! I thought your Omnia was your daily driver! =]
  • A few points.
    I like Malatestabot.
    Dieter, I would challenge your Facebook theory with Twitter becoming a possible challenger for friend-finding.
    One last thing, do you guys have any contact with Velocity Mobile?
    Great podcast!