New Lumia ringtones available on SoundCloud, you can download for free

The Lumia 730, Lumia 735 and Lumia 830 are now starting to show up around the world. Like any new Lumia handset, you'll find a new set of ringtones. Some familiar, some brand new. The Nokia Design Team has posted their latest ringtones up on SoundCloud.

Customize your Windows Phone devices with the official Zedge app

Zedge (www.zedge.net) is one of the most popular source of free ringtones and wallpapers in the world for over a decade now. Over 80 million people get more than 300 million free ringtones and wallpapers from Zedge every month.

After a long wait, few days back, the official app - ZEDGE Ringtones & Wallpapers – landed on the Windows Phone Store. The app allows you to seamlessly download free, high quality ringtones and HD wallpapers optimized for your device.

Relive Nokia's heyday with thousands of classic ringtones

If you've been a fan of Nokia smartphones and other products in previous years, you would have experienced the wide variety of loaded ringtones. To relive those special moments, Aleksi Eeben from Nokia has compiled thousands of ringtones into a single Windows Phone app. What's more is you can even save these classic tunes as ringtones for your own Windows Phones.

Instant Buttons, a sound board for your Windows Phone

Need a sound effect generated from your Windows Phone? Give Instant Buttons a try.

Instant Buttons is a collection of over two-hundred sixty sounds. Sounds can be played at the touch of a button, saved as a ringtone, repeat, and the button color modified.

Windows Phone app for Windows 8 gets updated with ringtone support

We aren't sure as to the "when" but the Windows Phone app/tool for Windows 8 was recently updated. The update adds the ability to transfer playlists and ringtones to your Windows Phone 8 device and watch videos you've taken with your Windows Phone.

Ringtone files must be .m4r format any non-DRM protected music file that the phone can play, no larger than 30MB and can not be protected with digital rights management. When you transfer the ringtones to your Windows Phone 8 device, they will appear in your Settings under Ringtones and Sounds as any other tone would be.

If you haven't installed the Windows Phone app to your Windows 8 computer or tablet, it's a free app that you can find here in the Windows Store.

Thanks, Andy, for the tip!

Nokia hires orchestra for mobile phone ringtones

Nokia has used the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra to produce a number of classical numbers that are being used as ringtones on Nokia hardware. The manufacturer decided to use the orchestra due to classical ringtones proving to be popular among users when configuring their handsets. The pieces were composed by in-house sound designers, before being recorded with 55 members of the orchestra.

Windows 8 Ringtone available at the Windows Phone Store

One nice feature on our Windows Phones is the ability to download and use custom ringtones. Windows 8 Ringtones is available over at the Windows Phone Store and is a collection of all the Windows 8 advertisement background tunes.

The Windows 8 Ringtone collection includes the tunes you hear in the background of the ad campaigns for not only Windows 8 but also the Surface Tablets.

Windows Phone Central Ringtone Contest Winners! (Updated)

While we had hoped to announce the winners of the Windows Phone Central Ringtone Contest yesterday, judging proved to be more difficult than expected. We had a lot of quality entries submitted over in our Forums Discussion.  Nonetheless, after listening to all the entries our Ringtone Contest Winners are:

All have won a Nokia Play 360! We are dispatching emails to get everyone's shipping information and will get the Nokia Play headed their way shortly.

We would also like to extend our congratulations to Elvis7 and Kyle H for being randomly selected for our weekly prizes, WPCentral Accessory Store gift card, during the contest period.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest and if you didn't win, don't give up hope. We've got a few more contests up our sleeves for next month.

Update: It has come to our attention that one of the entries selected as a winning entry may not be original content, which was a requirement.  That entry is under review and we will update the post shortly.

Update II: Okay... we've review things and the ringtone in question was not original content and disqualified.  We've looked over the entries that and have chosen our third winner.  Congrats to all.

Windows Phone Central Ringtone Contest (Reminder)

Got some musical chops? Then make us a ringtone and win yourself a Nokia Play 360!

First, we'd like to congratulate Windows Phone Central reader Elvis7. Elvis7 has been randomly selected to win our week one prize in the Ringtone Contest, a $50 gift certificate to the WPCentral Accessory Store.

Second, if you haven't entered an original ringtone, you only have another week to enter the Ringtone Contest for your chance to win a Nokia Play 360. We've already seen several great entries and as a reminder, here's how the contest works:

  1. Create an original ringtone
  2. Post it in this Windows Phone Central discussion
  3. The ringtone has to be original content to qualify. No use of copyrighted music or materials unless it is yours.
  4. You can submit two entries but they need to be distinct and original
  5. You have until June 23, 2012 at 5pm EST to submit your entry.

From there, we'll listen to all the entries and select the two ringtones that stand out as the best to us. Expect the winners to be announced by June 28th.

Oh... and remember, we'll have one more random drawing for a $50 gift card to the Windows Phone Central Accessory Store on June 22nd.

So get creative, get humorous, get original and start working up that ringtone. You will need to register to participate and you can take care of that here.

Windows Phone Central Ringtone Contest (Win a Nokia Play 360)

Got some musical chops? Then make us a ringtone and win yourself a Nokia Play 360!

Have you created a unique, entertaining, humorous, inspiring, "turn your head", jaw dropping, "make everyone smile" type ringtone for your Windows Phone? If so, you could win a Nokia Play 360 ($150 value) which will allow you to stream and blast music from any Windows Phone via Bluetooth.  That's right, we're having a ringtone contest and we're looking for the best.

The winner will also have their ringtone featured in our app to be used by everyone. Ka-ching.

Here's how this contest will work:

  1. Create an original ringtone
  2. Post it in this Windows Phone Central discussion
  3. The ringtone has to be original content to qualify. No use of copyrighted music or materials unless it is yours.
  4. You can submit two entries but they need to be distinct and original
  5. You have until June 23, 2012 at 5pm EST to submit your entry.

From there, we'll listen to all the entries and select the two ringtones that stand out as the best to us. Expect the winners to be announced by June 28th.

Oh... as an added bonus, on Friday, June 15th and 22nd we will randomly draw a winner from the entries to receive a $50 gift card to the Windows Phone Central Accessory Store.

So get creative, get humorous, get original and start working up that ringtone. You will need to register to participate and you can take care of that here.

Quickly create ringtones on Windows Phone from YouTube

Early this morning we reported on the mini song "Metro" by Matt Oglesby created on nothing but free Windows Phones apps. The tune has a chill yet vibrant feel to it and as a few of you noticed in comments, it would make a solid ringtone on your device.

While there are browser plugins that will easily rip YouTube audio and convert it to an MP3, there is a much easier way to do it directly on Windows Phone. The free app YouRang by Red Pegasus Media allows you to search YouTube, bring up the video in a small window and then by using pre-selected arrows, you can edit the section you want for a ringtone on your phone.

The app is free, beautiful and super simple to use. It maintains the full audio quality, volume and lets you "max out" the length of the ringtone according to Microsoft's specifications. In short, there's no reason not to get it even if you just want "Metro" for your ringer (just search for 'Metro' - Track Created...).

Pick up YouRang for free here in the Windows Phone Marketplace. [Edit: For those outside certain regions, stay tuned. The developer has submitted an update for other regions and it should be available soon]

Windows Phone App Review: Star Wars

If you are a Star Wars fan, here's a Windows Phone app that will make you smile. Star Wars by Jaxified is a collection of sound bites, songs and background images from the complete Star Wars saga.  From Chewbacca's roar to R2D2's beeps to Vader's ugly mug, this app is all about Star Wars.

Get the Smoked by Windows Phone for your Lock screen with Insider app

Microsoft has pushed out yet another update for their Insider app--the app that gives you free Bing wallpapers, ringtones, tips and more from the Windows Phone Team.

What's unique about this update though (and smart) is the inclusion of the Smoked by Windows Phone logo/wallpaper which you can then use for your Lock screen. Pretty cool idea, although if we could offer some criticism: the text on the wallpaper overlaps with the Lock screen info, making it perhaps not the smartest decision for reading visibility.

A smaller, notable change is also the new Bing logo in the wallpaper info-bar area. Don't worry, it doesn't save like that.

The Insider app is updated about once a month to include new ringtones and wallpaper and seeing as its free, we see no reason to not have this on your phone (we really like 'Aphex' for our ringtone). Pick it up here in the Marketplace. Thanks, @WobblyChair, for the tip!

easyRing for Windows Phone gets updated and then some

A while back we took a look at the Windows Phone app easyRing. easyRing is an app that allows you to download custom ringtones to your Windows Phone. It was a nice, simply app at the time but has since been updated and given a name change. easyRing is now easyRing&Music, adding the capability to play/download music, as well as creating custom ringtones, to the Windows Phone app.

The update not only changes the name but also gives the app an entirely new look and some rather nice features. You now have pages for Hot Music picks and Active Music Groups to help you build/listen to playlists.

Zombies!!! update adds ringtone - PDLC with new Xbox Live Achievements on the way

The first 'Not Dead yet!' image reveals the new Meat Cleaver item.

Babaroga’s been hard at work updating their mobile Xbox Live titles, as evidenced by the recent Minesweeper and Sudoku updates. Now Zombies!!! -  the developer’s only self-published Windows Phone game so far – has received a new update as well.

Zombies!!! version 1.2 release notes

  • Added a free ringtone (found under Options)

Free ringtones are always nice, but the really exciting news is what the next update will bring. The first Zombies!!! PDLC expansion pack should debut within the next month or so. ‘Zombies!!! 3.5: Not Dead Yet!’ adds 18 new cards, new animations, five new Achievements worth 50 GamerScore, and more. Yes, this officially makes Zombies!!! the first Windows Phone game to break the 200 GamerScore barrier.

All five new Achievements are worth 10 GamerScore each:

  • Blunt Force Trauma: Player unlocks this Achievement by killing 3 zombies while the card “No Guts. No Glory.” is in play.
  • It’s Me! Let Me In!: Player unlocks this Achievement by playing the “There You Are” card to move their pawn from an outdoor square into any building. Zombies update adds ringtones - PDLC with 50 GamerScore of Xbox Live Achievements on the way
  • Shop Smart: Player unlocks this Achievement by using the “Hey, I Got One of Those” card to gain a Shotgun.
  • Night Drive: Player unlocks this Achievement by playing the card “The Keys Are Still In It” while the card “Too…Tired…To…Run” is in play.
  • Fresh Meat: Player unlocks this Achievement by killing 50 zombies with the Meat Cleaver.

We don’t have pricing details for the expansion yet, but 240 Microsoft Points ($3) seems likely. More expansion packs are planned for the future, each of which can be toggled on or off after purchase.

Asynchronous multiplayer (announced in WPCentral’s developer interview last year) will not debut with the ‘Zombies!!! 3.5’ expansion, though it should come along in the next update. Will Carcassonne beat Zombies!!! to the punch as the first mobile Xbox Live game with online multiplayer? Only time will tell.

Zombies!!! is a faithful adaptation of the horror-themed board game of the same name. See our review for more details. The game costs $4.99 and there is a free trial. Pick it up here on the Marketplace.

Thanks to everyone who tipped us about the Achievements.

Rocket Riot gets explosive new update with Mango bonuses

One of our favorite Xbox LIVE games for Windows Phone, Rocket Riot, has received quite a major update a few days ago with version 1.4. We've reached out to the devs at Code Glu for a specific changelog but they're off having croissants or something, so we're winging it:

  • New icon - The old Rocket guys are gone and instead we have...rockets. Makes sense.
  • Two ringtones - We love when devs do this and Rocket Riot certainly has one of the most addicting (borderline annoying) theme songs in history. We're not actually crazy enough to use these to spare our sanity, but we're pretty excited that they're on board
  • Pin campaign to your homescreen - quick access to your campaign, perfect!
  • Rated E10+ (Everyone 10+) - part of that mobile ESRB thing we covered earlier

Overall this is a superb update. It gives users a few new options and breathes life into a game you may have put aside for awhile, so kudos to Code Glue for improvements! Read our full review of Rocket Riot and grab it in the Marketplace for $4.99 with trial.

NASA ringtones for WP7 free until the end of February

In space, no one can hear you scream...but thanks to Help Software, they can at least hear your phone ring.  Their NASA ringtones, which will normally run you $.99 are now free until the end of February.  The set includes sounds from Apollo and Mercury missions, Sputnik’s beeping, shuttle launches and more. 

“NASA has been making historic sounds for over 50 years,” said Jerry Colen, NASA App project manager at the agency’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif.  "Now we’re making some of these memorable sounds easy to find and use.”

The app contains 24 different ringtones that you can preview and save to your phone. 

Get them here before they fly away.

Square Off version 1.5 adds free ringtones, paid version goes on sale

Square Off is a fine twin-stick shooter from Australian indie developer Gnomic Studios. Just see our review if you don’t believe me (then again, I wrote that, too). Since their game’s release, Gnomic has shown the game a lot of support with multiple updates and the release of a free, ad-supported version. In fact, just recently they published a new update for paid and free versions alike.

Square Off version 1.5 release notes:

  • Choose any colour for your Square Avenger!
  • Downloadable ring-tones and wallpapers (the free version has 1 of each, the paid version has 4 ring-tones and 3 wallpapers)
  • Option to disable in-game vibration
  • Messages from the Developers
  • Stability and bug fixes

What’s more, the paid version is on sale for only $1 until the end of January. A perfect time to snag it and get those extra ringtones! Gnomic was also kind enough to provide a Square Off lockscreen wallpaper for our readers, which you can see to the right.

Square Off (paid) is on sale for $1 for a limited time only. Get it here on the Marketplace. The ad-supported FREE version can be found here.


Hack enables any size file for alert sounds on 1st Gen Samsungs

This is  an interesting albeit very limited hack for 1st generation Samsung phones using WP7 Root Tools. The trick allows you to use basically any size alert on your phone as opposed to the 39 second/1MB limit and you can use different formats, including .aac , .amr , .m4a , .ac3 , .aiff , .flac , .mka , .mp2 and .ogg format (with only .m4a working for SMS).

Now in order to do this, your Samsung phone needs to have interop-access -- not just unlocked -- in order to run the WP7 Root Tools. In theory, if you could get access to the registry and copy/paste files to the /windows folder, you could do this on any Windows Phone, but these tools are a bit limited now.

Finally, if you set your alerts too long, there's no way to dismiss them. It's a complicated hack and seemingly a lot of work just to have a wicked cool and long alert, but hey, it's your phone. While we want to change our email and SMS alerts like everyone else, we'll wait till Microsoft hopefully offers some more customization in further updates.

Get the instructions from XDA Developers.

via WPXBox

YuleTile: Bringing Holiday Spirit to the Marketplace

Need a boost to get you into the Christmas spirit? YuleTile is a collection of Holiday wallpapers and ringtones to give your Windows Phone that Christmas feel.

With each passing day, the YuleTile main page will fill with Christmas images and from the three-dot menu you can save the images to your Windows Phone and access daily Christmas ringtones. YuleTile also has a Live Tile that will count down the days until Christmas.  The layout of the app is simple and interface for saving ringtones and wallpapers equally straight forward.

Yuletile does have a free trial with the full version running $.99. The developer, Mendzapp, is a student start-up app development business based in Sheffield, UK and has pledged that 10% of the profits on YuleTile will go towards a children's charity. YuleTile is a mango app and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.