Lumia 950 XL

A new universal app has been previewed by Windows Blog Italia. The app is a ringtone maker called Creating Ringtones, which enables you to surprisingly create custom tunes for your Windows 10 Mobile device to sound when someone is attempting to contact you. Interestingly, since this app would also be installed on a PC or tablet running Windows 10, you'd be able to get creative on the large screen and then enjoy your own work on the phone.

It's essentially the old ringtone creation tool by Nokia we all grew to know and love, but with a Microsoft Windows makeover and implemented support for the desktop OS. Creating Ringtones is not yet available for download on either platform, though we can't imagine it being long if a preview is already accessible. We'll keep our eyes peeled for more details or a launch.

Here's the video walkthrough – it's in Italian but at least you get an idea as to how the app looks:

Source: Windows Blog Italia