NASA Ringtones have landed in the Marketplace

Help Software has released a collection of free sound files from various historical space missions and they have been conveniently converted to ringtones for your Windows Phone. NASA Ringtones is a collection of 24 ringtones from various Shuttle missions, Apollo and Mercury Space missions, Beeps and Bytes, and sound bits from current missions that including the Cassini Saturn mission and the Atlas V launch.

Each set of ringtones has an mission appropriate wallpaper backdrop (i.e. the moon for Apollo and Mercury) that gives the app an impressive appearance (shame the pics can't be used as device wallpapers). Each ringtone can be previewed and saved to your Windows Phone.

Ringtones range from the Apollo 11 "The Eagle has landed" quote to the Sputnik beep. Growing up watching Neil Armstong land on the moon, these ringtones definitely bring back memories. If your a fan of NASA and space exploration, this is a must have collection for your Windows Phone. According to the developer this is just the start and look for more space sounds to be added with future updates.

There is a free trial available for NASA Ringtones and the full version runs $.99. You can download NASA Ringtones here at the Windows Phone Marketplace. It is a mango app so you'll need to make sure your Windows Phone is updated before hand.

Rainbow Rapture receives massive Mango update, ringtones and wallpaper

Rainbow Rapture (free and paid) just received a huge Mango update today and boy is it impressive. Sure, we love the game as much as the thousands of others (4.5 stars out of 926 reviews) but guess what? The developer evidently loves us by giving us some awesome new features in both versions:

  • Fast app switching
  • Improved frame-rate (60FPS)
  • Live Tile
  • Added level 12 & 13
  • Fixed leaderboard crash bug

And the paid version gets even more with three ringtones (music from the game) and two custom wallpapers. Do you know how cool it is to have that theme song as your ringtone? We're totally thrilled with this update and at 60FPS, this game looks spetacular and plays even more smoothly.

Bravo to Kindling for putting out such a rewarding update. Pick up the paid version ($1.49) here in the Marketplace or the free, ad-supported version here.

Free retro ZX Spectrum ringtones

David Bandey runs a retro video game music blog that holds a specific focus on the ZX Spectrum, and he's created eleven retro ringtones for Windows Phone now that Mango is here and we have custom ringtone support. Should you be a fan of classic titles including Amaurote, LED Storm and more, then these tones will be right up your street. For the future, Bandey plans to add more ringtones to the collection, not just from the ZX Spectrum, but other platforms too.

To download the ringtones, head on over to the Retro VGM blog.

Thanks Dave for the ringtones and letting us know!

Xbox Live: Shoot1UP to feature free ringtones in addition to shooting and dodging

Shoot1UP is a vertically-scrolling shoot-em-up that’s coming to Xbox Live next year. As such, it will support Mango from the outset. One juicy Mango feature that developer Mommy’s Best Games has in store for gamers is the inclusion of not one, but three free ringtones with the game. Fine by me; Shoot1UP’s energetic techno music should be a great way to alert us to incoming calls.

Seeing as how the bundled ringtone feature is new to Windows Phone games and applications, the online knowledge base apparently still has some kinks to work out. At the Mommy’s Best Games Devlog, developer Nathan Fouts has posted an in-depth writeup of his experience in adding ringtones to the game. We recommend Windows Phone developers in the same situation give his tips a look.

For more Shoot1UP details, watch the Xbox 360 trailer above, and then check out WPCentral's exclusive preview of the Windows Phone port.

Source: Mommy’s Best Games Devlog

Free Ringtones - Mango App Spotlight

Okay. We've covered a lot of ground lately with ringtone apps for your Windows Phone. We've got one more ringtone app to spotlight for you. Free Ringtones is a free ringtone downloader for your Windows Phone that gives you access to thousands of tunes and sounds.

Free Ringtones is laid out in simple fashion with a main page highlighting Hot Ringtones, a keyword search page, a page listing all the tones you've downloaded and another page to show the download progress of your new tones. From the Hot Ringtones page you can access a dozen or so categories of ringtones that range from Blues to Holiday tunes to Sayings.

To preview a tone, just tap the headphone icon and a preview of the tone is streamed to your phone. You'll also find a Play and Pause button at the bottom of the screen to manage your preview. 

When you find something you like, just tap the download icon to download the ringtone to your collection. From the MyDownload page you'll find a list of all the ringtones you've downloaded and to save the tone to your Window's Phone sounds/ringtones list just tap the save icon. Here you can rename the ringtone and set it as your ringtone.

Free Ringtones is a nice app with a wide assortment of ringtones. The only nit I could find with Free Ringtones is that the preview and download took a little bit longer than expected. I'm not sure if it's the source causing the delay or something within the app. It's not a painful download but a little patience will help you get through it.

All in all, if you're looking for a good ringtone downloader Free Ringtones is worth a look. It is a free, ad supported application and you can download Free Ringtones here at the Windows Phone Marketplace. Please remember that this is a Mango App and you'll need to update your Windows Phone to 7.5 before you can use this app.

easyRing - App Spotlight (Updated)

We received several tips to take a look at the Windows Phone app easyRing. So we did.

easyRing is a ringtone app for Windows Phones running Mango (Windows Phone 7.5) that taps into millions of free and legally obtained mp3 tones that are on Amazon.com and Mobiles24.com.

easyRing lays everything out nicely with a page to search ringtones by keyword or browse by about a dozen categories. Once you find a ringtone you are interested in, there are two button controls at the bottom of the page. One to preview the tone and one to download it to your phone.

Once you've downloaded a few tones, you can review what you've collected through easyRing from the Downloaded page and save them to your phone or delete them from your collection.  Once saved to the phone you can find them under settings>ringtones+sounds as a custom ringtone.

The ringtones range from Bollywood tunes to Funny tunes to Video Game Music tunes. It's a decent collection of ringtones and you only download the tones you want. There is a free trial version available for easyRing that will let you search and preview the tones but to download the tunes, you'll need the $.99 full version.

You can find easyRing over here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Update:  We recieved a little clarification on the trial version limitations.  Here's what easyRing's support had to offer,

The trial version allows you to search and download unlimited mp3 files. But to install those as your ringtones you need to copy them to the tone folder, and you are allowed 3 times with the trial. In another word, you can freely search, download and listen but can have only 3 ringtones installed.

...I'm a WP7 hits v3.2 and gets some major new features

We're kind of big fans of the app "...I'm a WP7!" as it's elegantly designed, feature rich and well, it's free. We mentioned v3.2 a few weeks ago, including some new features that were on the way and today, you can grab that update.

Here are the new additions:

  • Download Wallpapers & Ringtones
  • Task “Extras” like Wi-Fi and Airplane Mode access, even a fun little WP7 Flashlight
  • The GamerHub™ (this is a BIG COOL FEATURE) with Gamer “MeetUps”
  • Tons of Live Tile integration, essentially all areas can now be pinned: Messaging, Forums, GamerHub™, Tips & Tricks

The gamer meetups are pretty awesome--basically if you're a Gears of War fan, or enjoy online multiplayers, it's a quick way to call up a bunch of folks from the community for a match up. You also get gamer news integrated right into the app, which is convenient.

But for the wallpapers and ringtones alone, it seems silly not to pick up this app. Grab it here in the Marketplace.

Ringtone collection building in the Forums

One of the 500 features included in the Mango update included that ability to import custom ringtones on your Windows Phone. We've already touch on how to get the ringtones on to your Windows Phone. We've also looked at a few of the ringtone apps available on the Marketplace (Pimp my Ringtone, 1,777 Ringtones and Ringtone Maker (which isn't really a ringtone maker)).

The last piece of the puzzle, so to speak, is that a decent collection of ringtones are being gathered over in our Forums. In this discussion, you can find ringtones from Kid Rock, Dean Martin, Beastie Boys and Metallica. You can also find Homer Simpson and the theme from Rawhide.

All you need to do is download the attached file, make sure the genre is "ringtone" and import it to your Windows Phone (through the Zune software). The tone will appear in your Ringtone and Sounds settings as custom.

If you've got a favorite ringtone you'd like to share or one your looking for, feel free to join in on the Forum discussion.

1,777 Ringtones and SoundFX Ultimate - Mango App Spotlight

Here's one more ringtone app for your Windows Phone and it's a doozy. 1,777 Ringtones and SoundFx Ultimate is one healthy collection of ringtones and sounds that you can save to your Mango updated Windows Phone.

The app is laid out fairly simple. You have category files up top and the ringtones specific to each category appear in the bottom half of the screen. A preview button sits in the middle along with an "add to favorites" button and a repeat tool. There is also a keyword search field at the very top of the screen to make finding that special sound a little easier.

There are over 100 folders ranging from Baby Sounds to Funny Animal sounds to Rubber Ducky sounds. Each folder contains anywhere from two to three to more sounds. All totaled, the app offers you 1,777 ringtones and sounds to choose from. When you find a sound you like, just tap and hold to pull up the "save to phone" menu. The sound will be saved to your Settings>Ringtones and Sounds menu under Custom Ringtones.

1,777 Ringtones and SoundFX Ultimate has some decent sounds but the app also contains sounds I can't imagine anyone would choose as thier ringtone. Luckily there is a free trial available to let you preview the ringtones before you buy the app. In order to save the sounds, you'll have to fork over the $2.99 for the full version.

You can find 1,777 Ringtones and SoundFX Ultimate here at the Windows Phone Web Marketplace.

Wrapping things up, we've looked at three ringtone apps that range from a handful of ringtones to more sounds than you can shake a stick at (Pimp my Ringtones, Ringtone Maker (which really isn't a ringtone maker) and 1,777 Ringtones). When all is said and done I can't help but think the best way to get a custom ringtone on to your Windows Phone is to make it yourself.

The ringtone apps are an easy way to get custom ringtones but there's no guarantee they contain that ringtone that reflects your personality the best.

Ringtone Maker - Mango App Spotlight

Next up in our ringtone spotlight series is Ringtone Maker. While the app title leads one to believe it is a ringtone maker for your Windows Phone, it is another collection of ringtones that you can save to your Windows Phone.

Where Pimp my Ringtone has 21 ringtones, Ringtone Maker has thirteen categories of ringtones. Each category has anywhere from six to ten ringtones. The choices include animal, fart, jungle, WWE, TV Themes, video game and bollywood ringtones.

To save a ringtone to your Windows Phone, tap and hold on the ringtone of your liking to pull up the utility menu. From the utility menu you can save the ringtone to your phone, delete the ringtone, or add it to the favorites page.

Ringtone Maker has some decent ringtones but I felt as though the quality could have been better in some areas. If you like TV Theme Songs or a fan of WWE Wrestling, this one might be for you. There is a trial version of Ringtone Maker available to let you preview the ringtones. In order to save them to the phone, you'll have to buy the full version which is running $2.99.  Remember, you'll need to update your Windows Phone to Mango in order to run Ringtone Maker. 

You can find Ringtone Maker here at the Windows Phone Web Marketplace.

WPCentral Tutorial - Custom Ringtones with Mango

One of the many welcomed features of Windows Phone 7.5, more affectionately known as Mango, is the ability to use custom ringtones. But how do you get the ringtone to the phone?

First, there are few limitations. The ringtone file must be in MP3 or WMA format, less then 40 seconds in length, less than 1mb in size and not protected with digital rights management (DRM).

There are a few ringtone apps reaching the Marketplace and we'll cover a few of them in the coming days. Most appear to be collections of ringtones that you can save to your Windows Phone but they don't allow you to create ringtones. That you can do on your own and to find out how, hit the jump.

Pimp my Ringtone - Mango App Spotlight

With Mango comes expanded ringtone capabilities. With expanded ringtone capabilities comes Windows Phone apps such as Pimp my Ringtone.

Pimp my Ringtones is a collection of twenty-one ringtones that can be saved to your Windows Phone. They range from the cute Pikachu ringtone to the R-Rated Samual Jackson ringtone. You also have Yoda making an appearance as well as a rather unnerving ringtone entitled "A very funny ringtone".

You can preview the tunes and when you settle on one you like, tap the cell phone icon to save the ringtone to your Windows Phone. You'll have the option of renaming when you save the ringtone.

Pimp my Ringtones has a nice collection of ringtones and hopefully the selection will grow with each update. If you're running Mango on your Windows Phone, you can find Pimp my Ringtone here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace for $.99.

Windows Phone Insider app gets Mango refresh, new features, ringtones

Windows Phone Insider is a decent little helper app that Microsoft created, but for some reason doesn't ship with, Windows Phone. It has tips, Bing wallpapers, top apps, etc.

Recently, it too got a Mango refresh and it actually has some really cool features now to take note of:

  • Exclusive Ringtones! 5 free every month from musician and composer ill. Gates.
  • Live Tile: Pin the Insider app to your phone's Start screen.  See the Tile come alive. Enjoy the daily Bing wallpaper and see at a glance when there are new apps, games and ringtones to explore!
  • Tips: To help you get started with your phone, and easily discover the 500+ new features in Windows Phone 7.5.
  • Game top picks: Discover 5 new games each week

No, that's not a typo either, there really is a phat composer (his words) named ill.Gates--check his website here. We think that's pretty great that they're working with someone to create some original ringtone content each month and that alone makes this app worth it. The other stuff is just bonus material.

Grab Windows Phone Insider here from the Marketplace. Mango devices only! (Why it doesn't show on simple searches, we have no idea). Thanks, sam.amad, for the tip via our app!

Nokia contest for next ring tone

The above video will take some of us back to some childhood years. The famous Nokia tune has been around since 1994 and has evolved with technology. The phone company is now looking for the next version and will dish out a handsome $10,000 as payment to the winner. Five runner-ups will also have their ring tone available for download from Ovi store and be awarded with $1,000 each.

The tune will be used in Nokia's 2012 portfolio of handsets and will be present on some 100 million devices. You can insert your entry here, while the rest of us can vote on our favourites. Entries must be in by October 2nd. 

Source: Nokia Conversations, thanks Just Visiting for the heads up!

Custom ringtones in Windows Phone Mango [How to]

The Microsoft team updated us awhile ago on how custom ringtones, a long sought feature, will work in Mango. And while quite a few of us (mostly devs, a few who are not) are running Mango with a beta Zune client, even we don't have the automatic ringtone maker on board.

Over at Mobility Digest, James Schneider has figured away for those running Mango now to make custom ringtones. All in all, while not as easy as the official version (when it arrives), it's not too hard either. In essence you'll need Audacity, a great freeware audio mixer (we use it for the podcast), some music and a few seconds to cut and export the file following those guidelines

  • 39 seconds or shorter
  • smaller than 1 megabyte (MB)
  • saved in MP3 or WMA format
  • not copy-protected (i.e. DRM free)

By simply adjust the HZ rate, mono/stereo, etc. you can alter the size to keep it under 1MB. Then you just drag-n-drop the file through Zune, creating a new category in your Collection called 'Ringtones' and walla, you're done. Check out the entire guide with screenshots at Mobility Digest.

Bonus Mango ringtones coming to WP7.5 (featuring Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo)

We haven't had a chance to listen to episode 34 of Windows Phone Radio, but we know they featured Matthew Bennett, who helped design the ringtones and sound scheme for Windows Phone:

“This week we crash the studio of Matthew Bennett, the senior sensory designer behind the soundtrack to Windows Phone. Matthew talks about the design and philosophy behind the sounds of Windows Phone, and what that might lead to in Mango.”

That's all well and good (and we hear very interesting) but the bigger news could be that  some extra ringtones will be coming to Mango users this fall. As reported earlier, Mango features customized ringtones via Zune Desktop and software on the phone, so having the ability add extra ringtones is now doable. Evidently Bennett has teamed up with Mark Mothersbaugh, lead singer of Devo (who recently put out a new album) to do a few new takes on the official ringtone of Windows Phone.

These extra ringtones won't be on any retail devices and will be made available via the Windows Phone Radio site. From Sheeds' Blog, who first reported on this and did an excellent write up:

"Don’t expect ‘Whip it’ – or any of the many Movies, TV or Gaming compositions (some quite famous!) Mark has contributed since his Devo days, but rather a “mash-up” and variations on the existing themes and styles of the Metro ring-tone and audio composition styles – which Matthew refers to as their “audio DNA and Design language”.

Sound good to us. It's always nice to get some bonus ringers and with Mothersbaugh on board, we're sure they should be quite interesting.

Source: Windows Phone Radio; via Sheeds' Blog

Microsoft details custom ringers in WP7 Mango

The big question on everyone's lips is "What about custom ringtones in Mango?" It was teased at MIX11 but even with out preview release, not much info was available on the process or what the limits would be.

Now Microsoft, via their Windows Phone Blog, have come forth with an outline of how custom ringtones will work in our updated OS. We'll summarize:

  1. Third party devs have access for creating ringers: basically, any sound app that plays or records can have an option to "Save as Ringtone", allowing you to directly and dynamically create a ringer
  2. Create your own ringtones via the Zune software: Yup, you'll be able to sample any of your non-DRM music (i.e. you own it). There are some caveats that have to do with size and limits: "It must 39 seconds or shorter, smaller than 1 megabyte (MB) and saved in MP3 or WMA format."

From what it looks like, the Zune software will do all the heavy lifting for you. You'll just point it at the song you want and you can sample it for the ringer, so long as it doesn't go over those above limits (which seem fair enough).

Finally, Microsoft mentions that they've added nine new ringtones to "Mango", so you'll have even more built in.  We're assuming that these custom ringtones will show up with the native ones (see above pic), allowing you to assign them seamlessly to individual contacts. Overall, we're happy with the strategy and like Microsoft, we envision many 3rd party apps showing up this fall that will take advantage of these new tools allowing customers to really create some new and unique sounds for their phones.

There, everyone happy now? If not, sound off in comments.

Source: Windows Phone Blog

Monday A.M fun: Portal (GLaDOS) Ringtones

We're huge fans of 'Portal', that mind-bending game featured on Xbox from uber-geeks Valve.

So when we heard that someone went all super-nerd and made a ringer, text message notification and voice mail announcement in .mp3format , well, our little geek hearts exploded.

Not only can you grab them free, you can read the tutorial on how to make your own simulated GLaDOS voice using some software trickery.

We have to say, the ringer here is especially sweet--nothing like hearing the mechanical GLaDOS mocking you as your phone rings. Read about 'em here, the downloads are on the right of that page.

Download some WP7 ringtones & alarms, mildly impress your friends

Looks like someone has some time no their hands as they went through that Long Zheng WP7 emulator video and "ripped" the audio for the ringtones and alarms, then trimmed them into individual files.  Whew!

Now a couple of caveats: these aren't the most exciting ringtones/alarms, in fact they all have a similar theme to them. Second, there's no way to know if these will be the "final" tones on board Windows Phone 7, indeed, it's probably a safe bet that they're not.

But hey, they're new, they're free and they don't sound half bad, so go for it. Grab 'em here.

[via Mobility Digest]

BingTones: Annoy your friends, bludgeon your enemies

Fresh off a surprisingly well-received launch of its "Bing" "Decision Engine" (you know, for kids!), Microsoft has decided to release BingTones, three Bing-themed ringtones for your Windows phone. Or, any other phone you want to infect.

Hey, we're glad Bing's out there. And while it's not Google (what is?) and the name's a little suspect, it's being regarded as a decent search engine. But ringtones? Let's concentrate on getting a mobile client out, shall we?

Anyway, here's the link to the BingTones. And here are our instructions for loading them:

  1. Install ringtones.
  2. Pull pin.
  3. Throw toward enemy.