Slacker Radio ready for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8

Although Windows Phone users have Microsoft’s new Xbox Music service to show off to friends, some folks still have their favorite streaming services, with Slacker Radio near the top. We’ve always liked the Pandora-like player for Windows Phone so it’s great to see it getting optimized for 8 and a Windows 8 RT version as well.

The Windows Phone 8 version is not too different and current users even on Windows Phone 7 can get the update. The new version just allows usage of the doublewide tile with no advanced features like Lock screen wallpaper.

Slacker Radio bringing music, sport, comedy and more to the Xbox 360

Slacker Radio has announced plans to arrive on the Xbox 360. The service, which is already available on Windows Phone (see our review), will bring  music and content to Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers. The free radio app will be made available on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and will pack Kinect features for gestures and voice commands to be supported.

Over 200 music stations are included in the lineup, with the likes of ESPN and ABC News headlining the selection. Each station can be personalised, ensuring a unique and relevant experience is possible for each user. The catalogue of not only music, but comedy, news and sport content makes Slacker Radio a varied experience with a reportedly 10x larger selection than Pandora.

Check out the press release after the break.

App Update Roundup: GChat, 4th & Mayor, Forecast, Slacker Radio and Pictures Lab

Busy weekend for developers as they've been pushing out update after update lately--see Flickr, Lindy Comics and Mixtapes. A few more have slipped by and we figured we'd quickly run through 'em in case you were curious. Check out the video for a  fast run through of the apps in action.

  • GChat hit v1.2, bringing it with it some bug fixes and more importantly, contact picture support (for non-mobile contacts). The app looks a little nicer now with photos of your contacts, especially when you pin them to the start screen. The app is free and open source, which is pretty awesome, though we still find IM+ more reliable for now. Grab it here in the Marketplace.
  • 4th & Mayor jumped to v2.9 bringing with it rudimentary support for notifications--the structure is there but they're not working, yet. A few other bug fixes on board too and while the app is still not Mango-ready yet, it looks to be getting there. And it's still way faster than the official Foursquare app. Pick up the update here in the web Marketplace.
  • Forecast went to v2.0, getting a Mango make-over. The app now supports double-side Live Tiles, multiple live tiles for locations and of course fast-app resume. In addition, the app has some new features and customizations that we really dig. The app is free (ad-supported) or $1.99 for no ads. Overall a solid update for a solid weather program. Grab the update here in the web Marketplace.
  • Slacker Radio is finally Mango-ready for the masses. Bringing with it background-audio support and fast-app resume, the popular music streaming service (and nice alternative to Pandora) feels much more native to Windows Phone now that it can run in the background. In addition, you can pin individual stations to your start screen for quick access. Grab the update here in the web Marketplace.
  • Finally Pictures Lab, like Thumba, has received a Mango update. Now at v3.0, the popular photo editing app now supports direct-camera access, including touch-focus and gyroscope support for image stabilization. That custom camera app is also pinnable to the Start screen for quick access. In addition, you get fast-app switching, performance improvements and Pictures Hub integration returns. Grab the update here in the web Marketplace.

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Custom ESPN Radio coming to Slacker

Slacker Radio is one of our favorite streaming radio apps for both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile. Sports fans can now get their fix as Slacker have partnered with ESPN to bring ESPN Radio content to your phone. We’re assuming this is going to function in a similar way to ABC news on Slacker, where basically you get individual clips that rotate through in the same way you would go through individual songs.

The really cool part of this partnership is limited to paying subscribers. If you’re paying for a Slacker account, your ESPN radio station can be fully customized to fine tune the coverage you are interested in.

Get Slacker from the Marketplace here. The full press release is after the break.

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Slacker Radio now completely Canada

Slacker Radio has been one of the cornerstone apps of Windows Phone 7, offering users a solid alternative to that other brand (pssstt..Pandora).

Unbeknownst to us, evidently in Canada you only had a 30-day trial and then it was pay-as-you go at $3.99 a month. Ka-razy! Now, Slacker is changing their tune (see what I did there?) and offering a free-version just like here in the U.S.. Basically every few minutes you'll have to hear an ad in between your songs (so it's like normal radio). Of course our Canadian friends still have the "Plus" option which offers unlimited song-skips, lyrics, song requests and of course, no ads.

Hey, options are good and we're glad for our northern neighbors. Of course you also have that Resco Radio option...just sayin'.

Read our Slacker Radio for Windows Phone 7 review here.

Source: PR Newswire

Slacker Radio: Contest Ends Tomorrow

You may remember that we're giving away subscriptions to the popular Slacker Radio service. What you may not remember is the contest ends tomorrow night (7:00pm CST on Thursday, November 18). If you haven't already, head on over to the WPCentral forums and let us know what you want to see from Microsoft in the first update for Windows Phone 7.

You must be a registered member to participate, instructions can be found here.

Software Review (Windows Phone 7): Slacker Radio

With the jump from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone 7, the access to music and video became less of an afterthought. Just the inclusion of the Zune Music and Video hub made all the difference in the world. Add to that support for Zune Pass and the efforts that Microsoft made to get developers and services interested and Windows Phone 7 is already in the top two mobile platforms for music.

Slacker Radio is one of those music services that set the standard for streaming radio. The service offers a free and a premium service for $4.99 per month (or $3.99 per month billed annually at $47.88). But how does that Slacker Radio app work? Does the app hold up its end or does it make the service worthless on Windows Phone 7? Read on to find out.

High quality streaming audio; intuitive, consistent interface; extensive selection of stations
Lack of multitasking within OS hurts

Slacker Radio: We're giving away subscriptions!

Slacker Radio is a popular radio service that has done really well on the Windows Mobile platform and all indications are that success is carrying over to Windows Phone 7 (we'll have a review up shortly).

To help celebrate the launch of Windows Phone 7, Slacker Radio and WPCentral are going to giveaway six, three-month subscriptions to the radio service. All you've got to do is head on over to the WPCentral Forums and, in this discussion, let us know what you would like to see Microsoft include in the first Windows Phone 7 update.

We'll let the conversation run through 7:00pm CST on Thursday, November 18, 2010.  We'll then randomly select six posts as winners. You do have to be a registered member and that simple process can be found here.

So, head on over to the forums and tell us what you think and good luck to everyone.

Microsoft shows off Slacker, iheartradio & Lyrics at CTIA

With just a few days left before the big showcase, looks like Microsoft is still showing off some coolness, this time related to music.

Though we all know about Zune on the device, it looks like Microsoft isn't anemic towards competition either. At CTIA they evidently showed off Slacker Radio (see review for Windows Mobile), iheartradio and Lyrics (by MusiXMatch).

All sounds very good to us, especially Slacker which we've always got a kick out of. Combined with Spotify, which is coming soon as well, Windows Phone 7 users will have plenty of options for media. But where's Kinoma?


Review: Slacker Radio

Who says nobody develops for Windows Mobile anymore? Leaked in February only to be yanked, and then announced at CTIA in parallel with the launch of the HD2 on T-Mobile; Slacker Radio brings one of the more robust streaming radio empires to the Windows Phone platform. Slacker Radio is a service designed to bring you a variety of content for little or no cost. In a world where 3G networks and high-powered mobile devices are becoming commonplace; Slacker and similar services have a solid foundation on which to expand their empire.

To get a look at what you can find in Slacker Radio for Windows Mobile, keep reading.

High Quality streaming audio. Wide variety of content. clean interface.
Free version has ad content. Designed only for WVGA screens with Portrait Orientation.

Slacker Radio Giveaway

Now that Slacker has officially come to Windows Mobile, we thought we would take the opportunity to entice readers to tell us what you think. To help sweeten the pot, Slacker has been kind enough to provide a few complimentary subscriptions.

What you'll need to do is install Slacker to your Windows Phone, sign up for the Free Account, give it a test drive and tell us what you think. Could it be better? What do you like or dislike?

Once you've gathered your thoughts, post them over on the forums in this discussion. And please, try to post more than the easy two word thoughts (e.g. love it, hate it, it sucks, it rocks, etc.). We will randomly draw two grand prize winners who will receive a one year subscription to Slacker and three runner's up will be selected to receive a three month subscription.

Posts must be submitted by 5:00pm CST on April 3, 2010.  You'll need to be registered to participate and that painless process can be found here.

Slacker Radio for Windows Mobile 6.5 is Official

After teasing us with a leaked .cab in February, Slacker Radio has been officially launched for Windows Mobile 6.5 devices. The Slacker Mobile application is "optimized" specifically for the HTC HD2 and is launched in conjunction with the release of the HD2 on T-Mobile. Slacker should work on other 6.5 phones with WVGA (800x480) screens; those specifically listed are the HTC Imagio, HTC Pure, HTC Tilt 2, LG eXpo and the Samsung Omnia II.

Slacker Radio for Windows Mobile provides access to your Slacker Radio account (Free or Premium), over 100 stations, the ability to create your own stations, and various information about the current track and artist. To give it a try point your mobile browser to Let us know your thoughts in the comments!