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We've received multiple tips that ESPNcricinfo has been updated with a revamped interface. Instead of continuing to sport a rather dull and boring interface, the team behind the app has implemented a brand new design, better reflecting the modern UI that's utilised on Windows Phone and across the Microsoft ecosystem. What's more is the new look also brings the app up to speed with counterparts on iOS and Android.

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Want to keep on top of sport in Australia? There are three new Windows Phone apps that are now available on the store and are 2013 versions of the top selling sports apps for both Australia and New Zealand in both 2011 and 2012 - ranking high in the paid sports genre throughout both years. AU Footy 2013, AU League 2013 and Sup-Rugby 2013. 

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Windows Phone Central's roundup of Football apps

We've already covered a roundup of apps for your Windows Phone should you desire to follow American Football, but what about 'football' for the rest of the world (also known as soccer)? We've got you covered with this roundup of the football apps available for Windows Phone. Prepare yourself for an eventful 2012/13 season with Windows Phone Central.

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NRL Season 2012 for Windows Phone released

Interested in rugby for both Australia and New Zealand? Enjoy the NRL (National Rugby League)? You're going to want to purchase NRL Season 2012 for Windows Phone for your app arsenal. The developers of the AFL Season 2012 app has continued the their efforts to bring fixtures, ladders, news, results, and more to rugby fans. 

Here's an fairly detailed list of available features:

  • View Upcoming Matches for Nominated Team(s).
  • View Embedded Live Scores + Ladders
  • View Fixtures by Round or by Team.
  • Covers 2012 Regular Season, Finals + SOO
  • Pin your team logo to your live tile.
  • UX (Headers) is themed to your nominated team colors
  • View Team page with info, links and upcoming matches.
  • Browse Latest RSS News Feeds from Major Sites
  • Browse Team + Match specific Twitter feeds
  • Comprehensive Venue details with Maps + Navigation
  • View Venue and Team Guides
  • View Additional Scores/Player/Team Stats Online
  • Auto Updates Fixtures as changes are made
  • Hide Live Scores Settings

As is the case with the AFL app, NRL Season 2012 will preload images and content to minimise data usage for those on tight restricted contracts. The app will also convert times to match your location.

You can download NRL Season 2012 from the Marketplace for $1.99, with a free trial available.

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Enjoy golf? Own a Windows Phone? Fancy saving $30 on a top golf app available on the platform? Executive Caddie, winner of the Windows Phone App Challenge, has had its price slashed to $0 and is within reach for anyone on a tight budget after the present purchasing spree. The 20 year old golf analysis software is a golfer's best friend when aiming for the hole-in-one. 

The Windows Phone app sports a highly accurate golf course database, on-course GPS and scorecard functionality (for up to four golfers). The GPS assistance boasts some impressive features:

  • Easily see distance to front, back, and center of the green.
  • Easily see layup distance to the 100, 150, and 200.
  • Aerial Map View showing the entire course layout.
  • Map View fairway markers and rings for the 100, 150, and 200.
  • Waypoints/markers for front, back, center, layups, bunkers, hazards, etc.
  • Zoom to your current position, the green, or the fairway.

You can download Executive Caddie from the Marketplace for absolutely nothing over the festive holiday (normally $30).


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RWC 2011 - App Spotlight

Following the Rugby World Cup? Why not check out the official RWC 2011 app for Windows Phone? Featuring an interesting Metro design, the app allows users to access live commentary and coverage of matches, statistics and video highlights. The latest news and videos are also available for viewing to keep up-to-date. 

Fan Zone is presently available that enables the user to find out what events are upcoming in New Zealand. Detailed stadium information is accessible with history, matches and the layout including seating, facilities and ticket offices. Social sharing options are present throughout the app.

You can download RWC 2011 from the Marketplace for free.

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USA Today updated to v1.1, gets a live tile

USA Today has received an update to kick-start August into motion. The most notable feature added in this version is live tile support. You will now be able view latest headlines in a photo mash-up. The full list of changes/features added are as follows:

  • Live Tile - A photo mash-up based on our latest headlines
  • Latest news videos on a dedicated video panel
  • Sub-section headlines: hold down any of the section tiles to bring up a list of sub-sections to choose from, i.e. Sports > MLB headlines. Tile will default to that subsection.
  • Photo caption and credit for articles
  • Recall last league viewed in Scores
  • Major League Soccer scores added
  • Celsius toggle for weather temps
  • Support for international weather locations (limited maps)
  • Weather alerts on current conditions screen
  • Various bug fixes

Be sure to keep up-to-date with the latest news, sport headlines and weather forecasts. You can download USA Today (Zune link), for free, from the Marketplace.

Thanks goes out to David and everyone else who tipped us on this!

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